Sunday, February 22, 2015

Was Slavery or ‘Genocide’ the Main Catalyst of the American Civil War?

We all know that the main cause of the American Civil War was Abraham Lincoln’s determination to preserve the Union. The South didn’t want a war when it seceded from the Union. It wanted to be left alone. And its right to secede was guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. But Lincoln believed in the sacredness of the Union and unleashed a devastating war that forced the South back into the Union and greatly expanded the power of federal government.

But what was the catalyst for the secession that led to Lincoln’s declaration of war? Obviously the answer would seem to have been slavery. But was it really? Could it be argued that the issues surrounding the ‘genocide’ of the American Indians really brought on the Civil War? I put quotes around genocide since not everyone is agreed that it was genocide. After all, reservations were set aside for Indians. Furthermore, most American Indians died as a result of European diseases against which they had no immunity. And there’s hardly any proof that white folks spread diseases to specifically target and kill native peoples of America. But, in our politically correct age, many ‘progressives’ will insist that what took place was indeed a form of genocide. And I suppose, based on UN definition of genocide, the destruction of the American Indian way of life could be construed as a form of genocide(though nothing like the Holocaust). To be sure, the UN definition tends to be varied in application. So, what the Zionists did to the Palestinians isn’t construed as genocide, but if another people were to do to Jewish Israelis what Zionists once did to Palestinians, you bet the world community(under the control of Jewish globalist supremacists)would condemn it as ‘genocide’. So, there’s a good deal of ‘who, whom’ when it comes to the issue of genocide. By the way, because what Jews did to Palestinians was so much like what white folks did to the Indians, globo-Zionists of late have de-emphasized the tragic narrative of the Indians(who are deemed to be happy with their casinos managed mostly by Jews). So, the ‘original sin’ of America is now said to be slavery than the conquest and ‘genocide’ of American Indians.

Anyway, for the sake of argument, let’s say what happened to American Indians was ‘genocide’. As white folks moved westward, they had no choice but to wage war on the Indians. They had to forcibly remove Indians from their ancestral lands. Even when Indians signed peace agreements, white folks eventually wanted Indians off most of the land so that white folks could build towns and cities and farm the fields. So, even though there was no plan to wipe out every Indian — though such sentiments did accompany the wars waged on Indian folks — , there was a lot of violence done to Indians who, in turn, fought back as best they could(and committed atrocities as well). Manifest Destiny wasn’t possible without the ‘genocide’ of the native tribesmen of the prairies. To settle and build up the Western wilderness, Indians had to go. If they didn’t go peacefully, they had to be conquered and forced into reservations growing ever smaller, like what happens in the TV series CENTENNIAL(based on James Michener’s novel). And even when Indians wanted to assimilate, they weren’t wanted by white folks and forced to move into areas set aside for ‘red savages’.

Now, would slavery have been such a hot-button issue if western expansion-and-‘genocide’ had come to a standstill in, say, 1850? Slavery became a major issue because Americans wanted to expand westward(especially with the defeat of Mexico and their loss of SW territories to Americans), and this ambition was stronger in the North — with more people, immigrants, technology, and investment capital — than in the South. So, white Northerners were more eager to commit ‘genocide’ against Indians in the West, take the land, and create a bigger nation. Had Americans stopped expanding westward, there would have been equal number of ‘free states’ and ‘slave states’. And the South and North would have been okay with the balance. It was because Americans were committed to expanding westward that the Southern ‘slave states’ insisted that, for every new ‘free state’ created in the West, a new ‘slave state’ be created as well to maintain the electoral balance. And so, the debate got ever more heated up.
Now, one might argue that the Northern States were morally superior to the Southern States since they wanted to create ‘free states’ in the new western territories. But in creating new states in the West, Northern Whites had to carry out ‘genocide’ against the native folks. Indeed, the creation of new ‘free states’ was bound to commit more ‘genocide’ than the creation of new ‘slave states’ because the new ‘free states’ targeted northern areas that were less settled. In contrast, new ‘slave states’ aimed for Southwest Territories that had already been somewhat tamed and settled by Spanish Conquistadores and Mexicans. Many of the Indians in those regions had already been defeated, tamed, quelled, or suppressed by encroachments of civilization from the Latin South and Anglo East. In contrast, much of the northern half of western territories was still inhabited by ‘savage’ Red Indians. These new ‘free states’ would have to be created through extensive ‘genocide’ of the native folks on their ancestral lands.

So, this complicates the moral issue. The favored Narrative would have us believe that decent(or at least more decent) Northern Whites, appalled by the institution of slavery, waged war on the ‘racist’ South to end slavery and preserve the Union. But would the debate about slavery have grown so heated if not for the westward expansion that called for the ‘genocide’ of Indians? We are told that genocide is worse than slavery. Slavery may be unjust and cruel, but at least you’re not destroying a people. In contrast, genocide is about the massive destruction of a people. So, how good and noble were the Northern whites if they were committed to a war and ‘genocide’ against an entire race of indigenous people whose ancestors had lived on the land that whites wanted for themselves? And it wasn’t just Anglo Northerners but immigrant newcomers who wanted to settle the lands of the West. And plenty of Jewish businessmen went to the West to sell guns and wares to white folks who were waging wars on the Indians. So, the very white Northern folks who bewailed the evil institution of slavery were eyeing the West for what were to be wars of conquest and racial ‘genocide’. (And Jews did the same to Palestinians in the 20th century.)
Of course, Southern whites were for westward expansion and ‘genocide’ too, but most of the initiative, capital, drive, and investment for western expansion came from the North. And these do-goody Northern white folks, who claimed to care so much about the Negro, didn’t give a rat’s ass about what would happen to the ‘red savages’. And Jewish bankers in the East were no less eager than Anglo bankers to fund the vast enterprise that would have a devastating impact on the native folks of America(though, to be sure, one could argue that American Indians today got it pretty good with modern appliances and TV).

