Saturday, January 16, 2021

Why the Holocaust Narrative must be turned on Its Head — Instead of the World Apologizing to Jews for Not Having Done Enough to Prevent the Evils of Nazism, Jews Need to Apologize to the World for Having Aroused Radical Teutonism that Not Only Killed Millions of Jews but Tens of Millions of Goyim

An essential necessity for the future well-being of mankind: The Holocaust Narrative must be turned on its head. It is most necessary because the biggest threat to world peace and justice is unrestrained Jewish Power that is now just as supremacist as Nazism was, if not more so. Like the Nazis who thought any number of Slavs and lesser folks were worth sacrificing for the creation of Greater Germany, powerful Jews feel any number of Arabs/Muslims and goyim in general may be sacrificed on the altar of "Is it GREAT for Jews?" (Apparently, "Is it GOOD for Jews?" is no longer good enough.) Of course, Nazism was overtly supremacist whereas Jewish Power is covertly supremacist, but if we appraise Jewish Power by its walk than its talk, it is undeniably in supremacist mode.
After all, it's actions that count, not words. If someone says he would never steal but steals, he's a thief. If someone says he didn't commit murder but did, he is a murderer. We need to bypass the 'sayology' and take a good hard look at the 'do-ology' of Jewish Power. Never mind what Jews say. Judge them by what they do.

Given the events of the past fifty years, one would have to be jaded, blind, or dishonest not to have noticed that Jews feel a single Jewish life is infinitely more precious than countless goy lives. It isn't just Madeleine Albright saying it was worth it to kill half a million Arab kids. Jews have pushed for various Wars for Israel in which countless Arabs and Muslims have been traumatized, displaced, maimed, or killed. And, many American soldiers have died or returned with broken bodies or souls; and the conscientious among them have to live with the fact that they took part in Jewish-Supremacist Imperialist ventures that destroyed entire nations.

But, Jews feel zero guilt and, if anything, feel justified because it was goyim sacrificed in the interests of Jews, the superior race. So, despite what they say about 'liberal democracy' and anti-supremacism, Jews are utterly supremacist in what they actually DO, and in the end, it is the doing, not the saying, that counts. (But with monopolistic control the media, Jews can hoodwink a lot of people. Too often, the Power of the Word > Reality of the World. So, even though Israel has hundreds of nukes aimed at other nations, the alarmism in the Western Media is about Iran getting nukes even though it hasn't a single one and US intelligence services have yet to prove Iran has a viable nuclear weapons program.) It is actually worse than that. If Jews preferred good Jews over bad goyim, that would be one thing. Even if they preferred good Jews over good goyim, that too would be somewhat understandable as many folks favor their own kind over others. Then, Jews would have some degree of moral credence. But based on what Jews really DO, it's evident Jews believe even BAD Jews are superior and possess souls/bodies more precious than those of GOOD goyim. A moralist favors the good of the other kind over the bad of his own kind. A tribalist favors the good of his own kind over the good of the other kind. A supremacist, in contrast, favors even the bad of his own kind over the good of the other kind. Who can deny that Jewish Power is now in the third mode, that of utter supremacism? How many Jews protest the pardoning of Jonathan Pollard by Barack Obama and Donald Trump? It was reported that the biggest funeral in Israel was for a Rabbi who said Jews are so superior to goyim that the latter exist like cattle to serve Jews. Apparently, even secular Jews who may not consciously think that way nevertheless FEEL that way given the character of Jewish-dominated domestic and foreign policies emanating from the US.

