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Jews have often said "My Jewish Relatives Died in the Holocaust" — We must ask, "What Else Did Your Jewish Relatives Do?" — Let’s Consider the Historical Record

Margaret Hodge, the Vile Vicious Jewess: "My relatives were murdered in the gas chamber’: Jewish Labour MP defends calling Corbyn a ‘f***ing anti-Semite"

The above is a very instructive article about the nature of Jewish Power, Duplicity, and Mendacity in the UK, but the article could apply to just about any nation in which Ashkenazi Jews have gained prominence. As a more self-aware Jew Yossi Sarid has said, “In these very moments, the protocols are being rewritten. Rich Jews are writing them in their own handwriting. They, in their wealth, are confirming with their own signatures what anti-Semites used to slander them with in days gone by: We, the elders of Zion, pull the strings of Congress, and the congressmen are nothing but marionettes who do our will. If they don’t understand our words, they’ll understand our threats. And if in the past, we ran the show from behind the scenes, now we’re doing it openly, from center stage. And if you forget our donations, the wellspring will run dry.” For much of my life, I thought ‘antisemitism’ was mostly a canard, and to be sure, there have been many anti-Jewish cranks and fantasists over the years. But upon observing Jewish Power in the here-and-now all around the world, I’ve been led to conclude that, all said and done, the ‘anti-Semites’ tended to be more right than wrong. They understood the character of Jewish Psychology and Culture and why Jews act the way they do. As these ethnic patterns have re-emerged over and over regardless of ideology — Jewish Leftists or Jewish Rights are equally subversive of the essential interests of non-Jewish populations — , critics and enemies of Jewish Power through the ages were more about facts than fantasy. And in a way, precisely because Jews have gained dominance in the US, the most powerful nation on Earth, and can’t restrain their chutzpah with too-much-money-and-power, more and more people everyday are waking up to the toxic impacts of Jewish arrogance, greed, venality, hatred, contempt, and supremacism. (That is precisely why Jews now HATE FREE SPEECH. Any honest discussion in an open forum will expose the ugly and pathological nature of Current Jewish Power. This is why Jews rig all search engines and platforms to favor Jew-concocted narratives. This is why Jews dumb-down and infantilize even elite culture because a thinking people who ask hard questions will come to see Jewish Power for what it is. Better for Jewish Power to turn Elites into Homo-Worshipers who stick with Jewish Power because it is seen as most homo-friendly.) It seems all the more perverse and weird because these Judeo-Nazis still(albeit increasingly comically) invoke the Shoah to cover up for their utter vileness. It’s like Madeleine Albright, the butcher of Iraq, giving us sermons about the dangers of ‘fascism’ taking over the US. These Jews got some nerves.

Anyway, one oft-repeated shtick pulled by Jews is to remind people that their RELATIVES died in the Shoah or were ‘Holocaust Survivors’, a term that has become nearly meaningless as it could apply to just about any Jew who lived in areas under German control during the war. When most people hear ‘Holocaust Survivor’, they think of people like in SCHINDLER’S LIST, men, women, and children who managed to make it out alive of Nazi Concentration Camps. But the term is so broadly defined that it could mean even Jews who lived with relative comfort in areas of German Occupation. While we can acknowledge that all Jews under German Occupation lived under severe duress and anxiety, it’s ridiculous to label as ‘Holocaust Survivor’ someone who was not even in the notorious Labor or Death Camps devised by the Nazis. In some nations, where the hunt for Jews was so extensive, such as in Poland and Hungary, one could argue that the entire Jewish population there were Holocaust Survivors. But the term becomes a stretch in nations where the great majority of Jews not only survived, not least because the local population resisted collaboration with the Germans. Even in Occupied France where Collaboration was commonplace, the fact is 75% of French Jews managed to survive the war.

Anyway, when Jews say "My relatives survived or died in the Holocaust", it gives a very skewed view of history. It implicitly surveys the world where Jews have been nothing but innocent victims of malevolent forces. It ignores context and other narratives. It’s like Japanese saying "My relatives survived Hiroshima or Nagasaki or Tokyo firebombing" while totally ignoring what their OTHER relatives may have done in China, Indonesia, and against the US naval fleet in Pearl Harbor. While many ‘innocent’ or ‘civilian’ Japanese were cruelly killed in WWII at the hands of the US Air Force, there was ANOTHER side to Japan’s role in the war. Japan was also an imperialist aggressor that visited unimaginable horrors upon China, Philippines, Indonesia, and etc. Also, Japan attacked the US first. So, while a Japanese wouldn’t be wrong to say that he or she knows relatives who were cruelly killed in the war, it’s also probably true that he or she has relatives who took part in the horrific Japanese Imperialist aggressions against other nations. He or she has relatives who were victims but also those who were villains(and in some cases, people can be villains and victims at the same time; surely Japanese colonists who were attacked by Chinese patriots were both villains[as imperialist migrants] and victims[of local acts of terror]).

While it may well be true that many Jews can claim to know relatives who were killed in the Holocaust or barely survived it, it’s no less true that many Jews have relatives who took part in some of the great crimes of the 20th century. When Jews say, "My relatives died in the Holocaust", we need to ask them, "What did your relatives do in Soviet Union? How many Christian Slavs did they kill? How many Christian Churches did they smash?" It’s now largely agreed that in the first two decades of Soviet Rule, close to 10 million people perished. Before Nazi Germany edged out the Soviet Union in industrial slaughter, the USSR was the international kingpin when it came to mass mayhem and destruction. And Jewish Bolsheviks played a huge role in the use of terror, slavery, and execution to bring about this so-called Workers’ Paradise. Many Jews took part in this State ruled by Fear and Terror. Many Jews were directly involved in the running of this state at the highest levels. But there were also many Jews in the West who indirectly aided the Soviet project, totally oblivious and indifferent to the death and destruction caused by Soviet Jews on the Slavic and other populations. Not only did millions die of starvation in Ukraine, but it’s estimated that a quarter of the population perished in Kazakhstan. And even for ones who didn’t die, there was the culture of tyranny and conformism, of total censorship and obedience, perhaps most powerfully satirized by George Orwell in 1984. If Soviet Jews in the USSR were controlling the media to spread propaganda to justify the Terror, Western Jews in the media did their best to deny that the Terror was even taking place. When millions of Slavic peasants were dying in the Great Famine, the great majority of Jews in the USSR and the West felt NOTHING. No pity, no heartache, no remorse. Indeed, Jews began to notice something wrong only with the Great Purge that targeted Soviet intellectuals and commissars. The Great Famine that killed millions had been about dirty goy peasants, so good riddance to them, thought the Jews. But the Great Purge targeted the class in which Jews were prominent. Even though the Great Purge, in killing around 450,000, was far less deadly than the Great Famine, it was the first time Jews began to wonder about the wisdom of the Soviet system. (But then, it’s always "Is it good for the Jews?" when it comes to Jewish ‘ethics’. We saw the same pattern in the US. For the longest time, Americans were led to believe that the Red Scare was the worst violation of civil liberties in the US when, in fact, it only led to the blacklisting of some Hollywood writers and folk singers for a few yrs. In contrast, the ‘internment’ of Japanese-in-America led to dispossession and relocation of over 100,000 people. So, why did the Jew-run media and academia care more about the victims of the Red Scare? It affected areas in which Jews were prominent.) As it turned out, the Great Purge didn’t end Jewish Power in the USSR. While Stalin removed most Jews from the highest echelons of power, many Jews(way disproportionate to their overall population) remained in the Soviet apparatus and continued to serve Stalin in his use of terror and mass executions to deal with ‘class enemies’.

At any rate, we need to stop playing the Jewish Game. When Jews bitch and whine ever so predictably, "My relatives blah blah blah...", we need to counter with the question, "What did your relatives do as commissars in the Soviet Union? What did your relatives do as Zionist Imperialists who wiped Palestine off the map?" And don’t let Jews bait you about ‘white racism’. Jews played a huge role in the Atlantic Slave Trade. And Jewish merchants sold guns to whites to kill Indians with on the Western frontier. So, if whites are guilty of American Slavery and American Genocide, so are the Jews. Also, so much of Western Imperialism was funded by Jewish bankers. And wherever whites conquered, Jews followed and profited. When the British Empire made inroads into China, the Jews were there to peddle opium to the Chinese. And in recent times, you bet that many relatives of Jews were involved in promoting Wars for Israel via the academia, media, Deep State, and finance. If you know a Jew, he will likely have Jewish relatives who took part in the Nakba pogroms, the Zionist occupation of West Bank, Neocon Wars for Israel(that killed close to a million people and reduced millions more to ‘refugee’ status), Jewish Rape of Russia in the 1990s that destroyed millions of lives, global White Slavery(in which Jews cajole mostly poor Slavic women into becoming sex slaves), Jewish control of Porn(where mostly white women are turned into ‘cumbuckets’ and sex meat for Negro men), and Cuck-castration of white men that has gelded white males into a bunch of wussy-pussified ‘white boys’ who suck up to Negroes who beat them up and hump their women. So, whenever some smarmy Jew bleats about "my relative blah blah Holocaust blah blah", you ask him about his OTHER relatives and what role they played in Soviet terror, Rape of Russia, Nakba pogroms, Opium trade, Slave trade, funding of imperialism, Wall Street mass theft, Las Vegas robbery, Opioid epidemic, pornification of society, cuck-castration of whites into wussy-boys who don’t even have the balls to stand up for their own people, land, and culture. According to Jews, whites own nothing that is their own. Everything white exists to serve Jews. So, if there is a white nation, the white people have no right to think, "We are white, this is our nation, this is our culture, and it belongs to us." No, they must think, "We whites have no culture and no identity. We exist to make Jews happy and must do anything to facilitate this... or else, we are Nazis or ‘anti-Semites’. And since we exist to serve the Other, the Jews, we must also put All the Others before our own interest. So, the UK is no longer the land of Britons, the real White Britons but must prioritize itself as a welcome mat for endless migration-invasions of Africans, Muslims, and Asians. Accordingly, white Britons exist only to make the rest of the world happy by welcoming them to take over white lands, white institutions, and even white women so that Negro men can colonize white wombs to create mulattos who identify as ‘black’ and accuse white people of ‘racism’. Yes, this is what the Relatives of Jews are up to.

So, next time you meet a Jew who whines about how his or her ‘relatives died in the Holocaust’, you ask him or her about what his or her OTHER relatives have done to the world. Here’s a sample of what the OTHER Jewish relatives have done:,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Of course, as Jewish ethno-monopoly controls the internet, if you search for Jewish malfeasance, you mostly get search results that lead to Jewish-owned media outlets bitching about how it is ‘antisemitic’ to connect the dots between Jewish Power and Jewish abuses, such as the Financial Crisis.

Having turned ‘antisemitism’ into a taboo word, Jews can deflect responsibility for anything they do just by invoking the magic term. So, if a bunch of Jews beat up a Palestinian child to death and if you report what you saw, you can are denounced as an ‘anti-Semite’ for having mouthed an ‘antisemitic’ stereotype of Jews as exploitative oppressors. The way ‘antisemitism’ is employed, it means any observation or view that is critical of Jewish power and its abuses. According to this logic, Jews have always been pure as snow and blameless, and that means every negative aspersion about Jews all through the ages was wrong, wrong, and wrong, merely paranoia cooked up by ‘rabid and virulent’ looneys. So, if Jews were always right and ‘anti-Semites’ were always wrong, then it means that if YOU notice something bad about Jews in the here-and-now, YOU too are an ‘anti-Semite’ who is perpetuating the old ‘canard’ about blameless and pure-as-snow Jews. Of course, the Jew-run media are more than happy to prop up the Jewish Myth of Jewish Nobility even as Jewish elites collude behind the scenes to rake in everything for their own Tribe.
Even when Jews rob the entire world and cause havoc for all of mankind, the Jew-run media will tell us that Jews are saving the World. What a truly vile and wretched people.
Finally, Jews need to stop bitching about how OTHER nations didn't do enough to save Jews from the Shoah. Jews need to be more self-aware and ask themselves why (1) Germans came to hate Jews so much and (2) why other nations didn't care much about Jews.
The answer is obvious. Jews built up a reputation over the ages of being a vile, nasty, and subversive people. If Jews hadn't been such rapacious financial exploiters(on the capitalist side), such ruthless radicals(on the socialist side), and such degenerates(on the cultural front), there never would have been much in the way of 'antisemitism'. Just because Jews suffered the horrible Shoah doesn't cleanse Jews of their foulness, just like the horrific nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki doesn't expunge Japanese of their crimes in WWII. After the war, Japanese came to realize that they'd done terrible things but also came to be terribly victimized. There was some balance in Japan's remembrance of the war. But Jews remember 20th century only as 'We pure-as-snow Jews wronged by the world'. Jews think they have some divine right to mess up any part of the world, and if the local population rise up against Jews, OTHER nations must offer Jews refuge so that Jews can start the foul pattern of subversion all over again.
Even when the Soviet Experiment went badly for Jews in the end, Jews lacked the self-awareness to admit that THEIR project had failed them(and led to deaths of millions of Slavs and others). Instead, the Jew-run media spun it into SAVE SOVIET JEWS as if the Jews were always the main victims of Soviet Communism. Such lack of self-awareness. A hideous people. And yet, they rule the US and the world.

