Monday, May 2, 2016

PC as PE, or Political Correctness as Physical Education

Maybe we got it all wrong. We tend to approach Political Correctness or PC from the perspective of ideology. Perhaps, it has more to do with hormones and glands. Youth is when children grow into adults. The process is fraught with crisis and anxiety as profound changes occur physically, mentally, emotionally, and bio-chemically. The child transforms into a considerably bigger person. His or her mental capacities(in logic and analysis) grow by leaps and bounds, making him or her more rational and knowledgeable. But, his or her bio-chemistry releases more hormones, making him or her more prone to ‘irrational’ sexual drives and aggression. The conflict between sharpening intellect and unruly instinct leads to all sorts of emotional stresses. In past times, adults had firm grip on society and were respected for their superior social status, and children had little choice but to conform to the will of parents, teachers, and adult authorities. But with the rise of youth culture, libertine freedoms, hedonism, thug culture, and whore culture, young people acquired all manner of means to express themselves, not always sensibly. And we as a society keep looking for solutions to challenges posed by youth culture and behavior.

Some believe that youth barbarism is its own best antidote, at least if handled properly. Consider sports and party culture. Sports is a pretty barbaric activity with young bodies clashing with one another. But with all those young punks expending their rambunctious energies bashing one another, adults can sit back and sigh in relief that those energies aren’t being directed at the community. Better to have young kids smash into one another in football practice than run amok in the streets. It was why Bill Clinton proposed Midnight Basketball as a ‘constructive’ outlet for savage super-predator energies of Negro males. Better to have Negroes chase after a ball than after scared white folks, especially urban Liberals. Better to have Negroes slam the ball than smash windows.

As for party culture and music concert experience, despite risks of excess with sex and drugs, they focus kids’ energies on fun than fighting and hooliganism. And with adequate security and supervision, the barbaric energies can be reasonably corralled and controlled. (Just don’t hire the Hell Angels for security in exchange for free all-you-can-drink beer.) Better House Party than Street Riot. Better Beach Bingo than Blood Bath. Also, Rock Concerts today are master-orchestrated with heavy security and surveillance, and some of them look more like well-coordinated fascist rallies than anarchic orgies in honor of Dionysus. New Romantics look more like New Plastics or New Synthetics:

For jocks who play sports and for ‘popular’ kids hanging with ‘cool’ crowd, their wilder energies have ready outlets for release. Sports absorbs much excess energy, and ‘cool’ kids party and have a good time(even if to excess on some occasions).
But what about the un-athletic and uncool kids? On the one hand, they don’t want to admit they resent the tougher jocks. And they don’t want to admit to feeling snubbed by the ‘cool’ kids. (In refusing to acknowledge their envy, they never admit they feel most ‘oppressed’ by peers who are athletically, sexually, or socially more successful. Envy, after all, is for ‘little people’, the losers filled with resentment. Who wants to admit to being 'sore losers’? So naturally, the loser kids use PC to blame Society, History, White Privilege, Male Chauvinism, ‘Racism’, and other Grand Themes as means to rationalize their feelings of inadequacy and to gain self-justification as a warrior against Great Evils. It’s like Diane Selwyn in MULHOLLAND DR. cannot admit to her failure that was really due to lack of talent. She imagines a grand conspiracy to rationalize her failure and to imagine an alternative where she matters far more(indeed where she isn't only primed for success but is noble of heart and generosity. Her imagined compassion is an addendum to her imagined success. Those who care may be imbued with false humility resting on a sense of power over those who need the caring. It's better to have the advantage and care for the disadvantaged than be disadvantaged and be cared for. Compassion is a tender lording over others. Of course, Selwyn in the fantasy cares for someone who in real life had the advantage over her and didn't care for her. The fantasy energizes Selwyn and incapacitates the one she loves but envies & hates but of whom she feels guilt for having bumped her off. In real life, the nutjob Jackie Coakley of UVA spun a hopeless crush on a guy into a grand narrative of rape and redemption. All that trouble just to gain some love and sympathy. She couldn’t handle the simple fact of he-doesn’t-like-me, so she constructed an elaborate fantasy to make her life far more interesting and sensation than it ever could be.) But, even among the social outcasts, those with genuine artistic talent could find creative outlets for their energies through music, dance, writing, or etc. Thus, they have the means to process their hormones into meaningful expressions.