So, if some white northern Liberal condemns a white southerner for the history of slavery, the latter should shoot back and accuse the white northern Liberal that his/her ancestors led the movement of ‘genocide’ against the native peoples of America, especially as it was the northern states that concentrated on banking, heavy industry, and rising immigration, all of which came together to push for more westward expansion at the expense of American Indians whose fate could be nothing but ‘genocide’. If white northerners say, "you southern whites enslaved blacks", just shoot back, "you northern whites and immigrant communities(including Jews) expanded westward more than we southerners did, and you carried out massive genocide against the American Indians."

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Animalization and Infantilization via Pop Culture Leads to Elite Control of the Masses.

Paradoxically, control over the masses can be made more effective through animilzation and infantilization. Such a gambit sounds counter-intuitive since people who act like childish animals are surely out-of-control and harder to manage. After all, imagine if people were like wild animals throwing tantrums like children. How could you control such lunacy? And in the 1960s, when youth culture was getting out of hand, even liberals began to wonder if Western Civilization was going to pot. Woodstock and Altamont concerts got a bit crazy, and the BAD NEWS BEARS slovenliness of the 1970s certainly didn’t do much for the human spirit. As Steven Pinker wrote in BETTER ANGELS OF OUR NATURE, the Pop-Rousseau-ist philosophy of New Society and Counterculture led to much social disruption and political disillusionment. They also led to social reaction among the ‘silent majority’ and the victories of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. .

While animals and children can be quite a handful and the cause of headaches, they are also easy to manipulate, hoodwink, and train. After all, even tigers and bears can be made to do dumb tricks that no self-respecting free person would allow for himself. Even horses and elephants — many times stronger than man — can be trained to do as man orders them. And children may cry and throw tantrums, but they can be made to believe in anything through emotional/visceral manipulation. They can be silenced with the promise of candy or the warning that if they don’t stop crying, the bogeyman is going to come and take them away. They can be made to believe in Santa Claus, fairies, and angels. They can be made to worship Superman, Spiderman, and the Hulk. They can be made to worship Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, Bush, or Obama. They can be made to fantasize days on end about HARRY POTTER. They can even be fooled into believing HUNGER GAMES is meaningful satire. Though animals and children have more impulsive emotions, the primacy of their emotions over ideas, values, and conviction means that their feelings can be made to run around in circles, fetch this, roll over for that, and etc.
Also, as animalism and infantilism don’t allow for proper development of a meaningful sense of selfhood, immature folks tend to seek the attention and approval of others. They often do this by imitating the famous, ‘cool’, and ‘hip’. So, even their sense of faux individuality is really a form of mindless imitation. If some famous athlete or singer got tattoos, they got to have tattoos too. So, even as they do stuff to convey, "this is Me", all they ever do is ape others so as to gain attention and approval from the ‘cool’ crowd who are enthused with the same junk. Especially today, when lewd and lurid pop culture can no longer shock, the competition is to do something a bit ‘louder’ so that it will gain more traction. So, no one was surprised or shocked by Miley Cyrus’s dumb act, but she did it so brazenly at an award ceremony that it dominated the media buzz for awhile. Of course, Jew-homo media encourage such thing as a War on Tradition. The buzz wasn’t about shock vs non-shock but extra-shock vs post-shock. In a world of post-shock syndrome, the trick is to pull the same dirty nonsense but with bit more tang. The same logic holds in youtube where there are so many voices and personalities that every would-be star begs for attention with bit more nuttiness than others. But a game of nuttierer among the nuttier gets tiresome fast.
Pink Stink. The apelike 'niggerization' of the white race.

