Friday, April 15, 2016

We Are Living in a Schizo-Sexual World.

Not much seems to make sense these days. With Jews having replaced normal morality and sane values with the worship of the homo agenda, aka LGBTology(pronounced legbitology), it’s as if conventional sexual boundaries(between male and female) are moot. We are told ‘gender is fluid’, as if we can change our sexuality like chameleon its colors.
Of course, power relations can be said to be fluid, but it doesn’t follow that sexuality is as well. It may seem so because humanity has associated masculinity with aggression/dominance and femininity with passivity/submission. So, a relatively powerless man might be perceived as being in a feminine position, whereas a relatively powerful woman could be seen in a masculine position. But there’s more to sexuality than power relations. After all, even male serfs of old still regarded themselves as men, and even powerful queens and privileged princesses regarded themselves as women. Knights served and submitted to the authority of kings, but they were still men, not women. If serving higher power is feminine, then knights and concubines would be in the same category. But even in Ancient Sparta where homosexualized rites-of-passage were mandatory, young men were seen as men, not as women. So, even though men’s power relations vary from place to place, from position to position, men remain men — and women remain women. After all, even rich and powerful women, as long as they aren’t lesbian, are still attracted to men with manly attributes. And even lowly and poor men, despite their lack of power and privilege, still want womanly women as sexual partners.

‘Gender fluidity’ really applies to a very small portion of the population. Most obviously with hermaphrodites who are a rare breed indeed. Fluidity may also apply, psychologically or biochemically, with the so-called ‘trans-gender’ individuals, men who wish they were women and women who wish they were men. Some studies show that some men are physically male but biochemically closer to women, and vice versa.
However, even most homosexuals are not ‘gender fluid’. Most homosexual men are always homosexual and want other men. Most homosexual women, or lesbians, are always homosexual and want other women. Their desires and rules of attraction are fixed. One might make a case of ‘fluidity’ for bisexuals, but despite desires that can go both ways, most bisexuals see themselves as either men or women. They themselves don’t shift from male to female to male to female, back and forth. A male bisexual will see himself as a male who is attracted to both men and women. A female bisexual will see herself as a female who is attracted to both men and women.

Virtually all people have fixed, not fluid, sexuality. But, due to the power of Jewish-Homo or Jomo-controlled media and academia, many young people have been suckered into believing that their own ‘genders’ are fluid. So, if a young guy finds Tom Cruise attractive — lots of normal straight men find him to be good-looking — , he might consider himself as having ‘gay’ feelings. If young women find Taylor Swift to be sexy, they might believe themselves to have ‘lesbian’ feelings. If a young straight guy gets weepy at some movie, he might think himself to getting in touch with his ‘feminine’ emotions. It’s amusing how ‘progressives’ once used to stress that it is ‘sexist’ to label certain emotions as masculine or feminine, but now, they say if men feel such-and-such feelings, they are in touch with the inner ‘woman’ within them.
Millennials, the most disgraceful generation of all time.
This notion of ‘gender fluidity’ as the New Normal parallels the Jewish takeover of Western mind-set. Surely, anyone with integrity and honest pair of eyes have noticed that Jews have rigged the game so that we all must feel what the Jews feel. Whatever Jews want determines what we should want. Whatever Jews hate determines what we should hate. If Jews hate us, it’s only proper for us to hate ourselves. If Jews love themselves, we must love them too.
Rudolf Hess once said, "Hitler is Germany, Germany is Hitler." In our world, Jews have convinced us, "Jews are the West, the West is the Jews." So, if Jews see Russia as the ‘adversary’, WE are also obligated to it as OUR adversary even though Putin and Russia mean no harm to white Americans or any white person around the world.

It is the Jews who are promoting anti-white hatred among blacks, Muslims, and immigrants. It is Jews who want to bring in massive amounts of Muslims into Europe. Jews want to direct Muslim anger at the West than at Israel. And Jews want Europeans to hate Muslims(who are certain to cause lots of trouble in the West), thereby identifying with Israel that is at odds with the Muslim world: Use Muslims against Europeans, use Europeans against Muslims. Jews are so devious. Since it is virtually taboo to discuss the nature of Jewish power, no one in the West dares to say that it is the JEWS who have engineered the destruction of the Middle East & North Africa and then have encouraged massive invasion of the West by Muslim ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’. Jews pretty much get away with everything since they control media, academia, politicians, intelligence networks, and the banks. And as they got the dirt on everyone, they can blackmail everyone around the world.

Anyway, there is a parallel between Jewish power and LGBT power(that has been funded and promoted by Jewish power from day one). Just as Jews want gentiles to see the world through the lens of Jewish identity, interests, priorities, and biases, the homo/tranny community wants the straight world to see the world through their own biases and delusions. So, even though the number of people who can be said to be ‘gender fluid’ are minuscule, all of us are supposed to feel that way as well. If trannies see themselves that way, it is our obligation to flatter them by pretending that their delusions are not aberrations but the norm even for us. So, to make abnormal people feel normal, we must pretend that abnormality is the New Normal.