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Commentary on "The Sartrean Existentialism of JFK's 'We Choose to Go to the Moon'" -- Threat Posed by the Black De-Facement of the White

"Whatever happened to existentialism."

The term ‘existentialist’ is hardly heard anymore but we hear A LOT about how such-and-such is an ‘existential’ threat. Russia is an ‘existential’ threat. Iran is an ‘existential’ threat. Nationalism is an ‘existential’ threat. But mass invasion of Africans into EU and mass invasion by world into US are not ‘existential’ threats... so the GLOB tells us.

The real existential threats were best understood by Pierre Boulle and Jean Raspail than by heavy-duty French philosophers who obsessed over abstractions or committed themselves to ultimately bloody radical agendas.

PLANET OF THE APES and BRIDGE ON RIVER KWAI were about Role-Reversals, with the Other on top and with white man as the slave. And THE CAMP OF SAINTS warned of Cuck-extinction(or Cuckstinction or Cuxtinction) of the West by invasion of the Other. Amusing that writers of popular fiction were closer to the truth than abstract theorists and radical intellectuals.

I wonder why Jean Raspail made the invaders a bunch of Hindu Dotkins. Blacks are far more threatening because they take over the Face of the nation EVEN WITH VERY FEW NUMBERS.
Every society is made up mostly of faceless people, and only a few people with faces. Take any sports spectacle. All those fans have no faces. They are just the mass of people cheering, part of the wave. Most in coaching and management have no faces. All those millions upon millions watching the game on TV have no faces. Even most athletes haven’t much in the way of faces. For example, in most football teams, many players are hardly known by name or face. Many are backup players. It is the few STARS who get all the attention, glory, and love. Michael Jordan got 90% of the attention during the heyday of the Chicago bulls. In boxing, 0.1% of the boxers, the champs, get 99% of the attention. As Jordan Peterson said in his book, few in certain fields get most while rest get crumbs. Communism tried to counter this, but it led to a few getting all the political power. The chosen few become the heroic, representative, and idolized FACE of society or nation. If lots of Hindus enter France, at the very least they won’t threaten the FACE of France. Frenchmen can beat Hindus in sports, and I don’t think Hindus would dominate pop music either. So, French men would remain as the Face of French heroism, manhood, aura, and pride... as Sports and Pop Music idolatry mainly define the representative and emblematic Face of a people. People like the notion of Idols and Champions. Most Ancient Greeks did not look like the idealized figures depicted in Hellenic sculptures, but those iconic images were prized as the preferred Image of the Hellenes. In the Golden Age of Hollywood, women across America(who were, on average, homely) looked to few Hollywood stars as the Idols. Most women were faceless and looked to the Idols & Celebrities to represent the Faces of America. This is why Harry marrying a mulatto is threatening to the Politics of Face of Britain. Royalty is more than a family. It is the Face of Britain. The Royal Face is worth a million common faceless faces. The fact that Jews put a face on a victim of Shoah made a huge difference. Anne Frank gave face to the tragedy, just like the appeal of Christianity was it added a Face to God. In contrast, the victims of the Ukrainian famine are faceless and nameless. They're just a boring statistic even if people know millions died.

In contrast to non-African non-whites who settle in the West, just a handful of blacks can upset the Native White Face because blacks are so much better at sports and sassier in music. Just a few blacks in Canada led to its top runners being black, its top boxers being black, and etc. So, even though Canada has a relatively small black population, blacks have become the FACE of Canadian manhood, heroism, pride, and etc. Same in the UK, France, Holland, etc. And the fastest runner in Japan is now some half-black guy. So, in a nation where blacks are tiny in number, a black guy has become the FACE of Japanese sports. (And Mongols have become the FACE of sumo. Japanese are becoming faceless in their own nation despite Japan being 97% Japanese. Again, most people are faceless, and the Face of a Nation is defined by few idolatrous fields such as sports and pop culture. When not ceding to blacks and Mongols as the New Face of Japan -- even Miss Japan was a black woman born of black guy humping a yellow woman -- , Japanese hide behind anime and manga depiction of Japanese as fantasy-whites.) The black threat to the National Face seems to be the one crucial thing Raspail overlooked by making Hindus the main invaders in his novel. (Do other races join the invasion? I haven’t read the novel.) While Too Many Hindus can surely cause problems, they won’t rob the French of the National FACE. In contrast, Blacks will do just that, indeed with just a small number. This is why black invasion is most dangerous. Black invasion isn’t just a matter of Demographics but an act of De-Facement of the Nation. (Imagine if whites are faster and tougher than blacks. Suppose only a few whites can upset the Face of a Black Nation. Suppose white 'migrants' enter an African nation where they become 5% of the population while blacks remain the 95%. Suppose whites come to dominate sports and black cheerleaders dance for white hero-idols while black cucks or blucks admire white guys as the representative symbol of manhood in a nation that is 95% black. They even believe tons of black women should put out to superior white guys. How pathetic would that be?) Just a few blacks can mean blacks taking over the areas that are most representative of the National Face, National Pride, and National Manhood: Sports and Celebrity mainly in pop music. With even just a few blacks, the new National Heroes become the black runner, black boxer, black footballer, black rapper, and etc. As idolized 'heroes', their Faces are revered by the faceless masses. The native masses no longer revere a hero/face of their own kind. They worship the black as the New Hero, the New Face. And that means blackness is prized, and this paralyzes the Will to say NO to more invasion by blacks since blackness has become a sacred icon of national glory. Consider France. After those blacks brought home the World Cup, can the admiring French say NO to more African invasion? The FACE of France is now black, while the masses of whites are just faceless cuckois fans who cheer for blacks. If Blackness is the New Face of France, then saying No to More African Invasion would be an Affront to the New Face of France... which is black. So, France can't say to Invasions such as this:
(It’s getting to the point where white athletes increasingly cannot compete in a globalized sports world where superior black muscle is key to victory. So, not only the US but EU is becoming Afro-athleto-colonized. As for black Africa, they can’t win much globally because there is little in the way of infrastructure and funding for athletes. Africa has lots of raw talent but hardly any system of coaching, training, and funding. So, much of the talent goes unharnessed. But in the West, there is the combination of white-made-and-sustained infrastructure, management, & funding AND profusion of superior black talent. So, whites work and pay to maintain a complex system of sports facilities, media, and finance to promote and celebrate black athletic talent as the New Face of Afro-Aryan Manhood. White ants work to maintain a system to hail and honor the high-jumping black grasshoppers. Faceless whites as workers and fans sustain a system to give the Official Face to black stars. But if blacks keep invading Europe that becomes Afro-Colonized territorially and sexually, for how long will Europe be able to maintain the infrastructure and systems necessary for modern sports facilities and complexes? If Europe becomes too much like Africa, it will end up with African-level infrastructures, the kind too often found in Detroit and Lagos. Without white work and management cucking out to black sports glory, blacks can’t achieve much in sports. For blacks to succeed in NFL, NBA, & European soccer, those elaborate business enterprises must be run by people other than blacks.)

In the ILIAD, most of the characters are faceless. Only a handful of characters are given prominent faces and personalities. Achilles, Hector, and etc. And of course, the gods. The rest of the soldiers are rabble(just like we don't know 99.99% of people who fought in WWII and mainly focus on a handful of Faced commanders like Patton, Rommel, MacArthur, Yamamoto, and etc. The Alt Right may be 'based', but it's the blacks who are 'faced'.) So, most people don’t count in the national imagination. When Greeks heard Homer tell his tale, they didn’t hear details of EVERY Greek involved in the battle. The narrative centered around a handful of key figures. Same in Arthurian legends. Only a few characters represent the hopes and dreams of all.  Even in the vast and sprawling WAR AND PEACE by Lev Tolstoy, only a few characters stand out. So, it really matters WHO is the face of heroism. To the Greeks, Achilles was one of their own, just like Hector was one of the Trojans. But blacks have a way of taking away the FACE from whites. Even a few blacks will lead to Athleto-Colonization-and-domination of a nation, and this will lead to cuck mentality of faceless white minions all slobbering over the Black Other as the New National Hero. Because blacks have become the New Face of manhood in the West, even historical white heroes like Lancelot and Achilles are being retro-fitted as black by BBC(which, in meme-o-sphere, has come to stand for big black cock) and other Western media. Colonization isn’t just about the numbers but about the idols. Black presence smashes white idols of manhood in white nations and replace them with black idols. Only blacks can do this to whites because only blacks can out-perform whites in athletic prowess, vocal volume, dance, and dong-booty-shaking. Indeed, the Black Face is winning not because black facial features per se are more appealing. Even today, most women prefer white face over the black face.  But black muscle beats white muscle, black dong is bigger than the white dong, and black voice is more powerful than the white voice. MLK cult is built around the voice. So, black advantages in those areas have become associated with the black face. A France that is 20% white and 80% Hindu could still have a White Face as National Idol as the French could out-do the Hindus in sports and music. (Bollywood music has only camp value.) But a France that is 5% black can smash the White Face as the National Face and replace it with the Black Face. As white men cannot compete with black men in raw manhood, whites must seek total separation from blacks in order to preserve white manhood(so essential to white survival as women mate with men with manhood) and to Re-Face the West with whiteness. Re-Face-ment must be a key element in Pan-European Revival. Afro-imperialism must be stopped. Afro-colonization and Afro-imperialism work according to the same logic as Western Imperialism of old. In the past, the West's rationale and justification for invading and colonizing all the world were simply that the West was superior in industrial output, organization, management, military might, and etc. West was more powerful, therefore it had the 'right' to conquer and rule over inferior non-white powers. Based on raw meritocracy of power, this made sense. Power over the Cower. But the non-white world resisted and said non-whites should rule themselves even if they were in inferior in industry, military, and knowledge. They could restore national pride only by gaining independence from Western Superiority. So, meritocracy wasn't everything. In order for each people to have pride, they must choose their own kind as rulers, icons, and idols over those of the Other even if it is more powerful and accomplished. This didn't mean that one couldn't admire and learn from the talents and achievements of the Other. Still, the Other must be regarded as the Other than the New Ours.

Imagine a white society where immigration reduces whites to only 50% of the population. The newcomers are Mexicans, Asians, Muslims, Hindus, and etc but No Blacks. Demographically, whites will have lost a lot, but they still get to dominate as the National FACE because whites will continue to dominate the most symbolically rich areas of sports, music, and etc. (Now, some may argue that people are stupid to fixate so much on such things, but the fact is people do. It's a reality, not least because of the Western obsession with competition going back to Greeks who turned everything into an Olympics of sorts.) But suppose some blacks enter, and they make up only 5% of the population.
But that small number will pose an essentialist threat to the White FACE as representative of National heroism and manhood. Races are different. If you invite a race that is tougher and stronger than you, then even a small number can demote and destroy your kind as the FACE of your nation. That essentialist threat eventually turns into an existential threat because white women will look to the Black Face as the New Idol of Western Manhood, and this will lead to ACOWW or the Afro-Colonization of White Wombs by Blacks. Imagine how many white European women those Africans on the French soccer team will hump in the coming months. Also, even non-athlete blacks will benefit from the trickle-down effect of Black De-Face-ment of White. As white women come to associate blackness as Western Manhood, they will go with ANY black guy as being a member of the People of Real Manhood. It's like when Obama won the presidency, Europeans were suddenly nice to All Americans in Europe as the 'people who voted for Obama'. Fringe benefits of Idol Politics or Idolitics.

So many Mexicans took over California but they remain faceless because they can't make it as athletes and rappers. Japan and Asia make so many electronic gadgets used all over the world, but Asians remain mostly faceless in the global use of those devices because Asians can't compete athletically, pop-musically, and sexually on the global scale. China held the Olympics, but most Chinese remained faceless while few black faces hogged all the limelight on the track fields. Because Asians can't win in real sports, they rely on the pop fantasy of Kung Fu masters in movies. (Asian women do have sexual value but only as me-so-horny objects to be taken by superior non-Asian men.) Asians make the smartphones but people around the world use them to send back and forth far more images and sounds of blacks who as seen as cool grass(hip)hoppers in contrast to diligent but boring yellow ants. Blackness is prized so prized globally as superior in the 'cool' areas that even Japan and rest of Asia are cucking out to blackness in imitation of the still dominant West.

Idol-Colonization or Idolonization is worth looking into. Globalism isn't about all the world sharing all their cultures, powers, and values equally. It is about Whatever is deemed the Best, Most Powerful, Most Popular, and/or Most Pleasurable dominating all the world as the Sole Superpower. So, the US military must rule all the world. Jewish finance must dominate all the money. Hollywood must dominate all cinemas. Rap and Twerking must be the music culture of all. US fast food must feed and fatten everyone. Homomania must be the new world religion. Globo-Homo America can meddle in all elections, but no one better mess with the US. Mandela must be the father of all peoples(but never mind Arafat) because Jewish Media as the Main Media(and Jews control Google, Facebook, and most platforms) say so. Black sports must take over all nations. There is a raw kind of meritocracy to this, but it means a few Winners dominating all the world as the Only People Deserving to Win.

Zionism vs Afrikanerism as Political Philosophy of Labor — How the Ideology of National Labor eventually trumps the Expediency of Global Labor — Mind and Body in Man and Nation

Politics of Labor will decide the future of nations.

What was the most crucial difference between Zionism and Afrikanerism?