Why did ‘gay marriage’ gain such rapid success in America and Europe? (It isn’t merely a legal issue but THE spiritual crusade pitting Good against Evil for countless millennial dolts in America, EU, and even Asia and Latin America. Millennials took to ‘gay marriage’ like they took to HARRY POTTER and like Americans old and young took to the sham cult of Oprah.) It’s because so many young adults have been infantilized and animalized. And ‘millennials’ have been discouraged from growing up as the result of constant barrages of dumb Rap music, porny stuff, idiot ‘vlogs’, Trash TV, videogames, social networking(that encourages conformism and being ‘liked’) and worse. The steady diet have turned them into intellectually, morally, and culturally stunted dolts. If you think the 80s generation suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder, you aint seen nothing yet. Today’s youth have more access to more stuff than any previous generation, but few ever sit down to learn or investigate anything to any depth. It’s mostly ‘hipster’ and glamoron blowhards yammering endlessly about stuff they know nothing about or stuff not even worth knowing. And much of internet journalism is just about maximizing ‘clickbaits’(which is why the original members of The New Republic quit the magazine when fruitboy Chris Hughes tried to turn it into another Buzzfeed), and virtually all youtube vlogs by millennials — trust me, I did some research — are just about the most braindead crap I ever did see. (And I thought my generation was the dumbest ever.) There’s certainly a lot of snap, crackle, and pop, but it’s all infantile-animalistic noxiousness without form, meaning, shape, or direction. It’s just so much blah-blah-blah-cuz-I-feel-like-it. Millennials may feel ‘empowered’ because they have such ready forum for whatever’s on their minds(or the empty spaces between their ears), but they all say the same thing and speak in the same manner: "Hey guys! Hey guys!" Because they’re all about the groove, the vibe, the buzz, the spunk, or whatever, they don’t have anything like genuine emotions, real ideas, or authentic values. It’s all about ‘whatever I feel like at the moment’... that might get me attention and approval from the greatest number of people. Thus, millennials at once sound very spontaneous and assertive, but they’ve been mentally conditioned and trained to be spontaneous only in the ‘acceptable’ way. It’s like dogs seem to bark spontaneously but only at certain kinds of people; it won’t ever bark that way at their masters. PC dogs work the same way. They sound so strong-willed and impassioned when they bark, but they’ve been programmed to bark only at specific targets while shutting up and rolling over on other occasions. If by accident they bark up the wrong tree, they immediately feel the whip and turn instantly from angry dog to a scaredy cat. (At times, they are confused. For a while, feminists weren’t sure they were supposed to bark at transvestites as nasty men or praise them as ‘fellow women’. But due to the cult of homo-worship, most feminists have come down on the side of rolling over for ‘trannies’.)
Because most millennials are such mindless dolts, the elites are sometimes frustrated as to what is to be done with them. One thing for sure, if indeed the elites’ primary goal is to guide and shape millennials into thinkers and critics, they have a tough road ahead of them. But if the elites just wanna lead the millennials like cattle, all the better that millennials are all about the snap, crackle, and pop than about real thought, ideas, and values. Whatever passes for ‘ideas’ and ‘values’ millennials may have, it’s been instilled through emotive manipulations of sentiments and erotic jolts of sensations.
THE WILD BUNCH - Angel confronts Teresa
Consider the scene in THE WILD BUNCH after Angel, in a fit of enraged jealousy, shoots his former lover Teresa. There’s a tense moment as the Mexicans aim their guns at the ‘gringos’ and Angel and demand to know "Why did he try to kill his excellency?" Just then, Pike Bishop(William Holden) says, "He wasn’t trying to kill his excellency. He was after the girl." Then, the Mexicans are laughing like crazy and think it’s all very funny. Why was Pike able to diffuse the tense situation? Because Mexicans are like animallike children. General Mapaahe (Emilio Fernandez) thinks it’s a riot and starts to crack up, and all other Mexicans are laughing along. The only ones who aren’t laughing at the German advisers, and of course, they are not so easy to toy with. Mexicans may be more out-of-control, but that’s precisely why they are, in some ways, easier to control. Just make them laugh and get them drunk, and they go into the fiesta mode of tomfoolery and whatever-happens-to-be-pleasurable at the moment. (Of course, there’s a downside to such tomfooleriness. While the populace may be easier to manipulate by means of cheers and jeers, it doesn’t do much for morale. Mapache’s men are not the kind to put their lives on the line. Even after Mapache is shot by Pike Bishop and Dutch Angstrom[Ernest Borgnine], the soldiers decide to fight only because Pike then shoots the German officer and takes the fight to them. In THE GODFATHER PART II, Michael Corleone, upon witnessing a guerrilla sacrifice his life for the Revolution, says the Castro-ites can win because they are willing to die for a cause. In contrast, Cuban army consists of mercenaries paid to fight. Similarly, US could manipulate the people of South Vietnam with coca-cola, chewing gum, cash, and prizes, but the South Vietnamese were not willing to lay down their lives for the American cause. As long as the largesse flowed from American coffers, South Vietnamese were dancing the twist and offering their women as prostitutes to American G.I.s. But were they willing to fight for the ideas and values imposed by Americans? No. And this is one of the problems of American Liberalism. It might have a lot of fans with all its buzz, action, glitz, and showbiz antics, but it’s empty of genuine values. Its values are those of Las Vegas or Havana before the Revolution. Will anyone really lay down his or her life for ‘gay marriage’ and ‘gay pride parade’? On the other hand, maybe. If old-style decadence was sold as merely shameless excess, new-style decadence has been moralized. Remember the big-penised ‘superman’ in THE GODFATHER PART II at the sex performance where Fredo spilled the beans that he had contacts with Hyman Roth? Back then, the big-dicked freak was just that, a figure of decadence and perversion. Today, he might be promoted by PC and admired by millennial morons as ‘hero’, ‘role model’, ‘empowered and liberated’ member of sexual liberation, or some such. When Lavergne Cox the Negro transvestite is sold as the moral paragon of the age, decadence has been made the New Decency. And it is through the homo cult that elite decadence and mass decadence are united. Elite decadence tends to be more effeminate[like in the icky movie HER by Spike Jonze] while mass decadence tends to be vulgar and lewd[like Miley Cyrus, rapping hos ‘twerking’ their butts, and JERRY SPRINGER SHOW]. In the ancient Roman world, elites grew decadent in their own fanciful way whereas the poor