Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why Are White People So Partial to Zionism and Homomania? Identology Is as Innately Hardwired as Religious/Spiritual Consciousness.

Some people like to believe that we, at least in the West, are living in a post-religious age. This seems especially true in Europe where Church affiliation and Church attendance have fallen dramatically. Indeed, Churches seem to be dying in city after city, town after town. They are turning into tourist spots than places of worship. (In the US, Y.M.C.A. hardly have any religious function whatsoever.) But even if organized religions are on the wane, various forms of spirituality are flourishing all across the Western World.
After all, something doesn’t have to be religious in order to be revered, sanctified, adulated, and worshiped. To be sure, non-religious objects of worship may not have lasting value, but then, they can endlessly be replaced by new idols of adoration. Mindless consumers may be crazy about one rock star today and then lose interest tomorrow, but then, there will be another rock star and then another for them to worship. Fans of Oprah revere her and look upon her as a source of inspiration. MLK has become an object of cult worship even though we know he was a man, not a god. Many young people idolize rappers and certain celebrities. Neo-mondo-trasho-pagan-worship is very much a part of modern life.

Among Conservatives, there’s a quasi-worship of the Jewish Race as the special breed. Among Liberals, homosexuals are gazed upon with a crazy blend of compassion, awe, respect, admiration, guilt, and etc. There’s the ‘gay gospel’ of Matthew Shepherd(who, as it turns out, was killed over drug deal gone bad than for his homosexuality). There is admiration of homos as particularly creative, ingenious, and stylish. As advocates of ‘minority rights’, homos win admiration as ‘leftist’ champions of the underdog, but as stylish elites who rub shoulders with the powerful and privileged, homos are also gazed upon as the new royalty. (After all, Princess Diana was friends with Elton John!)
For a glimpse of how homosexuality has become sacralized and idolized, consider the Sam Smith music video of "Lay Me Down". It shows two homos being blessed in ‘gaytrimony’ in a Christian Church to the resounding and rapturous ecstasy of mondo-trasho-pagan-worshipers of infantile consumerism.

So, even without religion, the need to worship and want of rapture will be part of the human psyche. Why else were so many people so sanctimonious in their devotion to Marxism, Stalinism, Maoism, and Che-Guevara-ism? Even in atheist communist nations, it came all-too-naturally for most people to worship and revere something as holy.

Of course, non-religious objects of worship tend not to have long life-spans. Who worships Lenin now? Or Stalin? Chinese still revere Mao, but the kind of blind Maomania that shook China in the 1950s and 1960s is gone for good.
During the heyday of Beatlemania, one could almost believe teenybopper fans of the Beatles would be devoted to the Fab Four forever(or four-ever), but they eventually grew up. They may still feel nostalgia for the Beatles and enjoy the music, but the magic has long passed. (Same with the cult of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia.)
In the end, God will outlast all temporal objects of worship. If God outlasted all the great pagan gods(that were worshiped over centuries or even across millennia, as in Ancient Egypt), then He will also outlast all the idols of pop culture.
Nevertheless, there is one way in which pop culture has an advantage over God. Pop culture is endlessly rebooted, refreshed, and replenished. It’s been this capacity for refreshment that made capitalism triumph over communism. Paradoxically, capitalist culture was more resilient than communist culture precisely because it was so disposable.
From 1917 to the fall of communism in the early 1990s, the USSR reiterated and memorialized the same sacred symbols and icons over and over. Initially, they seemed fresh, energetic, and inspirational to the Soviet people, but they eventually grew stale and tiresome. Even so, they had a reasonably long shelf-life. Generations of Soviets were raised to worship Marx and Lenin, sing the Internationale and Soviet anthem, to march in parades and join rallies.
In contrast, capitalist culture was always changing and tossing things out. What was hot in the 1920s was forgotten by the 1930s, and what was hip in the 1930s was gone by the 1940s, and the 1950s and 1960s had their own styles and fashions, and etc. So, everything about capitalism seemed disposable, here today, gone tomorrow. It was communist passion vs capitalist fashion. And this was worrying to some capitalists. Soviets seemed united through time and across space with the same set of sacred icons, symbols, and sacred texts, whereas capitalists seemed to lack core objects of worship.
And in a conflict like the Vietnam War and Cuban Revolution, the capitalists were worried that consumer materialists had no chance against spiritual warriors of communism. It’s like what Michael Corleone says in THE GODFATHER PART 2 after observing a Castro-ite kill himself for the Revolution. He says soldiers are paid to fight for the regime, but revolutionaries believe in something higher than themselves. They have a sacred sense of cause and are willing to sacrifice themselves for it. Soon enough, we see the Revolution engulfing Havana itself as Michael scrambles to flee along with all the other Americans.
THE GODFATHER PART 2. Consumer-capitalism as state ideology in Cuba. As in I AM CUBA, helpless against the force of 'spiritualist' Marxist Revolution.
When sacred communist spirit meets profane capitalism depravity, the former could very possibly win. If communists failed in Indonesia, it was because the right-wing generals were Muslims who had their own powerful sense of the sacred. But the consumerist-capitalist dictatorship of South Vietnam had no chance against the dedicated spirit-warriors of communism attacking from the North.