If we judge them by their actions, secular and 'liberal' Jews feel that even the lives of bad/guilty Jews are more precious than the lives of good/innocent goyim. The attitude is not unlike how we humans regard the animal world, i.e. we favor even bad humans over good animals. Even criminals have rights and are kept alive in prison whereas perfectly innocent animals are slaughtered for meat. If an animal kills a human, even when provoked, it faces extermination. But if a nasty human kills an innocent dog or cat, the punishment is relatively minor. If we judge Jews by what they do, they are supremacist.
SCHINDLER'S LIST quoted a piece of spiritual wisdom that goes like, "To save a single life is to save the world", but apparently, that single life must be Jewish. Jews really practice, "Better to save a single Jewish life than the world of filthy inferior goyim." How else can we explain all these pardons under Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump? Jews have been applying pressure to have some of the worst Jews go free, and Jews on both sides of the aisle are totally fine with this. Democrat Jew or Republican Jew, it all comes down to "We Jews are so special and superior that we are above the laws that apply to inferior goyim." So, even though many goyim who committed far lesser crimes rot in prison, some of the worst Jews that ever lived go free(and are soon making big fortunes again in the bosom of the Jewish community).
Jonathan Pollard sold US secrets to Israel which then traded them with the USSR, the arch-enemy of the US at the time. The information led to executions of scores of double-agents behind the Iron Curtain. So, Pollard wasn't only a spy and traitor but effectively a murderer as well. But Jews don't care. He goes free, and there is NO OUTRAGE among Jews. Obama set him free, and Trump(despite getting rump-humped by Jews) lets the bastard fly off to Israel. And Netanyahu greets and hails the traitor as a hero, and not a single US politician, general, or intelligence officer expressed any outrage, probably out of fear of being targeted by Jewish Power that operates like the mafia; even if Jews don't have you destroyed outright, they can pull all sorts of strings to prevent you from being promoted and favored within the Deep State because all goy politicians and operatives live in fear of being associated with anyone who dared to voice opposition to What-Jews-Want.

Even after the Pollard-Netanyahu stunt, we are told over and over by both parties that Israel is our greatest ally. Why not just say "Israel is our god", therefore whatever Jews do is sacrosanct and must be obeyed? When it comes to blind worship of all things Jewish, the US is hardly different from North Korea: Jews are Kim Jong-Un and the goyim are the mindless dogs. The sheer obeisance borne of fear, awe, sentimentality, and rapture on the part of goyim, from politicians to voters, is hardly distinguishable from the slavish servility of North Koreans toward their Supreme Leader.
Following victory in the Pacific War, US preached to the Japanese about liberty, rationalism, and rule of law and imposed a Liberal Democracy on those grounds. Japan was to reject Emperor Worship, Hirohito declared himself a man and not a god, and there would be no more of that atavistic attachments at odds with modernity. That was the US then, but now, the US is an insane, irrational, and quasi-spiritual metropole of blind worship of vile Jewish Power, vain globo-homo, and vicious black thuggery, one where the likes of George Floyd are spun into saints. Jews control the gods, and we must shut our eyes/ears and turn off our minds to any thought that goes against what the Jewish-controlled gods say. Americans worship Hirohitowitz

When Jews have done so much to bring down Donald Trump but his main priority is to curry favor with Jews by threatening Iran some more, pardoning a bunch of Jewish crooks, and letting Pollard fly off to Israel, the US is already 'North Korea' in the 'spiritual' sense. Jews own goy souls because Jews control the gods. If Jews really believe in what they SAY about human rights and liberal democracy, they would have expressed outrage over Jewish pressures upon Obama to pardon Pollard and upon Trump to let him move to Israel, the very nation that enabled the espionage. (On the other hand, as long as all US politicians repeat the mantra "Israel Is Our Greatest Ally" over and over, any espionage that benefits Israel cannot be treason, I guess.) But, there is only glib silence among Jews who are only too happy to see one of their own be released regardless of his crimes. Jews, 'right' or 'left', believe even a guilty lowlife Jew is more deserving of freedom & opportunity than any bunch of subhuman goyim.

Consider the Jewish historiography about the so-called Red Scare. What was it a reaction to? It was to expose the many communist spies embedded in various US departments. Some Jews even sent nuclear weapon secrets to mass killer Josef Stalin, the arch-communist who'd grabbed all of Eastern Europe after World War II. But notice the MAIN THEME about the era is not about what those Jewish traitors and spies did but what Joe McCarthy did. So, never mind widespread Jewish treachery in service of a communist mass killer. Just focus on how McCarthy prevented some people from working in Hollywood for a several years. Of course, Jews were especially offended because a good number of blacklisted writers and directors were Jewish. Some Jews being blacklisted for their communist ties or sympathies is a bigger outrage than Jewish traitors spying for mass killer Stalin.
Furthermore, the pseudo-tragedy of the Hollywood blacklist and etc. got far more historical attention and condemnation than the far greater injustice of over 100,000 Japanese-in-America dispossessed and 'interned' during World War II. (One wonders if Jews supported US government reparations to the Japanese-Americans because they grabbed much of the confiscated wealth. Without the government paying off the Japanese-Americans, Jews might have been sued to return the properties.) And how did ADL get started? Jews felt a Jewish rapist-murderer's life was too precious for goy justice. Why should a Jew die for raping and killing a subhuman goy girl? To the Jewish mind, a Jew facing goy justice is like a man being tried by apes. Jews even used pressure to have Nathan Leopold sprung from jail despite his horrid crime. He was sentenced to life in prison and 99 yrs for kidnapping, but he was released during his lifetime. And of course, Jews have done everything to ensure Roman Polanski remains free despite his vile crime.