got decadent in their own crude ways, and both rotted away in their own manner, and in the end, neither was willing to defend Rome from the Germanic barbarians. It’s like the Cuban elites and Cuban masses grew decadent in their own way before the Revolution that came Travis-Bickle-like to wash away all the trash. Dissipated Cuban elites dilly-dallied with foreign elites and hung around casinos, and Cuban masses shook their asses like gorilla-apes while munching on bananas and watermelon. Both groups turned rotten and corrupt. Then the Revolution came and kicked out the parasitic Cuban elites, and then it waged war on mass decadence and shaped the Cuban masses into hard working revolutionaries on the farm and factories. Unfortunately, Castro chose the Marxist path than the fascist path. He should have chosen something like national socialism than communism. With national socialist fascism, he could have waged on war on decadence, kicked out the globalist imperialists, and built a viable economy that favored the middle classes and honest rich folks. But he attacked all private property, and that is always a recipe for economic disaster.)
Though there are various kinds of popular culture — some of them quite wonderful, decent, and ennobling — , the kind of popular culture that has grown pervasive in our times might be called Pop Cult. Pop Cult is the promotion and practice of diabolical, trashy, ugly, putrid, decadent, and debased popular culture as the core ‘spiritual’ and ‘moral’ experience and embodiment of one’s life. A John Ford movie is popular culture at its best. Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga are part of Pop Cult. People who love popular culture may not see it as the center of one’s life. They value popular culture for its entertainment value. And some works of popular culture are to be lauded for their artistic and moral value. How can one not be moved by SHANE or DOCTOR ZHIVAGO? But then, sane and responsible people have a vision and experience of life apart from popular culture. They value family, history, heritage, community, cultural consciousness, racial consciousness, morality, ethics, and artistic/intellectual curiosity, all of which deepen one’s sense of perspective, meaning, and even timeless truth.
Pop Cult 'values'. Here today, gone tomorrow. Fashion and fads can never be the basis of true meaning.
In contrast, popular culture tends to favor the fashionable and faddish. Indeed, most of popular culture is soon forgotten, and only a handful gain classic status. So, for people with good sense whose lives are centered around loftier and deeper values, popular culture is enjoyed or appreciated for what it is. It cannot be the substitute for deeper and/or timeless values.
But for those into Pop Cult mentality, the ‘popular’ is more ‘real’ than real. It’s like a drug. Indeed, a junkie is someone who prefers the ‘high reality’ he gets from drugs than the real reality grounded in the actual experience of the world.
Or, suppose we use the analogy of food. If we approach junk food for what it is, it can’t do us much harm. Some junk food once in awhile might even do us some good because dietary puritanism makes life dull and boring. So, once in awhile, we can have a sodapop or french fries or candy. But suppose someone makes junk food the center of his diet. It will ruin his health. What over-indulgence in junk food does to the body, over-indulgence in Pop Cult does to the soul.
The new gospel according to Jewish oligarchs. Obama is angelic because he believes Barney Frank's fecal hole is the sexual equivalent of a woman's vagina. He's the messiah because he thinks men who cut off their penises to be 'women' are the moral heroes of our age.  Yet, American Conservatives who worship Jewish Power are more than willing to bend over to 'gay marriage'. America is now an evil country.
Because Pop Cult is all about fads and fashion, Pop Cultists have no real value, virtue, or conviction. It’s all about whatever-is-hip-or-hot-at-the-moment. When morality, ethics, values, and ideas take on the form of Pop Cult — constantly warped and morphed with emotional and/or sensory/sensual manipulation of sounds, imagery, pageantry, hyperbole, hysteria, euphoria, ‘orgasmoria’, and ecstasy — , then one no longer has any core convictions since convictions are just a matter of whatever-is-made-to-feel-right-at-the-moment. It’s like Twitter operates not by reasoned debate or exchange of intelligently expressed points of view but through emotive ‘hashtags’, hipster ‘snark’, pied piper sloganeering, and celebrity-mania.
It’s like the ‘gay’ agenda is all about rallies, pageantries, ‘rainbow’ colors splashed all over, ‘sacralized’ images of clean-cut homos ‘getting married’, and etc. Of course, most of this has been funded by billionaire Jewish oligarchs who run the media. And of course, government officials[who push the ‘gay agenda’] are appointed by politicians bought and sold by the billionaire Jewish oligarchs. And there’s an incestuous relationship among Jews of Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, music industry, government, law firms, and academia. And since these high-IQ Jews look down on the dumb goy masses, they figure it’s better to fudge and nudge with goy toy minds via the power of Pop Cultism.
When homos were forced to repress their perversion, they sublimated their passions and created great art during the Renaissance. Now that homos have come out of the closet and bedroom into the streets, their 'creativity' is devoted to narcissistic self-worship of their perverted lifestyles. But this nihilism is promoted by Jewish oligarchs in Wall Street, Hollywood, and Las Vegas as the New Normal Morality.
While there’s a limit to which animals and children can be made to understand or do anything, that’s about all that the Jewish elites expect of most goy dummies. Since Jewish elites see most people are a bunch of morons[like how Bugs Bunny sees Elmer Fudd], the main objective is to keep them in line and keep them happy with stupid diversions. Indeed, keeping them happy with stupid diversions is to keep them in line. Furthermore, the dummies are made to believe that stupid diversions have ‘spiritual’ and ‘moral’ value. Of course, people who fall for such nonsense can be made to feel and believe anything. Idiots who worship Oprah as their savior and believe in the mountain-sized Negro of GREEN MILE as their angel can be made to believe in anything. So, Pop Cult both coarsens and controls the masses. A coarsened public can be made to laugh like barbarian retards at anything, but they can also be made to cry and go boo-hoo-hoo at anything. So, the very idiots who laugh like morons at Quentin Tarantino’s PULP FICTION and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS are also the same idiots who get all weepy over FORREST GUMP and BLIND SIDE. Monstrousness and mushiness are the two sides of the same coin. Children can easily be made to feel/act monstrously or mushily. Young people are suckers. Red Guards of China could be so mushy about Mao, bawling like babies in his presence, indeed as if he were their god, hero, father, and messiah. But these mush-heads could also be made to attack and destroy others with blind fury.