But in the long run, capitalism had one big advantage over communism. Other than the fact that it was economically far more productive in the long run, capitalism had the advantage of rejuvenation due to its short worship-span. While Marx and Lenin did serve as great inspiration for generations of people in communist nations, people generally get tired of the same thing. It’s like we don’t want to see the same movie over and over. We don’t want to eat the same food over and over. Communism offered something powerful to revere and worship, but the same set of images and music just got tiresome after awhile. It seemed emptier and emptier.
In contrast, even though capitalist culture produced a lot of junky, disposable, and here-today-gone-tomorrow sounds and images, there was always something new to admire, revere, get excited over, become rapturous about, and worship. Maybe this kind of ‘worship’ would only last a week or a month or just a few years. But once one’s devotion to it passed, there were new things to get all excited over.
If capitalism produced the Monkees or Sam Smith and expected consumers to revere or worship them forever, it would be mocked and rejected by all. But if capitalism keeps producing new variations of the Monkees, madonna, Sam Smith, Peter Frampton, Taylor Swift, Tupac, Oprah, Dr. Phil, and etc., one never gets bored or tired as there’s always something new to admire, revere, worship, and go crazy over.
Believer yesterday, Belieber today, and Believer again tomorrow.
Objects of communist worship had greater worship-span than anything in capitalist culture, but if communists had to worship the same sacred icons generation after generation, capitalists could worship a hundred or a thousand things throughout their lifetimes. Each of these mini-idols may not amount to much on its own, but the capitalist-consumer is never bored as he or she is constantly replenished in his or her opportunities for worshipful devotion to something, whether it be HARRY POTTER, TWILIGHT, HUNGER GAME, or FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.

Capitalist culture may be disposable but as long as the pop culture industry constantly replenishes the altar with new objects of worship as the old ones are being dispensed with and forgotten, the cult of worship is kept alive and vibrant.

And it is in this that even Old Time Religion is facing stiff competition with capitalist-consumerist cult of techno-pagan worship. The world religions are great, but they are about worship of the same God and the preservation of the sacred tradition across centuries or even millennia. As such, they are not very exciting. One must find inner-calm and graceful state of mind to feel as one with Yahweh or Allah. Old time religions are infinitely more profound than any product of popular culture, but they offer the same set of sacred images, sounds, and texts across the generations, which is problematic to modern youths weaned on sensory-overload via all manner of electronic gadgets from infant-hood.
As shallow, trashy, vapid, and/or slight as items of pop culture worship may be, there’s always something new(even if only recycled to seem ‘new’) to take the place of old stuff that has become ‘lame’ and ‘boring’. As the narcissistic and nihilistic cult of fashion(flowing from Hollywood and American music industry) dominates global culture, young people are addicted to idols and icons of instant-gratification, instant-salvation, instant-redemption, instant-rapture, and instant-karma. Things are now actually far worse than in the 1960s with the Summer of Love, Woodstock, and all that. At the very least, there was a sincere effort among the boomers, however naive and ludicrous, to connect with the holy, the natural, and the transcendental. The Beatles dabbled with Eastern Mysticism, and Woodstock was about reconnecting with Eden. At the very least, the counterculture generation of experimentalists tried, got burned, and failed. But they really did try to ‘find themselves’. Today, so-called ‘millennial generation’ doesn’t even try. They are satisfied with jolts of micro-orgasmic rapture to be found through their endless apps on gadgets that keep them connected with the ‘cloud’ of sacro-social networking.
As with any ‘spiritual’ experience, the new culture not only comes with countless mini-nirvanas but countless mini-witch-hunts for heretics who are said to be guilty of this or that supposed ‘micro-aggression’. Some progs(so-called ‘progressives’) even devote their time to purging videogames of bad influence, as if the world of video-games is a contest between heaven and hell.