Cold-blooded Nathan Leopold who got lifetime sentence and 99 yrs but was sprung from jail in his lifetime. It's good to be Jewish.

If we judge Jews by what they DO, they are totally supremacist and believe Jews are God's or History's MADE MEN who should be above the law, at least vis-a-vis goyim. Jews think a Jew killing a goy is like a man killing an animal. The punishment shouldn't be too harsh as a superior being killed an inferior being. Goyim in this equation are rather like blacks on the Southern Plantation where a white killing a black wasn't as bad as a white killing a white(and of course a black killing a white).
The New Slavery is invisible to most people because it's not based on goyim being denied the Rule of Law but on Jews being Above the Law. There are two forms of slavery: One is where some are denied the Rule of Law, and the Other is where some are not bound by the rule of law. So, even though we are not slaves in the technical sense, we are bound by the Rule of Law whereas Jews are Above the Law(or they rule the law). This arrangement effectively turns us into slaves of Jews because WE must obey the rules whereas the Jews and their allies do not. In 2020, why were Antifa and BLM able to run riot and loot and burn? Because they had the blessing/protection of Jews & the Jewish-controlled Deep State, they could do the violent bidding of Jews hellbent on getting rid of Trump and punishing America for having elected him(and for daring to re-elect him). James Field, whose crime was infinitely less grave than what Jonathan Pollard did, will rot in prison forever.

If blacks in the past wanted to be equal under the law, Jews want to be above the law. (Of course, blacks today want what Jews got and are no longer interested in equality under the law. Fish rots from the head, and Jewish above-the-law-ism has infected the mega-egos of homos and blacks as well.) In a sense, slavery is relative. Even if no one is technically a slave in the classic sense, the system is essentially a slave state IF some people are NOT bound by laws that apply to the rest. If I get to cheat, steal, and murder but am not judged like everyone else under the law, I'm essentially a master over others. Of course, some Jews do end up in prison, but how long did it take for Bernie Madoff to finally get caught? And he was offered as scapegoat only to deflect public view from similar crookedness by Wall Street on a far larger scale. And how long did it take for Harvey Weinstein to finally meet some justice? (And how long before he is pardoned too?) And why did Jeffrey Epstein get so many sweetheart deals before he finally got locked up for real. And what really happened in his prison cell? And why aren't journalists pursuing these questions? But then, why would they? Many are Jewish, and even non-Jewish ones work for Jewish owned corporations.

Relativity of freedom posits that the Rule of Law is liberating and empowering IF everyone is bound by the law. So, for those who are not protected by the Rule of Law, it is a step up IF they too gain the protection. It doesn't mean they get to do as they please, but it means the system will protect them from those who dare to do as they please. Rule of Law is like a key for everyone to the door of justice. However, in an order where some are allowed to be Above the Law, the Rule of Law becomes repressive and enslaving. It becomes a chain. Why should people be bound and tied to the Law when others are allowed to do as they please and not only not be punished but rewarded?

Paradoxically, Jewish Evil flows from (the cult of) Jewish Sainthood, the Holocaust Narrative. The Narrative would have us believe that because Jews suffered so horribly at the hands of the most evil regime(and its many collaborators) that ever existed, they must be noble, holy, and totally innocent. After all, Evil attacks the Good, and if the Nazis were the most evil people that ever existed, they surely went after the most wonderful, wise, and noble people that ever lived. So, as the Holocaust Narrative says Jews are so good(and as Jews have bought into their own myth), whatever they do must be good or at least forgivable whereas anyone who condemns or criticizes Jews must be evil... because only 'nazis' would hate such a good people. So, even though the true lesson of the Shoah should be anti-supremacism, it has only cleared the way for Jewish moral supremacism that justifies whatever Jews do.

Now, if Jews were a powerless or middling people, such conceits wouldn't be so dangerous. But when Jews are the most powerful people in the US(therefore the world), it poses a grave danger to humanity to have such a people dominate the US as the lone superpower. And this is why we need to revisit and revise the Holocaust Narrative for the good of both Jews and ourselves because the Holocaust Card has become a get-out-of-prison license for Jews regardless of what they do.