Or consider dogs. Dogs can be so mushy-gooey-loyal to their masters, but they can also be made to viciously and mindlessly attack others. As far as Jews are concerned, these are the characteristics to be encouraged among dumb goy masses. As long as Jews control the academia, media, advertising, entertainment, and government, they can mold and control the emotions of both mushiness and monstrousness. So, PC makes millennials weep like boo-boo babies over MLK and Mandela. They get all smiley-faced devoted to ‘saintly homos’. But these mush-heads can also be made to be monstrously vicious — like Red Guards — at anyone or anything that disagrees with their mushy feelings of right-and-wrong. Since homos have been mushily ‘sacralized’, anyone who won’t bend over to ‘gay marriage’ must be Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!!!! Get the witch!!! Burn the witch!!!!
This is why Jews have pushed the Pussy Riot in Russia. During the Cold War, because the communist bloc was so ‘drab’ and repressive, we could understand why young people behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ hankered for Rock music and culture. And Rock is lots of fun. But as Russians soon found out in the 1990s, Pop Cult cannot be the core basis for any healthy society. It should only serve as a diversion. A society without social order, moral unity, and national economy will suffer from Pop Cult that will only spread hedonism, infantilism, drug abuse, sexual licentiousness/disease/prostitution, and the like. After all, US and Europe didn’t develop into mature economies because everyone rock n’ rolled all night long. Indeed, US and Europe developed their economies long before the rise of youth culture and Elvis Presley. And the real assets were social order, work ethic, rule of law, property laws, community values, and individual responsibility. Rock culture is the hedonistic byproduct of Western economic success, not the cause of it. If Rock culture can build a healthy economy and political system, then every failed state only needs to have a lot of rock concerts. But who thinks Haiti or Pakistan will become rich simply by throwing rock concerts or encouraging kids to act like Miley Cyrus? Russians came to understand this as their economy and society imploded in the 1990s. They learned that Pop Cult is not the answer. Russians needed social order, property rights, strong military, patriotism, unity, and appreciation of family, heritage, and nation. And Vladimir Putin pushed those values. This made Jews angry since Jews want to animalize and infantilize Russians into Pop Cultist dolts who can be manipulated like childish animals on a leash. So, Jews want Red Square to be conquered by homo ‘pride’ parades. (Some might point out NY, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles as proof that Pop Cultism is a formula for success. After all, they all promote the cult of homomania and are saturated with popular culture. But it would be fallacious to reach that conclusion. While it may be true that, currently at least, the best talents are drawn to cities that celebrate cultural decadence, we mustn’t think that cultural decadence itself is the cause of economic success. For example, suppose the best talents gravitate to a city where marijuana is legal. That doesn’t mean marijuana is the cause of success. The fact is, despite the outward displays of decadence, many people in NY, San Francisco, Seattle, and other such places are hard working people who wake up everyday, go to school or their professions, and give all they got to do their jobs and pay their taxes. If indeed homomania is all it takes to build a rich society, then have Haiti and Detroit throw ‘gay pride’ parades and see if their economies improve. Only an idiot would believe in such thing.) For Russians, Red Square is rich in historical memory. Russian troops laid down French flags after the defeat of Napoleon. Millions died in that war. In the Great Patriotic War, over 20 million Soviets died fighting the Germans, and Soviet troops proudly threw Nazi flags on Red Square and marched victoriously in honor of the motherland. Jews want to sever the Russian soul from such historical memory, just like they cut off the white American soul from glorious memory of historical triumphs. White Americans are only allowed to hate themselves for ‘white guilt’. And since white girls have no racial-historical memory, they feel no bond to the past, no responsibility to maintain the unity and integrity of the race. Instead, the only history they know is worship of MLK and the only social ideal they know is hooking up with some Negro male to have mulatto babies so as to redeem their ‘racist’ vaginas that, furthermore, have been made to hanker for mandingos. White women no longer have any special connection to white men, white history, white unity, white race, or white anything. By promoting the Pussy Riot — the ‘punk’ consumerist verison of Red Guards — , Jews seek to deracinate Russians as well. Since Putin defied globalist Jewry, Jews have sunk the Russian economy and are now maneuvering to draw Russia into a conflict in Ukaine and cause mayhem like the one in the Middle East. And yet, most American Conservatives, having been mentally trashed and dumbed down by Fox News and Talk Radio, think Jews are their best friends and Russians are their worst enemies — after Iranians. Jews must surely be laughing at dumb goyim. And because so many Americans, especially millennials, are so deeply into Pop Cult — where the worst excesses of popular culture aren’t merely enjoyed but embraced as the core ‘spiritual’ and ‘moral’ meaning of life — , they sincerely think Russia is an evil country for not allowing Pussy Riot to do as they please and for not allowing a ‘gay pride’ parade to take over Red Square. Dumb millennials know nothing of the sacrifices of the Great Patriotic War. They just worship homos as angels, therefore, any society that doesn’t permit homos to run riot as they please must be the ‘new Nazi state’. This is how many millennials really feel and ‘think’ in their demented Pop Cultitude. In a way, one could say it’s the Political Warholization(akin to ‘Cultural Marxism’) or Pop Politics. Andy Warhol wasn’t political, but his brand of consumerism and celebrity-ism have been turned into political-cultural weapons by Jewish globalists. Pussy Riot is Warhol-turned-into-culture-war. Millennials brainwashed with this stuff feel ‘morally’ offended when others don’t admire what they do. It’s sort of like a child being angry with his parents because they don’t worship STAR WARS like he does. Since millennial idiots worship the Pop Cultism of homos, they expect the entire world to bend over to its Force as well. They are dogs who want the entire world to bark along to the Jewish-supremacist homo tune.
Jews want Russians to look to the Pop Cult of Pussy Riot as their main cultural and moral inspiration. How about sending Pussy Riot to Israel to piss on the Wailing Wall? Of course, Jews would call that a 'hate crime'. Are there a people as rotten and hideous as the Jews? 
People who live by sensations, euphoria, and hysterics have no real value, no real conviction. This is why feminists have been so quick to cave in to the rise of trans-gender power. Since much of feminism has been about insipid tantrums of righteousness than making any real sense, when something comes along with intenser riotousness of righteousness, feminism doesn’t know what to do. So, even VAGINA MONOLOGUES has been canceled at a certain college because it’s now deemed ‘insensitive’ to the feelings of trans-gender folks without real vaginas. If feminism was about real ideas and real conviction, it wouldn’t allow such nonsense. But because it was mostly about mindless self-righteous hysterics, when the powers-that-be promoted trans-gender stuff as even ‘nobler’, ‘more urgent/relevant’, and ‘more fashionable’ in the righteous sweepstakes, feminists just folded and cowered. Since trans-gender freaks are allied with homos — who are currently just below Jews in ‘holy’ hierarchy — , feminists feel that the fashionable thing is to give trans-gender freaks what they demand.
Pop Cult dominates much of our culture. Even American Conservatives are not immune. It’s because American Conservatism is so dumb, trashy, childish, and infantile that it can be manipulated to serve Jews. Even though Jews exploit and manipulate white goyim endlessly, dumb emotive Talk Radio have convinced a lot of hothead Conservative dummies that ‘muzzies’ are the main enemies of America, that Sharia Law is just around the corner(which is like American farmers believing during World War II that ‘Japs’ are about to invade Kansas), that Jews are the best friends of Christians, and that supporting Israel(and destroying Russia and Iran) is what good ole US of A is all about. Even though Jews have done most to undermine the white race(especially the sacred sexual unity of white men and white women by turning white women onto Negroes), trash Christianity, overwhelm white demographics in the West, promote ‘white guilt’ as substitute for white pride and Western heritage/consciousness, the majority of American Conservatives hooked to the sound-and-fury of Talk Radio, gungho-ism of movies like AMERICAN SNIPER, and FOX news think nothing is more American-as-Apple-Pie than sucking up to Jews. Just look at the disgusting Sarah Palin who is little more than a stripper-whore for AIPAC oligarchs. Even though American Conservatives should call out the Jews as the culprits who pushed ‘gay marriage’ all across America, they just bitch about ‘muzzies’ and yammer about how Jews must come together to save Jews from another ‘holocaust’ that is being hatched by Obama the ‘secret Muslim’. Yes, by Obama the guy who was groomed and installed in the White House by Jewish oligarchs. Sheesh.