Zionists debated early on whether the Jewish settlers should hire Arab workers or Jewish workers. Zionists came down on the side of Jews hiring Jews. Thus, the Jewish head would be wedded to the Jewish body. And as the theme of Zionism would be ethno-cultural, it would serve as the heart between the head and body of the Jewish nation. In the short-term, it would have been more profitable to use Arab labor. It would have been cheaper than Jewish labor. Also, whereas a Jewish boss would feel moral obligation to treat fellow Jews with some sense of justice, he might merely exploit Arab laborers as expendable than essential members of the Community. But if Zionism had opted for Jewish owners and Arab workers, it would have failed in the long run. As there are always more workers than owners, Arabs would have outnumbered the Jews, and Jewish dominance would have been difficult to maintain. So, even though Jewish owners hiring Jewish workers was economically more costly in the short-run, it was crucial in the long-run in the creation of a Jewish state where the Jewish mind was united with Jewish body. It became one organic unit and fought off all challenges. But, suppose Zionism had opted for Jewish owners hiring Arab Workers. When the Partition of 1948 was declared, would all those Arab employees of Jewish owners have sided with their Jewish bosses or with their Arab brethren? Most would have joined with Arab Brethren, and the Arabs would have won the war, and Jews would have been expelled from Palestine permanently. But because Zionist opted for Jewish owners and Jewish workers, when the crisis moment arrived, all Jews from top to bottom united as a single force and fought the Arabs and won... and were even able to grab most of Arab territory.

In contrast, let's look at the Politics of Labor of South Africa. Afrikaners were race-conscious, but they opted for economic expediency. They decided to hire lots of black workers to do much of the work. In the short-term, this was a terrific bargain. Blacks could be hired for cheap. They could be exploited because they weren't white. White owners and bosses felt some paternal feelings for black workers but not as much as if they'd been white. So, this was a great boost to the South African economy on farms and in the mines, not unlike the economic arrangement in Rhodesia where blacks worked for white owners. But in the long run, what happened in South Africa? These blacks increased in number, outbred whites, and more blacks moved to white areas from the hinterland and even from other African nations. This meant lots of cheap labor that whites could exploit, but it also meant whites being outnumbered by blacks by an ever-increasing margin. Unlike Israel that came to be about Jewish mind wedded to the Jewish body and united by Jewish heart, South Africa increasingly became a world of white mind wedded to the black body with heart of stone lodged between the two communities. Afrikanerism wasn't organic like Zionism. Zionism decided to see Labor as part of 'us' and 'ours'. Afrikanerism decided to see Labor as the Other.
Zionists had been tempted to go with Arab labor. After all, Western Jews honed their skills in white-collar professions and in ownership of property. They weren't really into manual labor. That was for the goyim. Granted, there were poor Jews in Eastern Europe at the time who did manual labor. And even in the West, there were plenty of poor Jews in the garment industries. Still, the Jewish ideal was to use one's brains, not to toil like a 'dummy'. Labor was looked down upon as stuff Dumb 'Polacks' did. Even Jewish communists wanted to be intellectuals or commissars representing laborers; they didn't want to become laborers themselves. Karl Marx never stepped inside a factory in his entire life. And yet, another side of Jewish culture had more respect for the common man, at least if he was Jewish. As Jewish culture wasn't about warriors, it didn't develop an aristocratic culture like the Europeans and Japanese. Among the goyim, the warrior caste became the noblemen, and their power and privilege rested on blood. So, the Western ideal came to be aristocratic-minded, like that of Sparta though not nearly as extreme. Aristocratism deemed that a certain caste was superior over all the rest, and they had the right to rule over others who had to do the heavy lifting as peons and peasants. In contrast, the Jewish Covenant was shared equally by all. Rich Jew, poor Jew, it didn't matter. So, at least within the Tribe, Jews could be more mindful of the humanist value of every Jew. After all, in the Jewish Lore, the kings came later, long after the emergence of the Jews as a people and culture. In contrast, many goy narratives begin with some great leader figure who conquers and rules. According to the Jewish Lore, Jews are a people with certain needs, and they reached a point where they needed a king. In contrast, the Goy Narrative is often about how some guy beat all the others and gained the right to rule, and therefore, it was the duty of everyone else to obey him and his descendants.

National Laborism believes Labor isn't just some economic entity or measure but part of what defines and defends a people, land, and culture. Zionism is National Laborism, and it may be the only nation that is ideologically formulated to be that way.
In its day, National Socialist Germany had a similar ideology. German workers weren't seen merely as economic units but as part of the national family. Labor was organic. It was the body wedded to the German mind and soul. Unfortunately, this ideal all went to hell when Germany decided to go imperialist and turned non-Germans into slaves, thus going from National Socialist ideal to Imperialist Exploitation expediency. And yet, Hitler understood the need for German owners and German workers to be united in the newly occupied lands. Hitler's vision of Russia wasn't for German owners to hire and rely on Slavic laborers. Initially, Germans would use Russians as slaves, but eventually they would be replaced with German workers as a strong German Empire could be assured only by unity of German minds and German bodies. But this was a grisly vision outside Germany because it entailed removal, even extermination, of entire populations. Hitler was right about the New World. North America(minus Mexico) was sounder than Latin America because North was mostly about white owners and white workers. There was organic racial unity of white mind and white body. In contrast, Latin America was about white minds ruling over brown bodies. Thus, there was no heart between mind and body in Latin America. In North America, there was a sense of heart between white mind and white body because it's tougher to exploit one's fellow tribal brethren than another people. It made labor more expensive but also more precious because it wasn't seen merely as economic value but as national-cultural asset. But Hitler was wrong to apply New World historical lessons to the Old World. While it's true that the Red Man lost out tragically to the White Man in North America, there weren't all that many Indian savages in North America. Also, primitive world was supplanted with a modern world as a result of White Conquest of the Americas. In contrast, German invasion of USSR was a war on 170 million people. Also, despite evils of communism and Slavic backwardness, Russia was still part of the great civilized world. Eradicating all of that to create Greater Germany was a mad vision. Though Zionist occupation of West Bank isn't nearly so spectacular, it could be the undoing of Israel if it's ever annexed as Israel will have to offer some form of citizenship to all those Palestinians who may tip the demographic balance of bigger Israel. But then, Jews could try to expel them, but that will stir up a giant international shi*-storm.

When the US was gloriously race-ist, it had a defacto if willy-nilly kind of National-Laborism. While immigration was key to the rapid expansion of the US in the 19th century and early 20th century, most of the newcomers were white and, in time, assimilated. People like the Joads in THE GRAPES OF WRATH mattered because it was deemed a moral necessity for white haves to have a heart for white have-nots. George Bailey doesn't bowl alone in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE because those white folks of Bedford Falls are his people. If they were a bunch of crazy Negroes, apathetic Mexicans, and angry Muslims, he would have left the town. Labor was seen as part of the National Family. New Deal addressed the issue of Labor and Laborers as fellow Americans.

In contrast, the white elites in Latin America always saw Labor as a huge threat. Latin whites were the mind, but the Laboring body was brown(or black). There was little heart between the two. In some ways, Latin white elites envied American white elites, and vice versa. Latin white elites thought American white elites had it better because they hired white workers. Latin America too tried to encourage more white immigration to stem the tide of Rise of Color. But most white Europeans wanted to move to US than to Latin America. Anyway, American white elites also envied Latin White elites. Because American white elites had to hire white workers(for the most part), they felt an obligation to pay them more and offer more benefits. After all, it wouldn't do for whites to mistreat whites. But in Latin America, white owner class could treat the brown workers like expendable peons desperate to work for few pesos. It's no wonder some American capitalists romanticized Latin America. It's like what Hyman Roth says about Cuba. Money goes further in Latin America where the owners don't have to treat the people as Workers with Identity and Rights. Workers are mere peons, and political 'leaders' are whores who can easily be bought. (Today's DC resembles Havana before the Revolution, and ironically enough, this makes Trump with his Deplorable rabble army seem like New Castro to the Deep State.) It's no wonder Buckleys and Bushes had romantic views of Latin America and Mexico. It's where the distinctions of race and class have been more clearly etched. Owners are up here, and workers are down there.
We tend to associate mono-racialism with conservatism, but there is something inherently socialist about mono-racialism even if the dominant economic system in such a society is capitalist. Under mono-racialism, everyone is seen as part of the national family, and so, there is a sense of obligation to each and every person who is seen as deserving of education, opportunity, job, and benefits. In contrast, Diversity means the owner class may well be racially and culturally different from the working classes. And that means the owners don't have to pay much attention to the Other, the lesser folks who do work that is deemed low and inferior. Though Diversity is often associated with liberalism and equality, its effect is often a form of conservative hierarchy like in caste-ridden India of old. Latin America was more diverse than the US and also more conservative and reactionary in just about every area. To this day, it's about white elites ruling over browns. Of course, the official rhetoric of Latin America is that everyone is nicely mixed and no one sees race, but that's just bogus fantasy to mask the fact of hierarchy and lack of communion between those on top and those on bottom.

East Asian nations like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have been about yellow minds and yellow bodies. And nationalism was the heart that glued yellow minds to yellow bodies. But the rise of elitism via near universal college enrollment and elevated expectations may lead to the demise of National Labor ideology in these nations. Today, most Japanese see non-white-collar jobs as 'dirty, demeaning, and dangerous.' Same in South Korea and Taiwan. Not only do many yellows prefer to commit suicide than take up 'dirty and demeaning' labor, they refuse to have children who might fail in school and end up doing 'dirty and demeaning' labor. Also, Asian women, nearly all college educated, only want to marry 'winners'. This means sudden drop in birth-rates, and it means low-level jobs must be filled by... someone, and so, even Japan is now taking in 500,000 foreigners to take up those jobs. And according to Peter Frost's research, South Korean labor will be 40% non-Korean in 25 yrs. Taiwan seems to be following similar trends. So, their economic ideology is closer to Afrikanerism than Zionism. In the short term, it will be profitable and convenient as poor laborers arrive from places like Philippines and Indonesia to fill up 'dirty and demeaning' jobs. But in time, those newcomers will take over the nation just like blacks took over South Africa. Another threat to East Asia is globalism. East Asian mentality is essentially TO SERVE. The samurai, also known as 'bushi', was about submission. 'Bushi' means To Serve. Even though samurai were the elite caste, they were all about serving the Lord. Without someone to serve, one was a ronin, a nothing. Among Chinese and Koreans, the ideal was to become a Confucian bureaucrat and serve the emperor or king. Thus, an individual has no value except in service to the highest power. In Akira Kurosawa's SEVEN SAMURAI and RED BEARD, samurai are initially reluctant to serve the 'common rabble' than some fancy lord. They are used to serving the High than the Low, just like the shoe-maker in HIGH AND LOW must really struggle with himself before coming to regard his chauffeur's kidnapped son as akin to his own. When the top power in Asia was national, most were happy to serve the local power. But now that globalism made the West the uppermost power, most Asian elites are servile to the Western globo-homo way. This is in contrast to Jews who have a sense of self-worth. The Covenant means that every Jew has a direct connection to God. So, even as Jews may work for or with other people, they don't believe they exist to SERVE others. If anything, the key is to make OTHERS serve them, the Chosen Individuals. Asians lack such mentality. Today, Asian elites believe they should serve the West, the toppermost power, and they think they, as 'fancy Asians', should be served by lower people such as 'jungle Asians'. This goes against the grain of Zionism and will be disaster in yrs to come. (There is also a matter of personality. Three groups -- Jews, blacks, and homos -- have big personalities that tend to be egocentric or vain and expect the world to serve them. In contrast, most other groups have either neutral or servile personalities. Jews think everyone should revolve around Jewish Genius, blacks think everyone should suck 'muh dick', and homos think everyone should kiss their behind. No wonder the Three have such out-sized roles in World Culture.)

At one point, whites were like 50% of the South African population. Had Afrikaners taken the Zionist route and decided upon white workers for white owners, South Africa might have become a White Israel. But whites thought short-term. And same could be said for California. When the Golden State had been gloriously race-ist, it came to its senses and excluded Chinese Invasion and Colonization. It didn't want to end up like Tibet or Xinjiang are ending up today. California Dream was a kind of White Israel on the West Coast. And it was a fantastic success story, in some ways the most spectacular tale of American can-do spirit. But at some point, white Californians got used to Too Much of a Good Thing. And they turned grasshopper and took things for granted, even leading to the rise of the California Teenager meme. So, Californian economic ideology went from quasi-Zionism to quasi-Afrikanerism: Whites were too good for certain jobs, and they were to be taken by all those lowly 'beaners'. But just as lowly blacks took over South Africa, these lowly 'beaners' came to demographically take over much of California. This is what happens when the mind and body are no longer one.