And for that reason, it is important that we try to turn the Holocaust Narrative on its head. No, don't be like lunatic deniers and say it didn't happen or Jewish deaths were all just an accident. Even if the 6 million number is surely bogus, there was a Plan and millions of Jews perished(though I'd guess many Jews died like goyim caught up in the war than exterminated by the Nazis; when bombs fall, they don't discriminate between Jew and Goy). We need to reject the deniers and instead put the Shoah in a more meaningful context. It would be monstrous to say the Jews deserved it, but it'd also be foolish to say Jews were white-as-snow innocent angels who were set upon for no reason by crazy lunatics who just hallucinated the evils of Jewish power, influence, and activities. The Shoah was an extreme backlash that went off the rails, but it was an evil reaction to very real Jewish evils. (Evil can clash with Evil, as in the war between the Nazis and Commies in WWII. Fighting the Other Evil doesn't make your side Good.) Also, given the Jewish roles in the events that led up to WWII, one could argue Jews were more deserving of the horror than many groups in the 20th century who got smashed to pieces for no fault on their part. Any Central/Eastern European nation/people that happened to be located between Nazi Germany and Commie Russia got crushed in WWII. They were like innocent mice caught between two raging elephants. Or, consider the fate of Laos and Cambodia that suffered horribly because they happened to be 'caught between' North Vietnam and the US. Vietnamese used their territories to reach South Vietnam, and the US dropped tons of bombs on them, weakening the ruling regimes and driving many to the communists. The peoples of Laos and Cambodia had nothing to do with the global forces that led to the Cold War, but so many got ground to dust.

But Jews were different. Jews played a decisive role in the events and developments that led to World War II that killed many more goyim than Jews(though Jews may have died the most in per capita terms, though one could argue the Ukrainians got it worse in the 20th Century because they were mass-killed by Bolsheviks & radical Jews, destroyed by Nazi Germany, and then punitively crushed by Soviets for collaboration). Jews usually blame not only Germany but other nations as well. They say the entire civilized world bears guilt one way or another. European nations were guilty of either neutrality or allying with Nazi Germany. And too many ordinary European collaborated with the Germans in rounding up Jews. And Russia was guilty of the Nazi-Soviet Pact. US and UK were guilty of dragging their feet to fight the Nazis, and they didn't sufficiently bomb the railroads used for shipping Jews to death camps. So, most goyim were either killers, collaborators, cowards, feet-draggers, or simply didn't care enough. So, by varying degrees, all goyim are guilty for what happened to the Jews. So, all the world must get on their knees and pray and pay, offer hollers and dollars. Some have to pay more, with rich Germany at the top of the list. But UK and US must also pay because they didn't do enough. And besides, Jews argue that the Shoah was more-or-less a culmination of the entire history of antisemitism in Europe. So, ALL OF WESTERN HISTORY must atone for its crimes against Jews.

But, that is only one way to look at it. But there are other ways to connect the dots.

Another way is to demand that Jews feel some guilt toward all humanity for their prominent role in the events and developments that led to crises that finally exploded in World War II and destroyed so many people, mostly goyim. Jews should look in the mirror and take a honest assessment of their place in history. It's like Japanese are right to mourn what happened in the firebombings of Tokyo and the nukings of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, but those horrors didn't just happen because the US decided to go bat-shit crazy and cross the Pacific to kill whole lot of 'Japs' for the hell of it. Granted, the US should look in the mirror and realize it too played a role in the developments that led to the Pacific War. After all, it had been US and UK that emboldened Japanese imperialism as leverage against Imperial Russia and counterweight to slowly-but-surely waking China. It was disingenuous for the US to enable Japanese Imperialism in Asia and then suddenly pull out the rug and play the good guy opposed to imperialism. (After WWII, the US aided French Imperialism against the Viet Minh.)

While it'd be absurd and cruel to blame ONLY JEWS for the events that led to WWII, one could make a solid case that the war and its horrors would not have taken place IF Jews had been less radical, irresponsible, greedy, and arrogant(and so utterly lacking in self-awareness, not least by projecting their pathologies onto others).