But what about those without creative talent?
The ones with high intelligence might focus on computers or academics and look forward to success in business, government, or law.
But what about kids who aren’t too bright either? They might go to the gym and work out, but most are too lazy to bother, especially as they would feel out-of-place among the regulars who are more fit and sociable. So, what is to be done?

Well, there is Political Correctness as a kind of sublimated Physical Education. It serves as an alternative sporting activity by pooling together various ‘losers’ in collective activities fired with passion and aggression. And the great thing about PC is you needn’t be too bright since it comes ready-made with easy-to-follow instructions and formulas such as ‘equality’, ‘diversity’, ‘racism sucks’, and etc. PC makes kids feel smart as ‘radical intellectuals’. It also offers some of that ‘old-time religion’, enrapturing them with visions of truth marching on and heavens opening up with transsexual MLK in a bunny suit radiating rainbow colors. And for those on the sidelines at PC-events can serve as cheerleaders of the ‘losers’ who finally get a chance to play big man on the campus, the white knight fighting to slay the Evil Dragon of ‘white cis-gender male privilege’. (With all this trans-gender-mania, Big Cis, at least with a wig, is now as good as Big Sis. It's no wonder old-guard feminists can’t stand the transvestite movement.)
So, now we can see real value in Political Correctness. Not for what it claims to be — which is mostly stupid — but for serving as a multi-purpose outlet for the pent-up energies of young people who are denied recourse to conventional activities that, unfortunately and ‘unfairly’, favor the athletic types, ‘cool’ kids, creative kids, and brainy types.
Of course, there are athletic, ‘cool’, brainy, and creative people in PC. But if you’re a star athlete, you’re too busying practicing, playing, and having sex with coeds to run around crying ‘racism’. If you’re ‘cool’, you’re too busy picking up chicks or guys and attending parties to care about political issues. Why would anyone skip a party filled with music, drinks, and dancing to bitch about ‘trans-gender’ rights? And if you’re really brainy like Bill Gates, you’d rather work on computer codes with future business potential than emote hysterically about ‘rape culture’. And if you’re truly creative, you’d rather write songs or study film-making than whine about ‘cultural appropriation’.
Of course, the creative sector is likely to have more PC types than sports, science & math, and party culture are. The reason is simple enough: What passes for ‘art’ nowadays tends to be ideological or idiotic, thus the property of just about anyone with artistic conceits. So, any ‘loser’ can attend Art School and feign creativity without an ounce of talent. It’s hard to fake athleticism, intelligence, and coolness. But it is easy to fake creativity in a culture informed by Andy Warhol(who ironically wasn’t political).

So, maybe we should be more appreciative of Political Correctness. While its intellectual pretensions are laughable, moral posturing preposterous, and quasi-messianic cultism ludicrous, it does serve as an outlet for youthful energies that might otherwise remained bottled up and grow dark and disturbed. (PC might also be seen as Moral Pornography.)
Maybe, we should value PC as PE for the losers. It provides a means to ‘play’ at something resembling sporting activity by forming teams, feeling the Bern, and acting rowdy. Without PC, many of these losers would have no reason to venture outdoors at all. PC makes them feel virile, cool, smart, and expressive. They feel the power of unity and team rage of us-versus-them. They feel cool because they are finally attracting attention that usually go to conventional venues dominated by the other kids. They feel smart by mouthing slogans cooked up by arm-chair radical academics. And they feel expressive and creative by coming up with semi-clever wordings on placards and posters. They might feel extra-creative by coming up with ‘hate hoaxes’.