Though a collective of people is different from a single person, there are certain parallels that are instructive. Even if heads and bodies could be traded among peoples, a person functions best if his head is connected to his own body via his heart. "My mind, my heart, and my body." But suppose we do an experiment where one person's mind is connected to another person's body and both are pumped by heart of yet another. Would such a person feel as one? When men pretend to be 'women', what happens to their psychology?
In John Carpenter's THE THING, the extraterrestrial creature doesn't care about any of the bodies it takes over since it can move from body to body. It has no organic unity with any single body. It considers every body as expendable. As far as it's concerned, all bodies exist just so it could move from one to the other to spread more Thingish-ness. Now, imagine if your head was severed from your body and suppose your head could move around from place to place. Suppose, it could supplant the heads of other people and take over their bodies. Would you take good care of those bodies? Not likely. Why not? They are not your bodies. You're just a parasite that sees every body as a host. You'd use and abuse the body as long as possible and then move onto to new bodies to mess with. This is indeed how George Soros and Paul Singer operate. They are heads without bodies. They move from nation to nation and attach their heads to the nation as 'advisers' and then do everything to suck that nation dry and then move onto new national bodies. But would Paul Singer do such to his beloved Israel? No. When Singer's head connects with Israel's body, it feels like 'Home', like when ET saw Yoda on Halloween.
In the current West, the Jewish head/mind feels little connection to the white body. If anything, the Jewish mind fears rejection by the 'deplorable' white body that might call for the return of the proud white head, and so, the Jewish mind is hellbent on diversifying the body so that it won't be white anymore: White torso, Mexican liver, Asian lungs, African dong, Muslim hands, homo anus, and etc. These body parts will be too busy rejecting one another to come together to reject the Zardoz-like Jewish Head.
As for the former white mind that used to control the white body, it was decapitated long ago, and having no organic connection to the body, it dreams silly dreams of Homo and Tranny as the new god.

A sane and sound person's mind is connected to his body and soul. A sane and sound nation is essentially of one elite ruling over one people. While Israel has a sizable Arab population, it has been a Jewish majority nation led by Jewish elites for Jewish identity from Day One. Zionic beats Bionic. Organic beats artificial. And if Turkey remains viable to this day, it's because modern Turkey was founded as an organic nation of the Turks. Its biggest problem has been with Kurds, a people who insist they are not Turks, but fortunately for Turkey, Kurds are a minority like Arabs in Israel.

Now, it may be understandable why some elites want to boost Diversity and destroy organic nationalism. They feel burdened by having to lead and deal with their own people. It's like Moses had a fearsome task ahead of him because he was a Jew leading the Jews. Because they were his people, he couldn't just see them as chattel or the rabble or human trash(even though the mobs sometimes acted like that). He had to whip them into shape, inspire them, and secure their future in terms of land and survival. Such is a huge challenge and burden, and not all elites are up to it. They just want to make money, gain privilege, and live in the glam world.

American elites were more conscientious and mindful. Protestantism suppressed narcissism and vanity. In contrast, in the colorful Catholic Latin America, the elites were more shameless in lavishly furnishing themselves with the Good Life and style over substance. In a way, the rise of Marxism was like the Second Reformation in Latin America. A way of saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to all the Havana playboy lifestyle. Castro decided to play Moses by ruling Cuba as a nation where every worker would matter as part of the national family. Unfortunately, the fool chose Marxism than Neo-Fascism, the true way to bridge the mind and body. But in the end, the problem wasn't only bad choice of ideology but race. No matter how much Cuba's white elites tried, they couldn't represent whites, blacks, and mixed-race people in between the same way. A racially diverse nation has a hard time being organic. Ideology goes only so far in stitching the differences.

Anyway, Zionism or Afrikanierism when it comes to Labor? Should Labor be seen as part of National Family or Global Finance? When we compare the fate of Israel vs South Africa, I think the answer is clear. So, why do Jews push Afrikanerization of Labor for all nations EXCEPT Israel? Because smart(and devious) power wants to keep the secret formula for itself. Let the suckers fall for the hustle of short-term profits for long-term demise.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Commentary on "Turning Turk"

“Continentalism,” a modern version of the old concept of Christendom, appears to appeal to virtually none today. Which might be too bad.

Problem of continentalism is it is prone to momentum-ism.

Some ideas have momentum, some do not. Some ideas are fixed and limited. Some ideas, by their very nature, build into a momentum. It's the mentality of game shows vs a specific task.
Suppose you're supposed to do a certain job for certain sum of money. It's a fixed proposal or idea. You'd make $1,000 and walk away after it's over. But game shows work on momentum-ism. Psychologically, it makes you want more. So, if you won a 1,000, it teases you with 10,000, then with 50,000, then with 100,000, etc.

This is why continentalism has been problematic for Europe. It set off a momentum that went from nationalism to Europeanism to something even bigger. Once the momentum is for something bigger, the elites want to think ever bigger and play for greater stakes. First, weaken national sovereignty for European Unity, and then weaken European Unity for Euro-Arabo-African Unity. The logic of the Romans. Once it went from Republic to Empire, the momentum just sought more and more.

Now, European cooperation is a good and necessary thing. But it must be based on nationalism or national sovereignty. It must be an agreement and collaboration among free and independent nations. But what happened with EU? It led to the megalomania of bureaucrats and elites(mostly from the top three nations, Germany-UK-France) who just wanted to play a bigger and bigger game.

European Unity than European Union should be the goal. Union means a literal unification of all of Europe under single auspices of power and control. It is political. In contrast, Unity is essentially of the spirit and sense. Free independent European nations should, in good spirit, work for greater unity and cooperation. But this should be realized by respecting national rights than trampling on them.
Indeed, without nationalism to act as counter-balance, the momentum for continentalism will lead to elites seeking to play an ever bigger game. EU began with much promise but went sour when it went from unity of free nations to the suppression of national rights and freedoms by globalism.

Also, as globalism in the EU is largely dominated by the US that is dominated by Jews, there was greater pressure -- intellectually, morally, ideologically, politically, financially -- for cucky-wuck post-European Elites to wage war on ideas of nation, identity, history, and territory. Also, the elites of smaller and poorer nations could easily be bribed to piss away national sovereignty for thirty pieces of silver. But populism led to rise of leaders who wouldn't or couldn't just take the thirty pieces of silver. This makes men like Viktor Orban truly remarkable in our time.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Commentary on "San Francisco is a Sh*thole" by Paul Joseph Watson

More cognitive dissonance or cogdis. Problems of 'Progilege' or Proggy-Privilege. People who live and work in San Francisco are obviously elitists who love their privilege and advantages. Okay, nothing wrong with that. People want the good things in life. More money, more luxury, more fancy stuff. And SF has lots of that, the kind of lifestyle affordable only to those who got credentials, connections, and/or money. But SF elites are not only materially vain but morally vain. They are proggy as well as privileged. As the most sacred values of current proggism are ‘diversity, tolerance, and inclusion’, these rich SF’ers not only want to enjoy exclusive material advantages but come across as ‘inclusive’ and welcoming. So, they make the right noises about how 'more evolved' they are. But the fact is SF is only affordable with those with money. So, what happens to all the derelicts, losers, lunatics, and ‘migrants’ who heed the call of SF’s welcoming tolerance? They end up in the streets. Tentrification follows Gentrification because the elites are doubly vain, materially and morally. In truth, they want material exclusivity and only want to virtue-signal without paying the price of their espoused ideas. But those ideas have real-life consequences as more and more bums hear about how SF is so welcoming and tolerant. They flock there(and also Portland, which is becoming Portosan-land) and make a mess of things in OCCUPY SAN FRANCISCO style. And even though SF elites really want to evict these bums, they don’t have the heart to take action because it would expose their ‘inclusive’ values as phony. SF elites were deviously clever in using economic power to gentrify and muscle out those who couldn't afford the rent, let alone home prices. It’s been an effective way to expel law-abiding lower class people, but what about those who don’t mind living in the streets? They can’t be priced out via gentrification because they’ll just put up tents or sleep on park benches. So, the Summer of Pooper Scooper. Looks like they got a black woman to be the front of taking tough measures to clean things up. If a black person does it, at least it’s not ‘racist’.

Commentary on "A Toronto School Where the Kindergarten Students Speak 40 Languages"

Whiteness -- white people and white-made institutions and economies -- is a magnet for the entire world. Diversity is not the product of people seeking Diversity. Rather, it's the accidental product of people around the world seeking whiteness.
As Canada is a white nation made by whites, countless non-whites want to move there(or to the US or EU). If people love diversity, they should stay in their own nations because most nations already have lots of diversity. Every African nation is tribally diverse. India and Pakistan are very diverse, as are Indonesia and Iran. Latin America is more diverse than the US in the sense that whites are already a minority in most of them. So, why do these people move away from their own diversity to nations like Canada or the US that are still white-majority? Or to EU nations, the homeland of whites? It's not because they are seeking Diversity. It's because they are attracted to Whiteness: White-run institutions, white-created industries, white beauty or white people as sex-partners, etc.

Diversity in the West is not the result of non-white Love of Diversity but of non-white attraction to Whiteness. If there were a nation filled with diversity -- lots of blacks, yellows, browns, reds, and etc -- but NO whites, most people would NOT want to go there. If most people were given a choice between moving to an all-white nation and Brazil(or India), they will go to an all-white nation. India is a very diverse nation but almost no white people. So, who'd want to move there on a permanent basis?

So, why do all these non-whites attack whiteness even as they want to be where white people are? Because in order to gain access to white lands, they must lower white defenses with 'white guilt' about 'racism'.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

How Globalists Hate Nationalism and Do Everything to Destroy It(except for Israel and Jewish Tribal Consciousness) but Shamelessly Invoke Nationalism to Rouse up the Populace against whatever They Hate

The above video is very telling about the Way of the World. It’s about how the Swedish elites in government, media, and education invoke Swedish Nationalism against the alleged Russian Threat. Now, one might say it’s reasonable for the political leaders and media elites of a nation to alert their people about foreign dangers. But this is Sweden we are talking about, a nation where the general policy is that there is no such thing as a Swedish people and culture. Accordingly, Sweden should go the way of America(as ‘reinvented’ by Jews) that supposedly has no core demography, core culture, core history. Indeed, Jews would have us believe that America doesn’t even have a core territory as all the world may illegally enter the US and demand to be accepted as ‘undocumented immigrants’ deserving to be called ‘Americans’. And of course, just as the world can invade the US demographically, the big institutions and industries of the US are supposed to have the license to invade, dominate, and control all the world. Sweden used to be a nice little nation, but it caught the globalist bug. It decided to become a Moral Superpower by sending tons of aid to Africa and taking in more ‘refugees’ and ‘migrants’ than any other nation, at least proportionately speaking. Sweden wasn't enough for the Swedish. Perhaps, things were too orderly, too quiet, and too civil. In other words, too boring. So, the Swedes decided to save Africa or have Africa come to Sweden and become New Swedes to spice things up a bit in frozen Scandinavia. Supposedly, the soulless Ice People need to be thawed and warmed by the Sun People. And Swedish women see most of the heat in the friction of the meat of white poon and black pud. Sweden, like Holland, dreams of Junglopolis.

Given the rise of New Sweden mentality, the elites have been telling the Swedish people that they can’t claim whatever that may be construed as uniquely Swedish. No one has any right to say he’s Swedish by blood, history, and culture. Anyone can be Swedish by coming to Sweden, and if any Swede says that foreigners cannot be real Swedes, he is a thought criminal to be fined and even imprisoned. If the state doesn’t get him, other Swedes will. As Swedes tend to be orderly, earnest, trusting, conformist, and group-conscientious, they readily soak up whatever globalist nonsense they are taught in schools and get from the media. Thus, almost overnight, they became like the Pod People of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS and expect every Swede to think and speak the same way. Those who deviate from the Agenda and Narrative are shunned, hounded, and condemned. As Swedes are a cohesive and group-oriented people, they are super-sensitive to disapproval from their peers. So, even those who remain skeptical of the New Sweden Narrative just hunker down and go along lest they be targeted as renegades.
Anyway, since the official narrative says there is no Core Swedishness in territory, history, or people, anyone can become Swedish just by coming to Sweden. An African fresh off the boat with no ancestry or history in Sweden is put on fast-track to becoming Swedish and, soon enough, he is to be regarded as just as 'Swedish' as the real Swedish with ancient roots in the territory. (If Swedes really want to play this ‘white guilt’ BS, they should remember that their main acts of terror were carried out against fellow whites. Today, Swedish are like PC vikings who do everything to shame and castrate all Europeans.) A Swedish child is told there is no real man or real woman. Any man can become a woman, any woman can become a man. Indeed, boys who claim to be girls and girls who claim to be boys are favored over boys who know they are boys and girls who know they are girls. If any bunch of boys can be girls if they say so, then any bunch of Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims can become Swedes if they say so. Swedishness is treated as a mere accident of history: There is nothing there there. A bunch of people happened to build a society in a land that is now known as Sweden. So, Swedish identity is accidental, arbitrary, and trivial. It doesn’t mean anything. Also, Swedish can’t be said to have a culture because Christianity, Classical Art, and much else came from outside Sweden. (Of course, we can argue that a people, in practicing a foreign influence in their own way, make it their own. For example, even though Christianity didn’t originate in Europe, the European practice and development of Christianity was different from the direction and character of Christianity in the Near East and North Africa. Opera began in Italy, but German Wagner took it to new heights. Buddhism didn’t originate in Tibet or Japan, but each people did their special thing with the religion, and thus, Japanese Buddhism is distinctly Japanese, and Tibetan Buddhism is distinctly Tibetan.)