The ancient Romans knew all about how this works. This is why they came up with Bread and Circuses. Give the idiots bread, give the idiots entertainment. Romans conquered other lands and brought home the loot. Romans handed out bread to the lumpen Romans and subject peoples. And for entertainment, Romans made captured soldier and slaves from other regions fight to the death. And the masses munched on bread and cheered as the bloodbath raged. This way, Romans harnessed and channeled the barbaric energies of the masses with bread and entertainment. But the entertainment also has a political objective in making the masses cheer for Roman power and glory since the gladiators were captured soldiers and slaves who had no choice but to fight to the death. Roman way of Bread and Circuses both encouraged and controlled the animal-infantile energies of the masses. Such dolts addicted to entertainment and sensations were easy to control, at least as long as the bread lasted and games went on.
How much more difficult the masses would have been to control if they were people of ideas, vision, conviction, and heritage that couldn’t easily be swayed or tossed to the winds by temptations of bread and circus. Of course, there was one people that the Romans couldn’t win over and conquer. They were the Jews. Why? Because Jews had a powerful sense of their own heritage, history, values, and spirituality. Most subject peoples were totally impressed by and surrendered themselves to Roman might, but Jews held the conviction that there was a greater power, that of their own God who had chosen them as His special children. While some Jews collaborated, even they maintained their powerful sense of separateness from the Roman attempts to win the masses(both Romans and subject peoples) over with childish and animalistic appeals to Bread and Circuses. Even when Romans destroyed Jerusalem and expelled the Jews, the Jews maintained their identity, culture, heritage, and ideas. Their own narrative. They couldn’t be distracted or bought by Bread and Circuses. In time, Jews outlasted the Romans who came to an inglorious end when the bread ran out and circuses became unsustainable. Roman elites, from using Bread and Circuses to control the masses, choked on their own poison. They lost the meaning of what it meant to be Roman.
This is where American Jewish overlords are different. Sure, they use Bread and Circuses to animalize and infantilize us so as to control and lead us by the nose, but deep down inside, they maintain their powerful sense of Jewishness. Consider Sheldon Adelson and Arnon Milchan who made tremendous amounts of money by selling us Bread and Circuses but will do ANYTHING for Jewish power and Israel. Jews never confuse profits and prophecy. When it comes to Jewish power, it’s no longer funny business with Bread and Circuses. Jews animalize and infantilize us to make us gamble more and indulge in more trashy entertainment, but when it comes to their commitment to Jewish power, it’s all serious business of "Is it good for the Jews?" and "We must never forget we are the descendants of Abraham." That’s why Jews have outlasted the Romans. If you want good advice, DO WHAT THE JEWS DO; DON’T DO WHAT THE JEWS TELL YOU TO DO. Jews always do one thing for themselves while telling others to do the opposite. So, it’s Jewish nationalism for Israel. It’s strict immigration control for Israel. But for gentile nations, Jews say, "open your borders and increase diversity." And if gentile nations disagree, they are labeled as ‘far right’, a label never applied to Israel that is far more nationalistic and restrictive in immigration.
Jews take our money via Wall Street but they worship at the Wailing Wall.
Pop Cult dominates America. Though I disagree with Pat Buchanan on lots of things, he is resolute in his conviction in True Marriage because his social-cultural consciousness has deep roots in the Catholic Church, traditional American values, and family life. Buchanan’s values don’t revolve around Pop Cult.
Of course, the negative side of such deep-rooted-ness is it can become blind to sense. Buchanan’s conservatism is so dogmatic in some ways that he still can’t face the truth of Darwinism. We need conviction, but we also need commitment to truth and courage in using reason to replace old myths with new truths. Still, Buchanan has more integrity than libertarians whose only conviction is self-interest based on sensual delights and pleasures. Their main ‘values’ come from mindless enthusiasm for anything related to human vice: gambling, drugs, prostitution, and etc. It’s no wonder that libertarians will not defend True Marriage. Their world-view revolves around self-pleasure so much that their view of marriage goes like this: "Since ‘gay marriage’ makes homos feel good, it must be good, and libertarians mustn’t oppose anything that makes some individuals feel good." Like B.J. Thomas, they are hooked on a feeling. Well, I like the song, but surely morality isn’t just about good feelings for whomever. As for Career Conservatives who just want a slot in the GOP machinery, they will cave to any trend or fashion that seems to be ‘winning’ at the moment. It’s like assessing the worth of movies based purely on hype and box office. Since ‘gay marriage’ is the big-budgeted block buster at the political box office while True Marriage has been relegated to ‘art house’ status, let’s just go with ‘gay marriage’ because it’s the only way to be invited to glamorous celebrations of power. Whatever political expediency such a ‘conservatism’ may have, it has no value in terms of truth, meaning, values, and commitment. If anything, it means conservatives should betray their principles just to be allowed a seat at the table at the gala party controlled and owned by Jewish oligarchs. It’s nothing more than collaborationism.