So, what Bruce Jenner did to become ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner is not abnormal, weird, or freakish. It is normal because it is ‘gender fluid’, and of course, there is NOTHING ABNORMAL about it since we are all supposed to be ‘gender fluid’, as indeed kids are taught that they are from elementary school in our Jewish-controlled world. This distortion of normality is the predictable outgrowth of the gentile world’s caving to Jewish power. Once Jews had the power to redefine Western Values — apparently, they are about honoring, praising, worshiping, serving, and flattering the Jews 24/7 — , it was only a matter of time before the main ally of the Jews, the LGBT community, made similar demands.
So, if the main priority of the American gentiles(who constitute 98% of the American people) is to serve Israel, praise Jews, worship the Holocaust, and denounce all critics of Jewish power, then why shouldn’t the main objective of straight people(who make up from 97% or 98% of Americans) be to flatter homos, worship trannies, serve lesbians, and sing endless hosannas to the ‘gay rainbow’?
So, if 2% of Americans who are Jewish say Jewish Interests are what True Americanism is about, then it follows that even non-Jewish Americans must prioritize Jewish interests above all else: "America is Jews, Jews are America." Likewise, if 2% or 3% of Americans who are LGBT — pronounced ‘legbit’? — say that their preferred ‘norm’ — the New Normal — should be the norm for the rest of us, then I suppose it’s only right to declare that all of us are ‘gender fluid’ despite the fact that most men are always men & feel as men and most women are always women & feel as women. Imagine a community where most people are of normal height but there is one midget who gains great power. Let’s say this midget has a vast collection of shoes with different-sized heels, and his ‘height’ changes according to which pair of shoes he wears. Therefore, he declares that his height is ‘fluid’. But it’s not enough that only his ‘height’ is ‘fluid’ since it would make him sound odd, different, and ridiculous. So, he demands that everyone declare their height to be fluid as well. Suppose out of slavish deference to this insecure but arrogant midget or dwarf, the normal people comply and declare that their heights are fluid too even though their heights are fixed and even though they don’t change shoes to adjust for height.
Will the next ideological fad be "height is fluid'?
So, all this idea about ‘gender is fluid’ is so much nonsense. But it gets even crazier because our society, as dominated by Jewish ‘progressives’, is also committed to hyper-accentuating, even exaggerating, the differences between men and women. So, on the one hand, Jewish ‘progressives’ funded by Jewish oligarchs push the crazy notion that traditional/conventional ‘gender’ distinctions and differences no long apply. In other words, it’s wrong to see humanity in terms of Men or Women. Instead, we should see everyone as ‘gender-fluid’: Some people may be more male than female or vice versa, but all our ‘genders’ are supposedly ‘fluid’. There is a ‘woman’ in every man, and if he so chooses, he should have his natural penis replaced by an artificial ‘vagina’ and be recognized legally as a woman. Even though most men will not opt for such transformation, they should all respect it, honor it, praise it, and defend it — and consider it as a future possibility. We should promote people like Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner for their ‘courage’ and ‘beauty’, indeed worthy of being recognized with the Woman of the Year Award.
50 Cents. Not much gender fluidity here.
But the very same Jewish ‘progressives’ promote interracialism and rap culture that emphasizes sexual differences between men and women to almost cartoonish proportions. Interracialism depicts black men as ultra-masculine, beastly, and dominant. It depicts women as tits-and-ass whores or ho’s who dance and act wild to have big penises stuck up their ‘cunts’ 24/7. Though ‘gender fluidity’ is promoted among all racial groups, it is pushed more on whites than on blacks(who are allowed, even encouraged, to indulge in hyper-thug-masculinity and hyper-bootilicious-whore-dom). It is as if Jewish ‘progressives’ especially target white men for wussification and ‘pussification’.
Jewish ‘progressives’ understand that the decline and eventual demise of racial power is associated with loss of male identity and pride. Jewish ‘progressives’ figure that both the homo agenda and interracialism(which usually means black males taking white females in the national fantasy) will deal a one-two knockout punch to white male pride. The homo agenda will encourage white males to identify as ‘female’ and act every more girlish and pansy, thus losing the respect of white women and losing their manly territorial, sexual, and survival instincts.
And interracialism will favor black men as the Real Men, therefore encouraging white women to scoff at castrated pansy-ass ‘white boys’ and sexually surrender to bigger, stronger, and more masculine black men. So, Jews play a dirty and devious game. Jews use both ‘gender fluidity’ and ‘black ultra-masculinity’ to destroy white male pride, respect, and honor. White males are encouraged to act, talk, and dress more like girls while ultra-tough black males are encouraged to flex their muscles, pull out their dongs, and hump white girls who’ve lost interest in white guys as cucked out dorks and pansies.