Anyway, it’s pretty well-known among European patriots that Sweden is an example of PC-gone-wild. This is ironic because Swedes are a conscientious people. Being a good, sincere, and mindful people, they want to do the right thing. They want to be useful members of the community and be approved as Good and Worthy. Also, having abandoned religion, Swedes have come to worship secular gods, and they turned out to be Jews, Negroes, and Homos. Sweden is rich but a peripheral nation in terms of world influence. So, most Swedes get their information and ideas from elsewhere, and guess who controls world academia and media? Jews of course. Jewish Power made Holocaustianity the new religion of the West and made White Identity and Consciousness into the new Satan. Anything that is pro-white and white-conscious is ‘Nazi’ and the road to another Holocaust. Ridiculous, but Swedes found religion in Jew-Worship. Having come to see Jews as a holy race, Swedes earnestly and sincerely partook of Jewish advice as if it was manna from heaven. Jews not only promote themselves but Homos and Blacks. Jews value Homos as minority-elite allies, and Jews find blacks useful in destroying white manhood and in turning white women into ‘mudsharks’. Jews know that the unity of white man and white woman is the strongest source of white power. Jews know that white women will abandon white men if the latter are seen as weak and wussy, and it just so happens that NOTHING in the world is as effective in destroying white manhood as blacks are. As blacks got harder muscles, louder voices, and bigger dongs, white males are beaten to a pulp and reduced to pathetic cucks. Thus, white women come to feel contempt for wussy white men and go with Negroes, and thus Sweden is being turned into something like Africa, just like France that also worships Jews, Negroes, and Homos. To anyone with sense, Jewish hag Barbara Specter is a disgusting phony and liar, BUT so many Swedes fell for the BS of people like her because they came to worship Holocaustianity and came to view Jews as a holy race. Given Jewish Sacredness, it would be Nazi-like to harbor any skepticism of claims made by Jews. Specter's idea that ‘Europe will not survive’ unless is it repopulated with non-Europeans(as New Europeans?) is downright absurd, but look how Swedes pay rapt attention to her as if they’re in the presence of the divine. It goes to show that intelligence isn’t enough. Swedes are an intelligent people, but their personality is earnest, trusting, and good-willed. If intelligence equals criticality on the individual level, East Asia should have been the most critical-minded place on Earth. But given the East Asian personality, higher intelligence just led to more conformism, dogmatism, and authoritarianism. Also, intelligence doesn’t necessarily lead to more truth or honesty. Take Jews, for instance. Ashkenazi Jews are said to be among the smartest, if not the smartest, people on Earth, but so many of them are so dishonest and pathological. Jewish neurosis makes it difficult for many Jews to use their intelligence in the service of integrity and truth.

Anyway, there is Sweden that is now post-national and even anti-national. As Swedish academics and media people cannot think for themselves but rely on the Bigger World(dominated by the US that is controlled by Jews), the current Swedish Zeitgeist follows the New American Way. While European nations often take pride in being Anti-American(as Americans are seen as crude, vulgar, stupid, and childish), the fact is even their Anti-Americanism serves the New American Way. Europeans trying to be anti-American is like Conservatives trying to be ‘anti-Liberal’. Instead of attacking the very premise of Liberalism, Republicans argue along the lines of "Liberals are the real racists." In other words, instead of questioning the core tenets of Liberalism, Conservatives make the argument that they are more committed to core Liberal Principles. Europeans and Canadians practice anti-Americanism in a similar way. In some ways, they resent the bigger, richer, and more powerful USA. Since they cannot compete with the US in the area of economics, technology, and military, they want to seem BETTER than Americans in areas such as values, culture, and attitudes. But because so much of Canadian and EU media & academia have been influenced or purchased by Jews-in-America, the Idea of the Good among Canadians and Europeans are essentially along the lines of Jewish-American Agenda. Therefore, their brand of Anti-Americanism can only be "We are actually more committed to the American Proposition(as formulated by Jews) than Americans are." So, Europeans and Canadians, instead of identifying and defending what are uniquely theirs in terms of ethnicity, history, and territory, go all out to show the Bad Old Americans that they, Europeans and Canadians, are even more committed to Jew-Worship, Homo-worship, Negro-worship, Diversity-worship, and Mass-Invasion-worship than the US is. Indeed, Jews have a kind of Hydra-like hold over the world. Because Jews control so much of the information, news, narrative, and iconography, even apparently opposing sides all end up, one way or another, supporting The Globo-Agenda. Thus, Americanism and Anti-Americanism are merely two heads of the Jewish Hydra monster. It’s like the GOP and Democratic Party often bicker with one another, but at the end of the day, both parties push for policies that come to favor Jewish supremacist interests. Sweden and Canada’s idea of being Anti-American is not trying to avoid the problems of America caused by Jewish venality, black thuggery, homo degeneracy, and excessive Diversity. Instead, their idea of Anti-Americanism is to show that they are ‘more evolved’ by being even more pro-black, pro-Jewish, pro-homo, pro-Diversity, and etc. Thus for Jews, it’s "heads I win, tails you lose". Jews win with both Americanism and Anti-Americanism as both are about "We worship Jews, blacks, homos, and Diversity." Europeans’ main gripe with the US is not that it’s too far cucked but not cucked enough in the war on ‘racism’, ‘xenophobia’, ‘homophobia’, and etc. As Jews control the cues and hues of ‘right and wrong’, they control all sides of the debate. The world doesn’t debate "Diversity is good" versus "Diversity is bad". It debates "Diversity is holy and we are more diverse than you" versus "No, Diversity is super-holy, and WE are more diverse than you." Jews put Diversity out there as something to worship, and all the feeble-brained idiots around the world just swallowed the bait without really asking WHY Diversity is good. Hasn’t Diversity mainly been the product of invasion and imperialism? Because the world is filled with idiots, we have people claiming to be anti-imperialist but promoting Diversity, the main product of imperialism.

Anyway, never expect any kind of consistency or principles from the GLOB, aka forces of globalism. Even though the Jewish population of Sweden is tiny, Jews hold tremendous sway over Sweden for two reasons. Much of Swedish media are owned by Jewish networks. Of course we are not supposed to notice Jewish power. Consider this article: It doesn’t matter than a Swedish lawmaker told the truth — a Jewish Bonnier family controls so much of Swedish media — and that her proposal was a call for more fairness and justice in news and media — "No family, ethnic group or company should be allowed to control more than 5 percent of the media” market". She was denounced as a ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semite’ because she noticed that Jews have so much power in a nation in which they make up a trifling minority. Now, Jews endlessly complain about how whites have too much ‘white privilege’ EVEN IN nations founded and built by whites — indeed, Jews especially love to incite non-white minorities into denouncing whites for being ‘over-represented’ in professions and power in their own white nations — , but Jews and their cuck-puppets freak out when a patriotic Swede notes that the tiny Jewish minority in Sweden owns much of the national media. This is a clear demonstration that Jews are regarded as a holy race. Facts don’t matter. We must admire and respect Jews simply on the faith that they are always so wonderful and holy. Rules that apply to others don’t apply to Jews. The standards by which Jews judge others cannot be used by goyim(especially whites) against Jews. No matter how much whites concede and give up their rights, wealth, and power, it’s never enough. They must give up more and more. But then, no matter how much wealth, power, and privileged Jews accumulate, it is never enough. They deserve more and more. So, whites must have less and less, and Jews must have more and more. Even as whites have less, Jews have the right to bitch that whites still have too much and must give up more. Even as Jews have more, whites have no right to complain that Jews are getting too much at the expense of others. Israel must be a JEWISH state so that Jews can have everything, even West Bank and Golan Heights that are occupied territories. But Sweden must not be a nation for Swedes because that would mean Jews have no right to control the media and political policy in Sweden.

Jews, as the masters of globalism, play a dirty game. Like Bill Browder, they will say and do ANYTHING to get what they want. Integrity and principles mean nothing to these hideous Jews. Jews will denounce nationalism as the worst thing but then promote it selectively to rouse up a people against a power they don’t like. And this is the case with Sweden’s hysteria about Russia, which is not unlike what is going on in the US where Jews hype Russia-Hate as the New Patriotism. So, the very Jews who denounce any sign of nationalism in the EU urge Ukrainians to be ultra-nationalist in their confrontation with Russia. Jews did the same with Georgia. Of course, Jews always hedge their bets. Even as Jews promoted nationalism in Ukraine and Georgia, they also pushed Homomania there. Jews also allied with Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine. You see how Jews will do just about anything to get what they want? Because they see Russia as the main enemy, they will join up with any group, even Neo-Nazis, to hurt Russia. And even as Jews usually denounce nationalism in white nations, they will fan the most extremist manifestations of nationalism in places like Georgia and Ukraine to drive the peoples there into a frenzy of hatred against Russia. And of course, Jews also encouraged Kurdish nationalism when it suited Zio-Globalist interests. So, in the end, it all comes down to "Is it good for the Jews?"

Now, if Jews act in their own self-interest, it may not be very principled but it’s at least understandable from a tribal-supremacist point of view. The thornier question is why do so many non-Jews go along with the Jewish Program? For many elites, it’s sheer ambition and cynicism. They know all about Dirty Jews, but they also know Jews control the US that controls the world. So, if you want a short-cut to success and influence, you have to suck up to Jews. If the World was like Hollywood, all those who want to be actors, writers, and directors must suck up to Jewish executives and moguls. All the would-be players around the world know that the surest and quickest way to power is to appease and suck up to Jewish globo-homo moguls. That is why Georgia and Ukraine ended up with ‘gay pride parades’. Jewish moguls demanded such in exchange for support and money. But, not all non-Jewish globo-homo agents are such cynical players. Many are sincere in their convictions mainly due to their culture and/or personality. Many of these people are well-educated and smart but are dupes due to their personality being earnest and lacking in requisite skepticism of the Power.
Also, Jewish Power works according to a perverse logic. Even though Jews are the most powerful people in the world, the Shoah-aura shrouds them with the ray of ‘eternal victim-hood’. So, even as Jewish Power is immense, it presents itself as an underdog. And because Jews attach their power to Diversity, there is the impression that Jewish Power is committed to helping the poor and downtrodden. This plays on ‘white guilt’. In truth, the ONLY reason why Jews encourage Mass Invasion of the Third World into the West is to use the Diversity Mobs as political/electoral armies against the white race. But if anyone points this out, he is denounced and attacked for 'xenophobia'. What really ails the West is what might be called 'Amynaphobia', or extreme fear of defense or defending/preserving one's own ethnos, land, and culture.

The example of Sweden shows how even a highly intelligent people — white Swedes have among the highest IQ in the world — can be easily suckered by heinous Jews. To be intelligent doesn’t assure independent thought. Also, being intelligent in an orderly and efficient nation means you are likely to trust the system since it seems to run so smoothly. It's like one trusts a train system in which the trains arrive on time. So, intelligent Swedes, like intelligent white Canadians, just took it for granted that the academia and media were telling them the truth. Also, as nations like Canada and Sweden were so peaceful, orderly, and with low crime rates — and because the Jewish globo-homo media ‘white-washed’ the truth about black criminality and thuggery — , the peoples there were deer-in-the-headlights when it came to Diversity. Especially because of the mindless mantra ‘race is just a social construct’, white Canadians and Swedes came to believe that all the human misery around the world must be the result of ‘racism’, ‘white imperialism’, ‘greed’, religion, and etc. So, all those blacks in Africa are suffering due to ‘legacy of imperialism’, and the non-whites in Latin America suffer from ‘Yanqui imperialism’. Therefore, if those people were brought to the Magic Dirt of Northern Nations, they could transform overnight into brown version of successful Canadians and Swedes. LOL.
Of course, the reason why many non-whites do far worse in their own nations has to do with racial differences, but most people in Canada and Sweden will not entertain such thoughts since they’ve been raised since cradle with the mantra, "Race is a social construct". Now, considering that the GLOB say Europeans need more Africans because blacks are better at sports, one would think people would wake up to the fact of racial differences. After all, if indeed race is just about skin color and nothing else, why would blacks do better in sports? (And if blacks do better in sports, it means they are physically tougher, and that means blacks will pose a physical and sexual threat to the white race.) Now, it may be possible for Canadians and Swedes to wake up to the truth, but such isn’t possible without free thought. Problem is free thinking is nearly impossible in a climate of Moral Panic about this-ism, that-ism, whatever-ism. When so much of the truth is denounced and dismissed instantly as ‘racist’ or ‘antisemitic’, free thought is hard to come by. Take the example of Rick Sanchez who once said CNN and most of media are run by Jews who are very powerful and privileged and NOT a weak minority in the US. Now, in a climate of free thought, we could discuss the matter and come to some sound conclusion. Instead, the hysteria of Moral Panic soon consumed Rick Sanchez, and almost overnight, he found himself a non-person. This is how Jews run the West. They claim to be for ‘liberal democracy’ where we can discuss anything freely, BUT they set off hysteria after hysteria to make sound and rational discussion/debate on certain issues nearly impossible. For example, honest discussion of black thuggery is rare because any negative observation about blacks is immediately shot down with the alarmist term ‘racist’ that has a kind of dark-magic power over so many people.