Anyway, if spirituality is hardwired in our psyche that seeks something sacred or holy to worship and something wicked or profane to denounce and purge, it’s also true that our minds are hardwired to be root-ist and identitarian. Because we have complex/extensive memories, we can’t help developing a sense of how we came to be what we are. Of course, many people try to suppress much of their memories(in the eyes of others and/or unto themselves) because their humble and/or uncool backgrounds may be regarded as uneventful or embarrassing, but then, this makes them more eager to adopt a ‘collective memory’ that lends them special meaning. This was one of the appeals of nationalism. Suppose you came from a dull small town where nothing ever happened. But upon entering public school and then joining in the military, your could take on the collective memory of being part of a great culture, people, and nation. Thus, a nobody from a small English town could feel as belonging to the great heritage of the British Empire.
But the collective memory need not be anything as illustrious the Roman or British heritage. It could be a subculture or a radical social movement. Anything that makes one believe he or she is part of a special order, community, and a tradition. Thus, anyone from any part of the world could become a ‘cinephile’, read up on film history, watch a bunch of movies, and feel as part of a tradition/community of film appreciation.

Because humans are social beings, they naturally want to feel as belonging to a group. Even so-called cosmopolitans who pride themselves on being ‘citizens of the world’ have their preferred communities and networks. Surely, no one, not even the most committed cosmopolitan, has visited every nation, every community, studied every culture, met with people of every creed or tradition, and etc. Some cosmopolitans tend to be Francophiles, others tend to be Anglophiles. Some are Japanophiles while others are mainly interested in settling and dealing with Latin American issues or Jewish/Zionist issues. And given that English is the world language and US/EU(dominated by Jews and homos) are the cultural, political, and economic shakers of the world, being cosmopolitan today essentially means being an agent, consciously or unconsciously, of Jewish-homo power and influence that dominates the Anglophone world.
After all, why are many more American cosmopolitans concerned with homo agenda issues than with Palestinian issues? Why are Western cosmopolitans far more slavish to Jewish interests than to Russian, Polish, Chinese, or Wasp interests? And how come Poland and Hungary are being reshaped and remade by Jewish/Zionist interests than vice versa? Cosmopolitanism doesn’t mean that all the peoples of the world are equal as ‘global citizens’. It mean that some ‘global citizens’ who wield the most power(namely Jews and homos)get to define the rules of ‘cosmopolitanism’ for all the other would-be ‘cosmopolitans’ eager to be allowed into the elite globalist club. If Poland and Hungary want to join fully, they must erect countless Holocaust memorials and bend over to ‘gay marriage’.

‘Cosmopolitanism’, like ‘anti-racism’, is not consistent and uniform in its conceptualization, application, and execution. The West prides itself on ‘anti-racism’, but the rules change and vary depending on who does the accusing and who gets accused. So, Jews can be ‘racist’ against white gentiles — constantly carping about ‘white privilege’ though whites cannot carp about ‘Jewish privilege’ — and Muslims, but everyone has to be sensitive about Jews. White gentiles must confess their great sins against Jews and blacks, but they need not be as contrite about what they did to American Indians, Arabs/Muslims, or Asians — almost no one knows about the 200,000 Filipinos who died as the result of US takeover of the island nation from the Spanish Empire.
If most Americans said they would not vote for a Jew for president, it would be a huge controversy, but if they said they would not vote for an Arab/Muslim, Asian, Mexican-American, or Mormon for president, it’d hardly be news. White ‘racism’ is deemed evil against blacks but permissible and even encouraged against Arabs/Muslims and Russians(who are often depicted as subhuman by the Jewish-controlled media). One better not rail against Zionists and Jews in America, but one can go on and on about how wicked and vile Palestinians are. Indeed, for a nation that prides itself on ‘anti-racism’ and championing the underdog, the vast majority of Americans sympathize more with Zionist oppressors than with oppressed Palestinians.
Like the game of ‘anti-racism’, the rules of ‘cosmopolitanism’ rely on who has the power and privilege. Today, Jews and homos essentially control the essence of what ‘cosmopolitanism’ is about, and everyone else follows slavishly to be allowed into the elite globalist club, the keys of which are in held in US and EU.

Anyway, if identitarianism and root-ism(one’s sense of roots and origins) are innate, natural, and hardwired into us, it’s only natural that white people, like anyone else, want to feel a strong sense of who they are and what they are. The problem is white people in the West are forbidden from developing any viable and visible sense of whiteness, white pride, white consciousness, white heritage, and white identity. Though non-whites are given greater leeway — even encouraged in some cases — to develop a sense of who and what they are and whence they came, white people are discouraged from looking into their own roots. On occasion when whites are allowed some measure of historical memory, it usually has to do with ‘white guilt’ over slavery, Crusades, wars, conquests, ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, the Holocaust, and etc. It’s more about roots of evil and than roots of pride and self-respect.