First, there was the Jewish role in the communist putsch in the Soviet Union. Also, most communist movements in Germany and Eastern Europe were led by Jews. Why did Jews have to push something so radical? Moderate socialism was gaining ground in Europe. Even conservative elites accepted some degree of socialism as compromise with the working classes. Many Christian groups believed socialism is more aligned with Jesus' teachings than capitalism is. People like Bismarck had negotiated with socialists. But communists were different. They were for radical violence, and their vision frightened the bourgeoisie and the old order; it even alienated much of the goy working class that wanted better pay and conditions, not tyranny under a radical regime. Would fascist and other hard-rightist movements come to power in Italy, Germany, and other nations IF NOT for the threat of communism and other forms of radicalism in which Jews were prominent, either as activists or theorists?

Besides, this fear wasn't just some fantasy cooked up by the 'far right'. Communists in the USSR pioneered modern totalitarianism and mass terror on an unprecedented scale. Jews were vastly over-represented in the secret police and rounded up countless people. Millions ended up dead in gulags or by summary execution. Many were tortured and traumatized for life. All property and wealth were looted by the state. And Christians fared especially badly at the hands of communists, and Jews played a big part in this bloody orgy. 50,000 churches were destroyed in the USSR. So much of culture and tradition was wiped off the map. In time, the word of these tragedies reached the West and drove many Christians to the right against the left, indeed even the far-right because the far-left in the USSR showed what it was capable of. Who could deny that Jews played a huge role in communism? The failed German communist putsch was led by Jews. If it hadn't been for the threat posed by communism, would Europe have fallen under fascist and hard-right dictatorships? It certainly would have been less likely. While Jews were not the only monsters of far-left radicalism, they played a key role that alienated so many goyim and hardened their hearts to Jewish suffering later.

But it wasn't just the Jewish radicals of the far-left who made things worse for themselves and mankind. It was Jewish capitalists and cultural perverts, especially in Germany following World War I. Germany had just gone through the ordeal of war and faced massive challenges of rebuilding the economy and creating a whole new political order. The Versailles Treaty had already made things very difficult, and national tensions were bound to be high as certain territories with German-majority populations were handed over to Poland and Czech nation.

Still, most Germans swallowed their pride and bore the brunt of post-war hardships and supported the new republic. During this most crucial time, Jews could have played a constructive, healthy, and patriotic role. But what did so many Jews do? They took advantage of German weakness and worked with International Jewry to financially fleece Germany and pick it to its bones. Just when Jews had a great opportunity to show themselves to be good patriots and fellow-citizens, they took advantage of German weakness to rig financial institutions and make off like bandits while the bulk of the German population saw their lifetimes savings wiped out overnight by hyper-inflation.
But there was even more, indeed as if the worst among the Jewish population simply couldn't resist showing their true colors. For a nation in dire straits, the best remedy is morality, unity, and sobriety in culture and values. The US in the throes of the Great Depression got culturally more sober and conservative. (If, by the time FDR took office, the US had been in deep depression for three years, Germany had been in a depression for fifteen years when Hitler took power in the same year. Naturally, the German solution turned out to be far more radical, as well as vengeful, than the American one. The Jazz Age happened in the US when the times were good. In contrast, something far more decadent and downright degenerate befell Weimar Germany during a Depression that was far worse than anything that hit America.) But, just when Germans were most desperate and destitute, Jews led the way in promoting the very worst of soul-befouling Weimar Culture. While Weimar Period was not without cultural ferment and genuine achievement in modernism, much of it was sick, grotesque, demented, and pathological.

Worse, the timing was all wrong. In the real estate business, there's a saying, "Location, Location, Location". In history, it's "Timing, Timing, Timing". Much of Weimar Culture was the last thing Germans needed at the time. When a people who'd been defeated, humiliated, and dispossessed couldn't help but notice that Jews were among the biggest spreaders of cultural pollution, why should anyone be surprised that it led to a massive anti-Jewish backlash? (In the US, Japanese-Americans had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor, but the lot of them were dispossessed and packed off to internment camps. In contrast, Jews of various stripes — radical leftists, financial sharks, organized criminals, and cultural perverts — had played leading roles in the degradations of the Weimar Period. If angry democratic Americans could do such a thing to an innocent population, is it surprising that Germans reacted far more extremely against Jews whose actions had really caused harm to Germany and Europe via financial thievery, radical ruthlessness, and cultural degeneracy?) Such fury at capitalist decadence was certainly not limited to the Far Right. The Communists also railed against the self-indulgent Decadents when so many fellow nationals were suffering. Indeed, Jewish Leftists themselves denounced the greedy elites and the bourgeoisie for their oysters, champagne, and parties while The People couldn't find work. Consider the films of Sergei Eisenstein and other radical Jewish directors who depicted the elites as either corrupt aristocrats or greedy capitalists reveling in pleasure and piggery while the people had no bread.