Anyway, how funny that globalists who tell people to surrender their own identities, territories, and histories in the name of Diversity and Inclusion(which is euphemism for invasion) also tell people to be patriotic and nationalist against threats posed by nations like Russia and Iran. So, white Americans are supposed to give up what they'd inherited from their ancestors to endless tides of Third World mob BUT they are also supposed to get all gung-ho red-white-and-blue about saving the US from Russia. It makes no sense... until we factor in the Jewish Influence and the question, "Is it good for the Jews?" Indeed, what do the propositions "white Americans should surrender to Diversity" and "White Americans must be patriotic against Russia" have in common? Both positions are good for Jewish supremacist Power. If whites become a minority in the US(and in European nations), then whites cannot electorally challenge Jewish Power. Jews can play divide-and-rule among the various goyim and set them against one another. And anti-Russian stance is good for Jews because Jews, being a Jealous People, want to break the will of Russia and take over that nation like they took over US, UK, France, Sweden, and etc.
Also, even though Russia has ZERO intention of invading any nation, its example of nationalism, majoritarianism, implicit white consciousness, resurgent Christianity, and defiance of Zio-US globalism constitutes a kind of soft power that Jews fear. What if the Russian Example spreads to other nations? This ‘example’ doesn’t mean that other nations will adopt Russian language & culture or take orders from the Kremlin. Rather, it means that, maybe just maybe, they too can say NO to the demands of Zio-US globalism. Furthermore, when push comes to shove, they have a nation that is willing to back them up. After all, could Syria have survived the Jewish globo-terrorist onslaught if not for backing from Russia(and Iran)? Also, the cultural traditionalism and moralism that Putin has favored for Russia is threatening to the globo-homo cultural agenda of LGBTQ and Homomania, which is now the new religion in the West. In terms of aesthetics, traditionalism is far more beautiful and dignified than decadent trashy perversion though generally less fun-and-wild. In a world where so many people have been over-exposed to decadence and degeneracy, the Russian example(and even the Iranian example) may have a certain appeal. After all, should Rap and Pornography be the main cultural expression of a people? Sure, Russia has tons of trash culture, and lots of rap and porn too, but the fact that the national elites are trying to steer the populace away from stuff like Pussy Riot and Homomania indicates that Russia resists the End of History as favored by Jews. Russians are correct that the so-called End of History has brought about a new order that isn’t about war of ideologies but of idolatry and iconography. It’s about symbols and identities. Jewish identity matters most, and Jews will incite any identity they can use against whites. Are Jews totally trying to destroy whites? No, if whites were to vanish, Jewish power would vanish too. Jewish master must ride the white horse. Jews are really hellbent on keeping white power saddled and obedient, which means Jews must bait whites with Guilt and Fever, especially in relation to blacks. Whites are to feel ‘white guilt’ about slavery, and whites are to feel fever for Jungle Supremacy. Cucky-wucked white boys are supposed to worship black athletes, and white girls with jungle-lust are supposed to put out to them. It is time that American Schools replaced TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD with MANDINGO, which was made into a 1970s movie with Ken Norton humping some white woman. Jews use Mandela to bait whites with Guilt and Mandingo to infect whites with Fever. Mandela-Mandingo Complex is like the new Madonna-Whore Complex.

Anyway, we have anti-nationalist globalism encouraging nationalism against certain nations(especially Russia) to bolster the tribal-supremacism of Jews. If globalism is anti-nationalist, why should it matter if Sweden or any nation comes under undue influence of Russia? After all, doesn’t Open Borders mean cross-border invasions and influence? We've been told endlessly that Mexicans and Central Americans have the right to cross over into the US in any quantity. We are told Israel can infiltrate and play all sorts of games with EU and US. We are told EU must open its borders to endless tides of Muslims and Africans. Peoples of all nations(except Israel) are told that it will be GREAT if their nation is ‘reinvented’ and taken over by other peoples, just like Palestine was taken over by Zionists. If that is so, who cares if Russians take over your nation? If you must give up your nation to others, why not Russians?
Jews care because THEY want to take over all nations. Jews see Russia as a threat not because Russia is a competitor. Russia is NOT trying to invade or gain undue influence over other nations; it isn’t even interested in moving into Estonian or Lithuania. Jews see Russia as a threat because it gained a measure of national sovereignty from Jewish globo-homo power. Jews fear that other nations might take cues from Russia. Even if Russia pledges not to meddle in any nation and keeps its word to the letter, Jews would still panic about Russia because it regained national independence from Jewish Power. Jews fear that such defiance may spread to other nations, and we are seeing some of that in nations like Italy and Austria.
And that is why Jews, who usually tell white nations to just surrender everything to globalism, fan the nationalist flames in those nations with nonsensical trumped-up charges about Russia. Jews vilify Russia in the hope that no white American or European will ever look upon the Russian example as a positive, especially against globalist Jewish Power.
It gets even funnier when Jews try to persuade Europeans that the idea of ‘Western Values’ means Europe surrendering to endless tides of Africans and Muslims in the name of ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’, and ‘inclusion’? Did Western philosophers through the ages really spout off such insipid baby-talk? Or, Jews will say there is nothing more patriotic in America than the Proposition that there is NO CORE America. So, white Americans are supposed to surrender their posterity and give up everything and even fight and die for their own demise because their defeat is the New Patriotism, the kind worth hating and fighting Russia for. Ann Coulter certainly saw through the BS of such Jewish Logic:

Friday, July 20, 2018

The Paradox of Equality’s Origin in Oppression — George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM as HBD Tale — Jewish Supremacism and Jewish Resentment of Aesthetic Injustice

We are accustomed to thinking in terms of oppression versus equality. We resist oppression to be free, and freedom allows for equality. Thus, oppression is the enemy of equality. People throughout history have rebelled against oppression for equality. Overthrow of oppression means freedom, and freedom must mean equality, right? There is much truth in this in that an oppressive order is obviously unequal. Those with the Power use the means at their disposal to perpetuate a system whereby some are on the top and keep the rest on the bottom. So, naturally, an oppressive order is unequal. What could be gained by opposing and challenging oppression? Is it the hope that the oppressed will be equal with the oppressors? But this is impossible because resistance and overthrow means that the oppressors will be destroyed or expelled. What if the goal of the rebellion was for ALL people to become equal with the oppressors? But how could this be possible? If peasants rise up against the noblemen, could both sides arrive at a compromise where EVERYONE will be equal as a nobleman? But how can a society be made up entirely of noblemen? Who will do the hard work out in the fields? Who will do the heavy-lifting and the drudgery necessary to keep society going? If everyone cannot become like the privileged oppressors, should the goal be to get rid of the oppressive element altogether? Without oppressors, will all the people, in their newfound freedom, become equal with one another? But without oppressors to hold down the people, won’t some use their freedom and smarts to rise above others? And in time, won’t they become the New Oppressors?

Paradoxically, it appears that the concept of equality couldn’t have been possible without oppression. Even though an oppressive order throughout history has been inherently unequal, it forced a kind of collective equality for most people. For most of history, only a few people were part of the royalty, nobility, and elite clergy. Just about everyone else was more or less equal as slaves, serfs, servants, toilers, peons, peasants, soldiers(whose lives were all-too-expendable), or worse. Even though various classes or castes existed that perpetuated a complex hierarchy, it wasn’t much of an exaggeration to say most societies were divided between the 1% and the 99%. For most of history for most human communities, there was hardly anything that could be called a ‘middle class’. Rather, it was the elite oppressors and the unwashed rabble. And because the elite oppressors had most of the power & wealth and threatened & terrorized the rest of the population into compliance and obedience, there was a coercive kind of mass equality. It wasn’t an equality of freedom but of tyranny. But the perverse truth has been that NOTHING is more effective in enforcing equality than tyranny. While the tyrants are far more powerful and privileged than the rabble, they use their power to force the masses to hunker down, bow their heads, and just accept life as it is. One of the most egalitarian orders is the prison, and why? It is essentially tyrannical. The prisoners, regardless of their ability or background, are given the same clothes, fed the same meals, and must deal with the same conditions. It is one place where a lawyer with high IQ convicted of murder must share the same cell with a derelict with low IQ convicted of murder. It is in prison that people who’d known privilege and power all their lives come face-to-face with brute equality. And they realize that equality is essentially the product of repression and coercion.

Imagine an order made up of high-IQ Jewish geeks, low-IQ black thugs, capable Germans, mediocre Mexicans, unimaginative & earnest Chinese, thieving Gypsies, stilted American Indians, haggly Arabs, boorish Russians, and etc. Suppose they are all placed on a giant tanker in the middle of the ocean. The ship is closely guarded by a ultra-repressive force that metes out ruthless violence to anyone who messes around. All people on the ship, regardless of identity or background, are made to eat the same food, do the same kind of work, and own the same minimum property. They are all prisoners, and they must all comply with the rules. There is no opportunity to rise higher or do much of anything. They must all toil and perform similar basic tasks regardless of their innate ability. So, it doesn’t matter if someone has the brains of Albert Einstein or the physical might of Mike Tyson. They must all mop floors and do their share of daily drudgery. While this order is clearly oppressive and even though there is great inequality between the oppressors on ship and the oppressed prisoners, the fact is most people on the ship, being prisoners, find themselves to be equal with the others. Shared oppression and the suppression of their innate abilities are the great equalizers in terms of status and condition. Now, would such sense of equality and shared experience have been possible IF NOT for the oppression? Suppose all these various groups had encountered one another without coming under the equalizing force of the oppressors. Would the concept of equality ever have passed through their minds? Did humanity discover the meaning of equality only under shared oppression? Was equality the product of oppression? Then, how ironic that mankind came up with the idea of overthrowing oppression in the name of equality. After all, if oppressors are overthrown, there will no longer be a power that forces people to be equal. Some will rise higher and come to rule over others. This is why communism could only exist as Theory of Tyrannical Justice. If the oppressors are overthrown and if the people are allowed to do as they please, their freedom will lead to the rise of all kinds of hierarchies where some will be on the top, some in the middle, some on the bottom. Equality must be maintained by force by the dictatorship of the proletariat. The difference between the Old Order and New Order would be that while the masses were forced to be equal as exploited peons under the Old Order, they would be equal as protected workers in the New Order. If people in the Old Order were equal in having been used as human cattle, the people of the New Order would be equal in being forced NOT to exploit one's fellow man. But if the New Order has anything in common with the Old Order, it'd be that the people would be forced to be equal as members of the Working Class.

Take George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM. Under human oppression, all animals are more-or-less equal. Even though some animals are much smarter and far more capable than others, they are all equal in the sense that their main value to the farmer is as livestock and cattle. Humans are not interested in their intelligence or ability. Pigs may be much smarter than ducks, chicken, and sheep, but as far as humans are concerned, pigs exist to be slaughtered to make bacon, ham, and other stuff. So, if animals come to value equality as any kind of virtue, it’s only because human oppression forced all animals to be more-or-less equal. Even the magnificent horse is raised mainly to serve human needs, and when the time comes, it too will be slaughtered for profit. Humans think of animals in terms of profit-or-pleasure value. So, what does it matter if pigs are far more intelligent than sheep. If people want bacon, they will kill the pigs just like they kill the sheep... or chicken or ducks or whatever. There is a huge difference in intelligence and ability between the smart pig and the dumb hens, but they’ve all been equalized by human oppression. Pigs have been forced to be equal with all the other animals that are far dumber and far less capable. And even though the horse is a more impressive creature than other animals, its worth is assessed in the same manner: "What value does it have for humans?" So, the horse has no intrinsic, individual, or independent value as far as humans are concerned. Its only value is to be assessed in terms of its usefulness or profitability to humans. It's like Jews believe that goyim have no value other than to serve Jews. (This means that Jews would have innate value even if not a single goy existed in the world. But if Jews were to vanish from the world, goyim would have no reason to exist because the only value for their existence is to serve Jews. Without Jews to serve, they might as well just die.)
All animals are equal as peripheral planets that must revolve around human need and ‘greed’. If the animals come to value equality, it is only because they share the equality of oppression under humans. It’s like the scene in THE FUGITIVE. Harrison Ford plays this rich doctor with a nice house and beautiful wife. But when he is falsely convicted of murdering his own wife, he is made equal with all the losers, derelicts, and lunatics on death row. And if Gandhi truly tasted equality for the first time in his life, it was when the whites called him a ‘coolie’ and forced him off the train in South Africa. It was oppression that made Gandhi look around and feel equal with the rest of the downtrodden colored folks. When Gandhi had experienced freedom and privilege as a law student, he wasn’t looking to be equal with anyone. He wanted to rise high and be with the privileged folks, white or colored. It was only through oppression that he tasted equality with the masses he never really thought about until then.

In ANIMAL FARM, what happens to equality when the humans are overthrown? Initially, the idea is that equality will go from a condition to an ideal. As properties of humans, most of the animals were more-or-less equal under condition of human oppression. Equality had been imposed on them. In their shared misery under human ‘greed’, they came to value equality as a kind of camaraderie. It went from a condition to an ideal. And the dream was that once the humans were overthrown, animal equality would be sustained and strengthened through mutual respect. But without the flattening effect of human oppression, pigs realize that they are much smarter than other animals. Being so smart, they figure they should lead and take charge. Initially, they say they deserve the power because they will use their smarts for the good of all animal-kind. But as time passes, pigs begin to feel contempt for the lesser and dumber animals. They find it insulting to pig-hood that they must remain equal with animals such as chicken, ducks, horse, and the like. Even as they invoke equality as an ideal, they feel that equality was something that had been forced on them by humans who, in their narrow-minded greed, regarded pigs as no more valuable than the dumber animals. As far as humans were concerned, chickens existed to provide eggs and pigs existed to provide bacon and ham. Deep down inside, pigs resented having been forced to be equal with the rest of the dumb animals. They were actually special. Because they couldn’t prevail over humans all on their own, they forged an alliance with the other animals. The full force of the beast rebellion ousted the human oppressor, the farmer. Because pigs gained power with the help of other animals, they had to keep the grand bargain. Despite their higher intelligence, they pledged to devote their ability toward serving the common good of all animals. But due to their gluttonous porcine instincts and the natural contempt of intelligence for dumbness, pigs weave an elaborate web of lies whereby they become more and more powerful and less equal but in the Name of Equality.