Even if conservatives lose in the short term, they must cling to true ideals, principles, and values. They must select and shape their own collective memories and narratives. They must not listen to Jews who would choose the PC Neocon narrative that is really designed to serve Jewish interests than white American interests. What do Neocons suggest that whites in the American South do? Burn the Confederate Flag, tell your daughters to have sex with Negroes, get on your knees and worship MLK, blame all black problems on ‘white racism’, and, of course, worship Jews and send your sons to wars in the Middle East to kill and die in Wars for Israel.
True white conservatives need to tell Jews to Fuc* Off! As Jews and Negroes are the main racial enemies of whites, whites should embrace the Confederate Flag(symbol of defiance against the biological slavery of whites under black rule made possible by white traitors of the North who sold their souls to lousy Jewish supremacists whose Zionist brethren in the Middle East have killed countless Arabs and Muslims) and maintain a Narrative that remembers and justifies the White right to survive. As for mudsharks, they should be cast out from the white community. If a white woman feels that white men are not racially-sexually good enough for her, then she and her mulatto baby aren’t good enough for the white community. Let her join the black community. If white women reject white men, why should white men of the white community accept her as a fellow white? Her idea is that ‘my vagina is shut off to inferior white men; I only permit black sperm in my vagina’. She is an interracist supremacist who thinks she’s superior because she has a racially superior black man and has a interracially superior black baby. If she thinks like that and rejects white men, white men should reject her. White people who socially accept a white woman who sexually rejects white men is like a Jewish Temple that accepts a Jew who abandons Judaism to become Christian or Muslim. If a Jew want to leave the Temple, then he should join a Mosque or Church. He shouldn’t expect the Temple to still accept him even though he rejected the Jewish Faith. Likewise, if a white interracist mudshark whore thinks she’s too good for white men and sexually rejects her own racial community, the white community should tell her to go live with the black community. But of course, these mudshark skanks want to have the cake and eat it too. Even as they reject white men and go with black men, they want to belong to the white community. It’s like homos reject real sex(the hetero kind) but they still want to play ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ by adopting children. (As for black men, I suppose it’s understandable why they want white women. Black women are deemed to be ugly. Black men find their own mothers so ugly that they don’t want to marry some black bitchass ho. So, even though there are so many unmarried black women, black men prefer white women and don’t wanna end up going with someone who looks like their ugly-ass mamas.)