So, the kids who felt least cool, least tough, least talented, and least expressive suddenly feel like they are hot stuff. Second-rate black college kids who don’t play on sport teams and struggle in real courses can finally feel like they gots the power to change the world, sheeeeeiiiit! And even though PC puts down ‘white privilege’, it makes white PC losers feel empowered and important too. It gives ‘loser’ white kids a chance to rant about the winner white kids who get most of the goodies in the areas that really matter: sciences, entertainment, business, sports, popular appeal. Furthermore, the cult of ‘white privilege’ means that even ‘loser’ white kids can feel as the most powerful people in the universe. If indeed the world is dominated by ‘white privilege’, it means all white people — even ‘loser’ white kids — are mighty stuff. So, white PC losers can feel themselves to noble, generous, and compassionate in working sincerely to relinquish this great power and privilege that they SUPPOSEDLY monopolize. Imagine a white hobo who swallows the myth of ‘white privilege’. Why, that would mean that he is as privileged as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Tim Cook, and Bill Clinton. So, even as ‘white privilege’ denounces his kind, it is also a quasi-aristocratic Title bestowing them with aura of great status. Feeling thus, the white hobo can believe himself ‘magnanimous’ by admitting ‘guilt’ and working to relinquish this imagined privilege that he doesn't have. (The cult of white privilege is useful to truly privileged whites and especially Jews since the collective blaming of ALL WHITES cushions the truly privileged ones from concentrated attack. If our politics were focused ONLY on those with real privilege, the rich and powerful would come under intense focus and pressure. But because the cult of white privilege targets ALL WHITES, the media, academia, and SJW types are too busy ragging about fratboys and hillbillies in trailers to focus on the Soroses and the Gates of the world, who are furthered cushioned from attack by funding 'progressive' causes that have come to rely on them for money.)

Anyway, it is perhaps time to see PC for what it is and organize it like PE or physical education. And instead of confining it mainly to colleges, it should be offered to high schools and even to lower grades.
Since kids tend to stumble and make a mess of things in their unsupervised forays into PC — just like the early Rock concert scene often got out of hand without proper security, guidance, and management — , institutions should aim to classify and divide PC into distinct activities and courses, indeed not unlike the division of athletics into football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and etc. PC needs to be formulated into various specialties suitable for different kinds of losers.
Here are some of the proposals:

1. Feminist Hysterics. For this exercise, each girl will be given a mattress to carry around and chant ‘rape culture’ for two hours three times a week after class. Think of the calories burned in such cardiovascular workout. Bolder participants will receive extra credit for making videos of imagined rapes as a strike against patriarchy... or fratriarchy.

2. BLM Rage. This activity will require students, preferably black, to holler ‘racism’ as they ransack a replica of a convenience store constructed on school grounds. The make-believe store will be shelved with real merchandise for looting as reparation.

3. Vagina vs Transgina Face-Off. Sometimes, PC leads to circular firing squads, and this particular exercise squares off feminist girls against trans-gender males. In case of insufficient enrollment of trans-gender males, straight males can fill their place. If not enough boys volunteer for the part, then girls can pretend to be trans-gender boys. Who can tell which is which is these days, anyway? This game will have the two sides playing dodge-ball with the crotch area as the preferred target. By neutralizing trans-gender males by knocking them in the balls, the feminists will try to prove that trans-gender ‘females’ are indeed male. By taking out the girls, the trans-gender boys can prove they are just as good as the girls.

4. Charge the Trump. This game will require someone to play the role of Trump at the podium. And some will play the role of Trump’s security. Once the whistle blows, the SJWs in sombreros will be allowed to charge at ‘Trump’ to sack him like a quarterback in football.

5. Hate Hoaxing. This exercise requires agility and cunning, as well as expertise in stealth. Hate Hoax coaches will train the prospective students to vandalize property in ways that suggest ‘white supremacists’ had been at work.
Once the hoax had been pulled, all the other students in the PC exercise will come together in a flash mob dance number against the KKK.

Those are just few of the proposals for PC-as-PE class. If you have proposals, we would like to hear them. At any rate, isn’t it a wonderful thing that all the loser kids who don’t matter in athletics, intellect, creativity, and popularity finally have something to get excited over, act up, release some of their pent-up youthful energies, and lose some calories in the bargain?

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