Though George Orwell was a socialist and ANIMAL FARM is a satire on Stalinism, it can now be read more as a tale of HBD(human bio-diversity) than ideology. It’s essentially about how biology reasserts itself in a state of freedom and creates a natural hierarchy that favors the clever and devious over the earnest, naive, and dumb. Once humans are gone from the farm, ideology bends to biology. Despite the collective ideal of equality, the fact is biology comes to determine who gains the power. Smart win over the dumb. The ruthless and devious win out over the naive and childlike. Higher intelligence and personality-of-cunning win out.
While 1984 is the greater work, indeed Orwell’s masterpiece, it is more particular to a certain time and place. Though many observations of 1984 are still applicable today, it is very much a satirical indictment of Stalinism. Though ANIMAL FARM was intended as an allegory of what happened to the Soviet Revolution, its larger implications are more relevant than ever. Indeed, it now says more about what happened to Russia AFTER the fall of communism than under Stalinism. For starters, even though it could be said that the Bolsheviks, especially Stalin and his henchmen, betrayed the ideals of Marx(and perhaps Lenin), they were genuine ideologues. Stalin was a serious communist, as were those around him. And even though they gained great power and privilege, they were still committed to the Revolution and weren’t mainly focused on material wealth. Even though they lived better than most people in the USSR, they were not obsessed with riches and good times. They were committed to creating a new kind of society. If Stalin really wanted to live lavishly like Gaddafi, Kim Il Sung, Shah of Iran, and etc., he certainly could have. But in fact, he didn’t wallow in luxury and essentially led the life of a bureaucrat. Also, even though smart and cunning people took power under Bolshevism, Stalinism was not about the triumph of HBD. Indeed, unlike most of the smart Bolsheviks, Stalin was not Jewish. He was a Georgian, and he surrounded himself with mostly non-Jews at the highest levels of power. In ANIMAL FARM, Napoleon(Stalin) the pig wins out over Snowball(Trotsky) the pig. Napoleon wins mainly by raising puppies to grow up to be his attack force. He doesn’t have to go through the trouble of outwitting the other pigs or win arguments because the dogs around him have been raised to be loyal to him and to obey him. He has power beyond mind and wit. He has the power of blind loyalty. The dogs will maul anyone who disagrees with him, and Terror and Fear Factor become the ultimate arbiters of policy. Napoleon wields the dogs like Jews in the US use Antifa to attack and silence any opposition. Orwell was right to illustrate how Stalin prevailed over Trotsky by the use of Blind Loyalty and Terror, but I wonder if it was accurate to portray Stalin and his henchmen also as pigs. Though Stalin was pretty bright and recruited some men of considerable intelligence like cretinous Beria, triumph of Stalinism was ultimately not the victory of intelligence and ability but of mediocrity based on loyalty, fear, and discipline. Perhaps Stalin in ANIMAL FARM should have been portrayed as a wolf pretending to be farm animal that surrounds itself with loyal dogs.

If any period in Russian history truly resembled what happens in ANIMAL FARM, it was the post-communist heyday of the 1990s when Jews gained control of Russia and could do pretty much as they pleased. That truly was a Time of the Pigs. Whatever may be said of Stalin faction vs Trotsky faction, both sides were genuinely committed to the Revolution and Communism. Trotsky could be cunning and headstrong, and Stalin could be ruthless and manipulative, but there was no doubt that they were committed to the Revolution. So, what happens at the end of ANIMAL FARM doesn’t really apply to Stalinism. Stalin’s USSR was a brutal place of terror and fright, but it remained, from top to bottom, a system committed to Marxism-Leninism. It was after the death of Stalin that the elites of the USSR grew more cynical and apathetic. But these elites were more like mules than pigs. Men like Brezhnev took the helm for their utter lack of imagination. The system regarded them as 'safe'. And despite rising corruption and expanding privileges of those in the inner circle, there were limits to how much one could enrich oneself as long as the communist system remained in place. It was with the fall of communism that piggishness really ran wild in the USSR. If there was communist ideology to restrain individual greed and material self-interest in the 1920s and 1930s, the 1990s were an era of hog-wild for the New Russia. Granted, there was the new ideology of the End of History that said Russia was ripe for ‘liberal democracy’ and ‘free markets’ that would supposedly lift all boats in an era of privatization and profiteering for all the Russian folks, but that didn’t happen. Most of the wealth went to a handful of Jewish oligarchs who were supported by Global Jewry mostly centered in the US. So, what happened in the 1990s of New Russia more closely resembles what happens in the final part of ANIMAL FARM. It was all about the smartest people in Russia, the Jewish pigs, slurping up all they could find and then some. It didn’t matter that some of these Jews had been communists or had communist ancestors. They invoked ‘liberal democracy’ and ‘privatization’ as cover to rake in as much as they could for themselves. And like the utterly cynical pigs at the end of ANIMAL FARM, the Jews of the 1990s had only one thing in mind: "We Jews grab and loot everything." Say what you will about Stalin the mass killer and tyrant. The fact remains that he and those around him were mostly True-Believers in communism. That’s one thing you can’t take away from Stalin. He died a communist. He may have violated all sorts of Marxist principles, but he didn’t take power just to pig out for personal gain. But that is precisely what happened in the Russia of the 1990s. And if Stalin favored loyalty and mediocrity, Russia of the 1990s favored the most ruthless and nihilistic kind of Jewish smarts & greed to run wild. Of course, Jews did much the same in the US with the bubble and Housing bubble, but thankfully the US economy and system were sturdy enough to withstand Jewish greed gone hog-wild. Unfortunately, Russia was too weak, dazed, and disoriented after the fall of communism to weather the piggish Jewish onslaught that ravaged Russia 100,000x worse than any band of Cossacks who, at most, ransacked one village at a time. Jewish Globalists were like Mentally Advanced Cossacks or Mongols who’d devised global strategies to descend upon any vulnerable nation like a swarm of locusts to devour as much as they could until they set their sights on a new target. These Jews are like George Soros the vulture-hawk who is perched high above and looking for the next kill. When Jews spot the next prey, they all coordinate their actions and move in for the kill and take all they can. Jewish globalists are glocusts.

But then, Jews pose a problem to all societies because they are most pig-like in their intelligence(higher) and appetite(voracious and insatiable). Indeed, Karl Marx said as much about Jews, and if anything, argued that one of the reason why capitalism must be destroyed is because it enables Jews, the kings of capital, to go crazy with greed and mess up all the world. Letting Jews practice capitalism is like letting pigs loose on the farm; they will dig up and eat everything. It’s like taking fat black women into an all-you-can-eat fried chicken joint. It’s like homos entering a bathhouse. Jews just can’t help it. They see that money, and they go crazy. They got to have more and more and more... like in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET.

Jewish personality and Jewish intelligence are a marriage made in hell. Jewish personality is arrogant, sneering, pushy, contemptuous, rabid, and virulent. Jews often say ‘anti-Semites’ are ‘rabid and virulent’, but so-called antisemitism is a strong counter-reaction to Jewish foulness. Jewish intelligence is restless, tireless, and obsessive. Jewish personality and Jewish intelligence conspire to act like pigs with locust-wings. Jews are like a swarm of flying locusts. Just like pigs dig up and devour the roots of all plants, Jewish pigs gnaw at the roots of all cultures and sever a people from their identity, territory, and roots. Jewish pigs have been digging up and destroying the roots of European folks. Jews are now even going so far as to change European mythological and historical figures into blacks. So, Lancelot and Achilles are made black. So is Julius Caesar. And white cucks go along as they worship the Holy Negro, and blacks love it because they believe that their innate ‘badassness’ makes them the superior race, and that means everything great and noble must be associated with blacks even if blacks had nothing to do with it. The logic goes as follows: PC says blacks are great, so if there was a great European figure, his greatness should be conflated with blacks because blacks are great. Blacks = Great, just like Homos = Pride.

Flying Jewish Pig with voracious appetite about to devour a city
Flying Jewish Pig with restless intelligence figuring out how to take over the world

Even though the pigs don’t spell it out in ANIMAL FARM, they seem to be especially angry at humans for having forced them to be equal with the lower animals. How dare the humans to have treated pigs the same as all the other creatures that aren’t possessed of high intelligence, cleverness, and the power of will? So, even as pigs lead the dumb animals, they feel contempt for them. They feel the insult that the humans had regarded them, the smart pigs, as hardly better or higher than ducks, chickens, and sheep. Pigs, with their ambition and ability, want to be like humans. But because of the history of human oppression of animals, including pigs, they also want to destroy humans. Pigs wage war on humans but to become the New Humans. They claim to represent the animals, but they find it insulting for their kind, the superior pigs, to be associated with dumb animals. In a way, pigs are not the villains of ANIMAL FARM. In the end, they are following their own nature. It’s not so much that they choose to be evil. It’s that the power of biology and nature inevitably drives the pigs farther away from the rest of the animals that simply aren’t all that cunning and capable of brain power. Granted, pigs become evil in the sense that they betray their stated ideology, but the principles were an accidental product of certain conditions. Because humans oppressed all animals more-or-less equally, pigs found themselves in the same straits as the rest of animal-kind. And since they needed collective effort to overthrow the humans, pigs embraced egalitarianism. But once the humans were no longer around to impose and enforce the equality-of-oppression on the animals, nature took its course and favored the smarter and more cunning pigs to rise higher than the rest of the animals. Sure, the pigs lie and cheat a lot, but then, being smart is about finding ways to run circles around the less intelligent. Take gambling. Why is it such a big industry? Because smart people dupe so many pathetic dummies into giving up their money. If a Jew told some guy, "How about you give me $1,000", the guy would give the Jew the middle-finger. But if the Jew shows the guy a machine with lots of flashing lights that offers the promise of a jackpot, the guy may happily blow his $1,000 that ends up with the Jew. The clever Jew took his $1,000, but the guy thinks he had a swell time because of the fun machine with flashing lights. (How pathetic that the GOP relies so heavily on Las Vegas for funds. So much for the Family Values party.)

Anyway, we can learn much about Jewish psychology by considering the pigs of ANIMAL FARM. Why were Eastern European Jews so bitter? While some Jews became fabulously rich, especially in Western Europe, many Eastern European Jews faced limited opportunities and hard times. Though smarter than the goyim, many had to toil as working-class folks and small-time peddlers. Many couldn’t rise much higher than the poor goy sods who toiled the fields or factories. And this drove many Eastern European Jews toward various forms of radicalism ranging from anarchism to communism. But subconsciously, just like the pigs of ANIMAL FARM, they must have felt resentment that they, the smart and special Jews, had to rub shoulders with the dimwit goyim. The People of the Book had to make common cause with people-who-couldn’t-read-books. Being tireless, restless, and intelligent, many Jews made able revolutionaries, and they were instrumental in exploiting the crisis of WWI to take power. Because of their experience of oppression and deprivation, many Jewish Bolsheviks were sincere in their commitment to communism, at least consciously. But Yuri Slezkine’s THE JEWISH CENTURY indicates that, early on, the victorious Jewish communists began to realize that the upper echelons of the New Order was filled with Jews. Even though they dare not say it openly, there was a sense that they, as smarter and more capable commissars, should take control of the USSR. And as they began to gain dominance in the elite institutions, they grew ever more distant from the rabble, the masses. All that had been denied to Jews under the Tsarist system was suddenly open to them. There was no institution, however high, that shut its doors to Jews. Jews could enter the innermost sanctum of power under the New System. And they took full advantage. The more they did this, the more they realized, at least subconsciously, that they are not part of the rabble, the dimwit toiling masses. They were meant for higher and better things. They were becoming the new elites, the new aristocrats. And yet, because they came to power in the name of the Revolution devoted to equality, they tried to square elitism with egalitarianism. Just like the pigs in the early stages of the revolution in ANIMAL FARM, Jewish elites sincerely wanted to believe that they deserve special privileges because people-of-the-mind must think and strategize without the distractions of the daily grind. And yet, what happens when one’s elite position becomes entrenched? And when one marries someone of similar intelligence & ability and raises one’s own kids to also be part of the system?