And when it comes to the issues of the present, whites are encouraged to identify with non-whites, marry non-whites, have children with non-whites, welcome more non-whites, and work against white interests. Sometimes, this gets somewhat strange since the urban Liberal landscape has turned very white(and Jewish and somewhat yellow) in recent years, but then, even white Liberals in their ‘whitopias’ are encouraged to spend an inordinate amount of time genuflecting on their undeserved ‘white privilege’ and atoning for their ‘subconscious racism’ by hating on white Southerners who, in the white Liberal fantasies, are going around lynching helpless blacks when, in fact, most of the horrific interracial violence in the Deep South have been black-on-white for a very long time, not least because blacks are naturally bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than whites.

Since whites aren’t permitted to get much satisfaction from white identity and white roots, how can they fulfill their innate desire for tribalism and community? Their repressed nature must be projected onto other identities, and the two most appealing ones at the moment is Zionism and homo-ism.
Zionism is especially appealing to white Conservatives, and ‘gay identity’ is especially appealing to white Liberals. Via Zionism, white Conservatism can feel morally redeemed by being associated with the Holocaust Tribe. As the white gentile Right had long been ‘tainted’ with ‘antisemitism’, it feels righteous for white Conservatives to feel as one with the Jewish Tribe in the iron resolve of ‘Never Again’. Of course, most Jews see white Conservatives as dummies or neanderthals, but white Conservatives, being dumb or just plain craven/cynical, love to fantasize that they themselves and Jews are natural allies and that it’s only a matter of time before the bulk of the Jewish community will join with white Conservatives to rule the world together. White Conservatives are supposedly the ‘indispensable allies and friends’ of the great, noble Jewish people.

There’s plenty of Jew-worship among American Liberals, but Zionism has lost some of its luster in the ‘progressive’ community because of the Neocon and Neo-Confederate alliance in the GOP. Besides, even though white Liberals also subscribe to the holy writ of ‘Never Again’, they feel some degree of unease in pretending that powerful Zionists of Israel face an ‘existential threat’ from utterly powerless & dispossessed Palestinians and from Iran whose ‘nuclear threat’ sounds more and more like a case of ‘Never Cry Wolf’ than ‘Never Again’.
So, the preferred ersatz identitarianism among white Liberalism is ‘gay pride’, not least because homos spearheaded the gentrification juggernaut(or buggernaut) that drove out the criminal and low-income blacks from big cities, thus making them ripe for the settlement of neo-yuppies since the Clintonite 90s.

Though white Conservative support of Jews and white Liberal embrace of the ‘gay’ community may be seen as ‘healthy’ rejections of white race-ism, nationalism, or tribalism, they are paradoxically the products of white identarianism that has been forced into repression and channeled toward serving the identities of other groups. Thus, they are not so much cases of abnegation of white race-ism but transference of white race-ism to other politics of identity. Indeed, if white race-ism were totally exterminated from the white heart, whites would no longer feel a need for any kind of identitarianism, and there would be nothing left to repress or transfer. As such, whites would find no joy in siding with Jews or getting all nutty at a ‘gay pride’ parade. It is because whites, like any other group, are naturally race-ist and identitarian that they need some kind of outlet for their natural rootist drives.
It’s like a communist who worships Marx or a consumerist who worships John Lennon isn’t so much a case of a man purged of spirituality but a case of a man transferring his spiritual nature onto larger-than-life idols as substitute gods.

Anyway, identity transference is a kind of slavery. Imagine being a parent and neglecting your own children while devoting all your attention on the children of another parent. Indeed, suppose you’ve been told that it’s wrong for you to love and take care of your own children and instead must shower all your love on the children of other parents. It’d be like a black mammy who feels her main priority is to provide milk for ‘white chillun’ of her massuh/master while making her own black kids wait for the milk(or just plain starve).
Why should white folks become like a cow whose teats produce milk not for its own calves but for human consumption? As things stand, white folks have been brainwashed to shed tears and produce the ‘milk of human kindness’ for other races. Now, there’s nothing wrong with feeling sympathy for other peoples and even being critical of your own people. But there’s a big difference between empathizing/sympathizing with other people and serving other people at the expense of your own people. Didn’t Lawrence of Arabia discover that, in the end, he wasn’t and could not be an Arab. He had to go home and become British again. It’s time for the white race to come home. It’s time for them to stop transferring their identitarianism to other peoples, especially hideous Jews, vicious Negroes, and nasty homos. White feelings of identitarianism must come home and serve white identity and white interests.