This is why we are living in schizo-sexual world. On the one hand, we are told ‘gender is fluid’ and the old dichotomies of ‘male’ and ‘female’ no longer apply. Straight white boys and girls are even encouraged to believe that they have some ‘gay’ essence. Girls are encouraged to be more like boys, boys(mostly white boys) are encouraged to get in touch with their female soul. This kind of mindset isn’t prevalent only in Sweden, Great Britain, and Canada but also in Japan and some Asian nations. And we see it spreading all over America. In big cities, even young boys and girls are taught that homosexual behavior is the ‘new normal’. Women are taught that a homo man’s anus is as legit a sex organ as a woman’s vagina, the pathway to the womb that produces life.
Indeed, some female colleges have banned the production of VAGINA MONOLOGUE by Eve Ensler on grounds that it’s an affront to ‘trans-gender women’ with fake vaginas or penises(yet to be removed). Just because a tiny percentage of people have confused gender identities, Jewish-run Political Correctness or PC has decided that it must apply to all of us. It complements the Judeo-centric notion that just because Jews care so much about Israel, we must all care so much about Israel. And, because Jews care so much about the Holocaust, we must all care so much about the Holocaust. Indeed, gentiles all around the world are urged to commemorate the Holocaust OVER their own national tragedies that are seen as secondary and relatively insignificant, especially if they involve Jewish villains and mass killers. There is hardly any chance that Hollywood will make a film about the Ukraine Famine and Palestinian Nakba, two great historical tragedies carried out with crucial Jewish involvement. And of course, there are hardly any US politician who dares to mutter anything discomfiting to Jews. So, what Jews feel, we must feel and worship. What homos and trannies — the main allies of Jews — feel, we must feel and worship. If some tranny is gender-confused, we too must feel gender-confused and agree wholeheartedly that ‘gender is fluid’ even though it is fixed for most people.

Yet, Popular Culture isn’t merely dominated by homos but also by Jewish porn-meisters, black rappers, sports stars, and neo-slut culture or sluture. Pornography tends to exaggerate womanly and manly features, with big-breasted and big-butted women representing femaleness and big-penised men representing maleness. Sports is a ruthless competition of ultra-muscled winner takes all. Gender is certainly not ‘fluid’ in football, basketball, wrestling, and most sports. While men may ‘transition’ into women and excel in women’s sports, women cannot do the same in men’s sports. Imagine a woman deciding to become a man and competing in male boxing. She or ‘he’ won’t have a chance. Sports is about male domination. Men totally dominate male sports, and women have no chance of making any inroad in male sports no matter how many times we repeat the mantra ‘gender is fluid, gender is fluid’.
And while tranny men may dominate in female sports, it’s not the ‘female’ part of him that allows him to defeat women. It is the male part of him. So, sports culture accentuates the differences in sex/gender. And much of popular music is now about thuggery, pimpery, and whore culture. It’s about ultra-masculine thugs and ultra-sexual ‘bitches’. And blacks tend to dominate this culture, just as they dominate sports.

So, the racial dynamics of sexuality tends to intensify sexual differences between men and women even as the homo agenda seeks to persuade us that ‘gender is fluid’ and that it’s misleading to see sexuality in distinct terms of male and female. Indeed, racial-sexual dynamics is even sexualizing the races. Since black males dominate sports and sexual-music culture, black race is seen as the masculine race. Since Asian females have womanly qualities whereas Asian males fall short in manly qualities vis-a-vis other the men of other races, the Asian race is seen as the feminine race. Even Asian males are seen as effete, passive, and feminine... or ‘gayish’. Is it any surprise that the most prominent face of Asian-American male-ness is George Takei the homo who is married to a white fruiter who sticks his penis into the yellow dork’s ass?
George Takei or Too Gay, the Icon of Asian malehood or (fe)malehood?
Gringo and Chica
Mexicans are sort of seen as lower-IQ Asians since the indigenous population of the Americas are Asiatic in origin and tend to be shorter and passive in personality. US-Mexican relations can be seen in Jeb Bush towering over his tiny little wife. It looks like a US soldier and a Japanese war bride after World War II. The white race is somewhere between the masculine Negroes and feminine Asians/Mestizos. In some ways, the white race is bound to the most confused since it is both the most powerful/privileged and most vilified/excoriated in the modern world.
White race is also associated with the most ‘progressive’ and the most ‘reactionary’ elements in the political discourse. Most ‘radical’ organizations are led by white Liberals and ‘leftists’. And when people hear the term ‘far right’, they associate it with white nationalism or white ‘racists’. Furthermore, while most races tend to be either Democratic or Republican — most blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are Democratic — , whites are problematically divided between Democratic and Republican. (Republican Party is seen as the ‘white party’, but the great majority of the most talented, richest, and most influential whites are Democrats.) And things are further complicated by the fact that Jews and white Hispanics sometimes count as ‘white’, sometimes as ‘non-white’. The homo agenda is the product of the white community. But it was also white power that brought all the races together in the New World and has very confused feelings about blacks.

Anyway, something has to break eventually. A schizosexual society that simultaneously tells us that ‘gender is fluid’ AND celebrates the hyper-masculinity of studs(especially Negroes) and hyper-sluttiness of whores has gone off its rails. Millennials who grow up under this barrage of mixed signals are bound to develop all kinds of neuroses and complexes. Such can only be cured by truth and honesty, something that the truthophobic and honestophobic Jews simply can’t stand. But all paths to real sense and real justice must begin with sincerity and integrity.
What gender is he, she, or it?