In the US, Jews are the most powerful and the richest people. They are the least equal and most privileged. And despite Jewish feminist bitching, Jewish women make more money than goy men. Jews got almost all the media, much of Wall Street, almost all of Hollywood & Gambling, the biggest prizes in Silicon Valley, and etc. Most politicians are bought-and-sold whores of Zion. Jews control elite academia and mold the minds of young goyim who will manage the West according to the wishes of Jewish oligarchs and neo-prophets. And yet, because of Jewish perception of history wherein they were oppressed along with the rest of humanity, especially by Europeans/whites, Jews still act like they’re in rebel-egalitarian mode. Of course, Jewish historical perception is seriously warped. While it’s true that there were periodic outbursts of violence against Jews in Europe, Jews also did things that understandably pissed off many Europeans. Jews collaborated with Moors who occupied Spain. Jews later aided the Turkish takeover of Constantinople. Jews were heavily involved in slavery and the selling of millions of Slavs to North Africa and Middle East. Also, Jewish financial power funded much of Western imperialism, and it was Jewish David Sassoon who was the main seller of opium to the Chinese. And in the American West, Jews sold guns to white people to kill Indians with. So, Jewish historical perception is perversely selective and bogus. Because Europeans sometimes bashed Jews, Jews would have us believe that they were of kindred spirit with black slaves and non-white subjects of Western Imperialism. More often than not, Jews were funding the black slave trade. They were working with Western Imperialists in the colonization of non-white lands and profiting most handsomely. Yes, there was Shoah, but Nazi madness was a historical reaction to horrible Jewish behavior in the Soviet Union(where millions died under Bolshevism) and in Weimar Germany where Jews acted like Russian & American Jews in the 1990s. Shoah, horrible as it was, didn’t just happen out of blue for no reason at all. Rather, like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was an extreme reaction to extreme actions. Just like Japanese bad behavior led to events that spiraled out of control and led to the mass-bombing of Japan(and the deaths of many innocents as well), Jewish bad behavior led to massive reaction that went mad and committed a horrific genocide. Nothing justifies the Shoah, but Jews got burned by playing dangerously with fire. If you piss off enough people, don’t be surprised if things get out of control and you get burned twice as bad as you deserve. Angry people lose all sense of limits. Jews have a way of pissing people off, and Jewish behavior today in finance, media, culture, and politics really makes us wonder if ‘antisemitism’ was irrational or unjustified. I can’t imagine how any sane person could not be anti-Jewish in today’s mad climate of Jews gone rabidly and virulently hog-wild.

Just like the pigs, Jews seem to harbor a two-front hostility. On the one hand, they continue to see the White Race as the Eternal Goy Enemy, the people who, as Christians, persecuted Jews for over 1,000 yrs and carried out the Holocaust. Jews want to get back at whites as much as possible. Jews want white nations to be inundated with non-whites. Jews want white wombs to be colonized by blacks and want white men to become castrated cucky-wucks. Jews still see themselves as champions of progress against the forces of White Reaction and ‘Racism’. As the leaders of the movement, Jews see themselves as allied with the wonderful and noble People-of-Color, especially the blacks. But on the other hand, Jews seem to be resentful that past white denial of equal opportunity to Jews forced Jews to identify with the inferior and lower orders of society such as ‘white trash’ working class, blacks, browns, yellows, and etc. The smarter and superior Jews were put in a situation where they had to make common cause with the dummy rabble of the world. But just like pigs needed the other animals to overthrow the humans, Jews have needed allies as they simply don’t have the numbers. In the USSR, they eventually lost out because their quality of power was so overwhelmed by the quantity of power of non-Jews. And in the US, the Jewish-favored Democratic Party kept losing elections from the Nixon Era to the Bush I era. Thus, Jews relied on Mass Invasion-Immigration whereby the contract between Jews and non-white immigrants would be (1) Jews would keep pushing for more non-white mass entry into US and (2) non-whites would vote for the Democratic Party to keep Jewish elites at the helm. But how do Jews really feel about jive-ass blacks, mediocre Mexicans, lame-personalitied Asians, swarthy Muslims, and grubby ‘dotkins’? Deep down inside, Jews wanted to be with the white race. But the white race’s response ranged from "You can’t join our country club" or "You can’t marry my daughter" to the Holocaust. Or, that’s how Jews remember things.
Of course, whites have now changed their tune and want Jews as allies against the darkies. The White Conservative proposition to Jews is, "We will embrace you Jews as fellow whites, indeed as superior and best kind of whites, on condition that you work with us and for us against all those darkies." But why should Jews take the bargain when they got even more power, privilege, and prestige than the whites? Whatever appeal such an offer may have had many decades ago, it’s hopeless when Jews already got just about everything that counts in the US. Jews have gained Jewish supremacist power in the US, and their main obsession is to keep whites in Submissivist mode to serve Jewish supremacism. Jews no longer see white elites as superior people to aspire to or model themselves after. Jews respect only one thing, and it’s smarts. Once Jews figured that they are smarter than whites, their attitude has been, "You dumb whites serve us Jews or shut up." It’s like blacks measure everything by physical toughness, and once they realized that they could beat up whitey, their respect for the white man went down the toilet. Blacks had more respect for whites in the distant past when they feared the white man as a frightful character. But upon watching all those white boys knocked out by black boxers, blacks came to see white boys as ‘slow faggoty-ass mofos’. Blacks see white males in the way that white males see Hindu, Mexican, or Asian males. Not seriously.
At any rate, Jewish hatred for whites isn’t just about memory of past injustice or contempt for dimwit white goyim. (Imagine how William Kristol must have been laughing to himself when he used to tell the world that Dan Quayle was the most credible candidate for the 1996 election.) It’s about Jewish self-image. Rightly or wrongly, Jews feel incredibly ugly. They feel God gave them a raw deal in offering the Covenant but denying them beauty. While there are plenty of attractive Jews, the general idea is that Jews, by and large, are gross and ugly. Jews really feel this way even if they may not admit it. Some Jews react to this self-image with humor and mockery: Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Howard Stern, Marx Brothers, Don Rickles, Albert Brooks, etc. Some turn to sexual extremism, like Philip Roth in some of his novels, and the likes of Harvey Weinstein with their perversions(that largely set off the #MeToo mania). In some ways, this is what angers Jews the most, why they hate whites the most. It is bigger than history or any theory of justice. It is bigger than intelligence. It’s like the character of PORTNOY’S COMPLAINT is many times smarter than the shikses he bangs, but he feels powerless before them. And in CASINO, the super-smart Jew, who calculates every move, gambles everything on the blonde shikse whore. Also, Nazism was essentially an aesthetic movement to preserve Aryan Beauty from the clutches of Jewish ugliness. What troubles Jews is that even as they rail against the Beauty Cult of the Nazis, they can’t help acting according to Nazi stereotypes. PORTNOY’S COMPLAINT and other such Jewish tales in books and movies do indicate that Jews believe in racial hierarchy in beauty. Jewish men want to stick their dongs into ‘Aryan’ shikses and generally dislike the looks of Jewish women. (Lately, Jewish women have formed their own cunt-covenant or clit-covenant or clitonant with history, and they’ve decided to let their pussy-craving dictate their behavior, and this has led to massive Jungle Fever among the Jewish American Princesses.) The fact is even if all whites denounce Nazism forever and profess their sympathy for Jews, Jews will continue to resent the white race for superior beauty that makes Jews look ugly and gross in comparison. Now, we can’t blame whites for being more attractive as such would be irrational. After all, white beauty is not the creation of ‘anti-Semites’. Still, like the envious three sisters in CINDERELLA, ugliness resents beauty. Even beauty resents beauty, as in SNOW WHITE where the Queen is offended that there is a woman who is prettier than she. Just like ancient Jews called for the smashing of all false idols, modern Jews want to desecrate white beauty that keeps reminding Jews of their inferior looks and ugliness. Jews have pride of higher intelligence and stronger personality. But one must make an effort with intelligence and personality to achieve things. In contrast, beauty is effortless in attracting attention and affection. And Jews hate this about whites even though it’s not whites’ fault that they are prettier. So, how do Jews handle this? Some Jews just marry whites. But other Jews seek to desecrate and destroy white beauty through promotion of miscegenation, especially with blacks. This is why Jews promote Jungle Fever among white girls. Especially Jewish women who feel great envy for blonde ‘Aryan’ women want white wombs to produce children with flat noses, fat lips, and kinky hair. They want white wombs to produce kids that look like baby monkeys.
Jews promote ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs so that white women will give birth to kids that look like this. Jews, who are so envious and resentful of white beauty, seek to destroy it by having it mixed with other races, especially blacks. Jewish girls will celebrate with joy when the beautiful white girl whom they've envied all their lives go with blacks and produce some kid who looks half-simian. Jewish feminists used to bitch about sexualization of women into objects, but they no longer do so because so much of sexuality in pop culture now promotes Jungle Fever that will encourage more white women to destroy the posterity of their beauty by going with 'groids' and producing from their wombs kids who identify as 'black' and work against the white race. Of course, Jew-run media give special attention to such race-traitor whores.
Though Jews tend to moralize their gripes against whites, the fact remains that the MAIN reason for Jewish hostility toward whites is aesthetic. Indeed, suppose your average Jew looked like Clint Eastwood or Paul Newman(a very handsome half-Jew) whereas most whites looked like Ralph Kramden or Rosie O’Donnell. Jews would be happier, more at peace with themselves, and less hateful of whites.
Jewish God is a jealous God, and this jealousy was a projection of Jewish personality, the most jealous personality in the world. Jews feel they must have everything. Jews are jealous of Russians for having all that land. Jews want it for themselves. Jews want to own and control the US, the lone superpower. Jews want control of all of media. But one area in which Jews lose out is in looks, and this makes them furious. Consider the very semitic-looking actress in MULHOLLAND DR.(at 42 sec of the video below). Even though she’s an insignificant character in the movie, people who look like her are all over Hollywood. Imagine what is going through their minds whenever they see some pretty shikse. I don’t know if the actress Kate Forster is Jewish, but David Lynch clearly made her out to look Semitic with frizzy hair. Also, it’s strange that she is introduced as ‘lovely Martha Johnson’ when she is clearly made out to look unfeminine and ‘alien’, hardly waspy like ‘Johnson’. Jewish self-image fuels much of the neurosis that drives Jews to act crazier, more reckless, and more pathological in world affairs. It wouldn’t matter if Jews weren’t powerful, but they are very powerful, and just like Hitler projected his pathology onto the world, Jews are doing much the same, and this bodes ill for mankind. Some Jews have maintained that Wasps are all looks but no soul whereas Jews are no looks but all soul, but what if Jews are no looks and no soul? Not many seem to have entertained that possibility. In BROADCAST NEWS, the Jewish guy lacks looks and grace but speaks much truth and stands for principles whereas the wasp guy is nice-looking and likable but so shallow and without scruples. But the fact remains that Jews have maintained total control of much of the media, and with each passing year, they’ve exhibited less and less principles and integrity. Things got worse with the rise of Boomer Jews. At least older Jews grew up with some culture of restraint and dignity. Boomer Jews who grew up with permissive individualism and insatiable egotism have no inner brakes in using media or whatever instrument at their disposal as their personal sex toys.

Anyway, what can we say about the future when Jews, the least equal people on Earth, insist on carrying on as the champions of equality and fairness? What can we say about Jews who bitch about ‘white supremacism’ but then demand that all whites go into submissivist mode and support Jewish Supremacism all around the world, even the IDF death squad’s shooting down of hundreds of Palestinian protesters commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Nakba pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map, surely an act far more grievous than Japan’s invasion of Manchuria or Germany’s takeover of Czechoslovakia. When Jews sound the alarm about ‘white supremacism’, they are not denouncing supremacism per se but rather demanding that whites must suppress any sense of white identity and interests if they are to serve as agents and puppets of Jewish Supremacism. After all, why would a people who primarily care about their own race and culture prioritize the serving of ANOTHER people? If slaves began to put their own interests first, why would they serve the master? Jews are triggered by something far less than real white supremacism. I can understand Jews being freaked out by genuine neo-Nazis(though Jews don’t seem to mind forming an alliance with such ilk in Ukraine), but Jews fear run-of-the-mill white identity even more. While neo-Nazism can easily be discredited, white identity and interests that call for limited white nationalism in white nations is NOT supremacist and, if anything, anti-imperialist. Such white people are saying white/Western nations should NOT meddle in the affairs of non-white nations, and in turn, non-whites have no right to demographically inundate and invade white nations. It sounds reasonable, and that is why Jews are trying to smear such views as ‘far right’ and ‘nazi’. Because if white people gain sensible nationalism and mind their own business, they will be far less likely to sign up to serving Jewish globo-homo supremacist imperialism.

In the Animal Farm of the future, what we need is separate nationalism for each species of animals. Let horses have their corral, let ducks have their pond, let chickens have their coop, let cows have their pasture, and etc. Let all animals get along but also respect each other’s spaces. And all animals must tell the pigs to keep to their own pigsty. Let pigs do their own thing. Sure, pigs, being smarter, can do much for other animals, but due to their piggish nature, pigs will just manipulate and abuse others for their own aggrandizement; it's just part of their nature; they lack nobility of heart despite their superiority of mind. So, it’s best for other animals to be wary of the pigs. And lest pigs use dogs to frighten and pressure other animals, the Animal Farm of the Future needs to re-train dogs to regain their autonomy as free dogs and not serve as lackeys and Janissary of the pigs.

Of course, on some level, Jews know that equality is no longer tenable given their great power and privilege. Why would Jews want equality? In a truly equal world, Jews as 2% of the population should make up only 2% of media, academia, law, Hollywood, high-tech, and etc. What Jew would want such equality? Jews love and cherish their immense power. This is why Jews came to favor Diversity over Equality or try to trick people into believing that Diversity is the New Equality when, in fact, Diversity leads to even more inequality as it brings together different peoples with wide-ranging variances in ability and talent. Not for nothing is California the most diverse and the most unequal state. But Diversity among goyim means they will be too busy squabbling among themselves to be able to unite against the Jews who will just 'eat like effendi'.