Anyway, DO LIKE THE JEWS DO; DON’T DO WHAT JEWS TELL YOU TO DO. Among all the Ancient Peoples, only the Jews resisted the Roman temptation of Bread & Circuses and maintained their own sense of identity, values, narrative, and truth. And they survived to gain great wealth and great power. Today, they rule the world. Jews give us Bread and Circuses, but they stick to matzos and seminars for themselves. Even as they animalize and infantilize us through Pop Cult, they intellectualize and spiritualize their own sense of Jewish identity, destiny, and power.

How do a people survive and win? It’s through the combination of race, culture, and historical consciousness. Race alone without culture or memory won’t amount to much. It can be manipulated by other races or peoples because a race without a powerful sense of culture has nothing to rally around. But then, culture alone won’t suffice either because cultural identity is associated with racial identity. After all, if a person of any race can be equally Chinese by adopting the culture, what is Chinese-ness? If a person of any race can be German by adopting the culture, what is German-ness? Even if a non-Chinese person can be accepted by the Chinese nation and even if a non-German person can be accepted by the German nation, it would only be as a minority. Suppose a German goes to China and settles as a Chinese. Even if he’s accepted as Chinese by the Chinese, China is still China because most people are Chinese. But if China were to become 80% German, it would no longer be Chinese even if every German learns Chinese language and makes chop suey. Likewise, some Chinese might go to Germany and be accepted as fellow Germans. But if Germany were to become 80% Chinese, it becomes a different country. Even if all Chinese in Germany spoke German and made pretzels, Germany would no longer be Germany. So, race and culture must go together. Every racial-cultural community can make room for minorities who may be assimilated, but it is distinct from others because it has an overwhelming majority of one kind of people. Jews combined race and culture because Jewishness said the Covenant blessed the Jewish penis through circumcision and Jewish Law emphasizes that Jews should ideally be born of Jewish mothers. Thus, both the Jewish penis and Jewish vagina are under pressure to stay together and produce Jewish kids. (Throughout history, some Jews left the community and settled down with other peoples. In the short run, they might have married some hot spouse, but they lost the sexual war since their children simply became part of the gentile tribe. Assimilationist Jews merely became Greeks, Turks, Arabs, Egyptians, Moroccans, and etc. But Jews who kept the bond between Jewish men and Jewish women survived as a culture for 3,500 yrs and rule the world today. This feat is all the more impressive when we consider that so many Jews weren’t so great in the looks department. Maybe that was one reason why Jews stayed together. Even though many Jews wanted to marry prettier gentiles, gentiles for the most part didn’t want to marry gross-looking Jews, so Jews had no choice but to stick together.) Historical consciousness is also necessary since cultures change over time. Culturally, today’s Turks are very different from what they were 100 yrs ago and 200 yrs ago. And Japanese today are culturally very different from what they were 150 yrs ago. So, what makes Turks still Turk and what makes Japanese still Japanese? Because they have the historical memory that reminds them that Turks and Japanese of today are the descendants of Turks and Japanese of long ago. So, despite all the cultural changes — largely through Westernization — , they know there is a historical link between themselves today and their ancestors who underwent profound changes through history. Same goes for Jews. Jews today are culturally different from Jews of 100 yrs ago, 200 yrs ago, 500 yrs ago, and 1000 yrs ago. And yet, historical memory binds even modern Jews with Jews 1000 yrs ago and 2000 yrs ago.
Modern day Turks but still Turkish like their ancestors centuries ago. Historical Memory.
As for ideology or creed, it cannot be the core basis for identity. After all, anyone can be a Christian. Anyone can be a communist. Anyone can be a liberal-democrat. Anyone can become a socialist. Ideologies are all tricks of the mind without biological or even cultural basis. If Americanism is all about liberal-democracy, then Mexico and France might as well be America too since they also practice a form of liberal democracy. If communism was what Russia was all about, then communist Chinese and communist Poles might as well be Russian too. No, Russian-ness predated communism, existed through communism, and survived after communism. Ideologies come and go. It’s a proposition, and no proposition is forever. Ideas in the mind turn on and off. While ideas are important, they are too fluid and intangible to serve as core basis for identity and memory. This is why Judaism has one key advantage over other religions. When faced with Roman might and temptation of Bread and Circuses, Jews didn’t merely have the idea of powerful God(that could be shared with everyone). They had an idea of a great God that was bound to them by blood. The Covenant between God and Jews meant that Jews are special, that Jewish destiny has meaning, and that no matter what happens to them, they can rely on the higher truth of God through all kinds of adversity. This made Jews tough, resilient, tenacious, and committed to their survival and triumph. The Jewish ‘proposition’ of God wasn’t a mere abstraction that universally applied to everyone. Rather, it was the idea that Jews had a special tribal connection to God and therefore must resist the temptation of other peoples who would use all kinds of tricks and offerings to win the Jews over and make them collaborate. Of course, sometimes Jews had to collaborate to survive and make a living, but they always collaborated with their hands and feet, not with their hearts and souls. Their hearts and souls remained loyal to the idea of God as a special protector of the Jewish people who were to be tested time and again and made harder and tougher so that they will eventually overcome all adversity and gain supremacy over the goyim.
That is the kind of mind-set we need to learn from the Jews. That’s what we must emulate from the Jews. DO WHAT THE JEWS DO; DON’T DO WHAT JEWS TELL YOU TO DO. Jews are like pushers who don’t get high on their own supplies. The junk they push is for us. Pop Cult is to rot our souls so that Jews can control and command us animalized and infantilized beasts. If Americans and Western folks hadn’t been so infantilized and animalized, would something like ‘gay marriage’ have gotten so far? Of course not. But your average American thinks, "Geek if Lady Gaga and Oprah think it’s cool, it must be." Wake up dummies!