Then, why should it be surprising that the National Socialists would score big with a similar narrative because, after all, Jews in particular fared far better than your average German during the Weimar Years? Jews were not only over-represented among the bourgeoisie but in the financial sector that was more parasitic and vulnerable to rigging. Furthermore, rich Jews were culturally more 'liberal' than most goy members of the bourgeoisie who, furthermore, were more involved in making things than manipulating currency.
As Karl Marx had already stated in the 19th Century, capitalism brings out the worst in Jews; but then, did Marx know that communism would also bring out the worst in Jews in another way. Either way, Jews gained tremendous power and/or wealth at the expense of goyim in both Soviet Russia and Weimar Germany. No wonder both Stalin and Hitler thought something had to be done. Communists didn't name the Jew, but the heavily Jewish Trotskyite elements were purged. In Germany, the Jew was named, but unfortunately not only for which they were responsible but just about everything. (It is in this regard that Hitler's view of Jews was, in more ways than one, a counterpart of Jewish view of goyim. After all, Jews aren't content to blame only the Germans of the National Socialist Era for what befell the Jews. Instead, many Jewish scholars have argued that Germans have long had dark souls, especially about Jews, and this pathology finally erupted in WWII, i.e. there was Evil Incarnate in the German soul, history, and/or culture. Jews went even farther and argued that ALL of European History was somehow responsible for the Shoah, which was no accident but the inevitable culmination of the sickness at the heart of Western Civilization. In other words, European-Christian Civilization, given its innate evil, was predestined to commit such a crime against the wise and noble Jews. And of course, Jews have gone even beyond that in the current West where whiteness has been made synonymous with deviltry. While Jewish rhetoric isn't exactly eliminationist so far, it is certainly 'humiliationist' and 'dissolutionist', i.e. the only way whites can be good is by groveling before Jews and their favored allies and, furthermore, offering white wombs to create black babies than white ones. In a similar vein, Hitler was convinced that the Jewish Problem went far beyond what rotten things the Jews did in his time. Jewish role in bloody radicalism, financial looting, and cultural degeneracy were all manifestations of a deeper sickness of the Jewish soul, one that could be resolved preferably by expulsion from European lands or, if push came to shove, eliminationist means. Hitler vs the Jews was a war of one supremacism vs another, both with an over-arching theory as to why the other side is so cursed that it must be defeated, humiliated, and, if need be, eliminated.)

If Jewish radicals said to goy masses, "You suffer because the piggy elites exploit you and party all night long; therefore, rise up and destroy them", it's hardly surprising that 'Anti-Semites' resorted to similar tactics: "You live in misery because Jews rob you and corrupt you; rise up and take back what's yours." (These days, Jews suppress not only racial politics but class politics among whites. Racial politics are okay only if directed against whites and sometimes at Arabs. There was a time when a good number of Jews belonged among the working class or hungry scholars and felt betrayed by capitalism that appeared to favor an alliance of rich Jews and rich goyim at the expense of All-Jew-Unity. No wonder they turned to socialism or communism, even against Jewish capitalists who seemed eager to assimilate to gain status than stick loyally with the Tribe. But now, with so many Jews being super-rich, rich, or affluent in the US and, furthermore, due to All-Jew-Unity premised on Zionism and Pride of Hegemony among all within the Tribe, most Jews are agreed that the best way forward is the formula of Jewish tribalism, supremacism, and capitalism to be shielded by a rebranded 'left' that poses as 'radical' but really serves to promote globo-homo and protect the vast wealth and privilege of Jews. Jews got burned by National Socialism but also lost out under communism in the long run, and so, Jews have decided to bury both racial politics and class politics among the white population. No wonder Bernie Sanders took a dive against Hillary and Joe Biden. He didn't really want to win because he's a Jew first and 'socialist' second. Better to have a goy toy as total puppet of Jewish Power than be put in a position where he is expected to choose socialism over tribalism.) If Jews hadn't acted the way they did after World War I, there would have been far less likelihood of National Socialism gaining power. After all, the two major European countries that were deemed 'most notoriously antisemitic' were Russia and France, not Germany, where Jews had generally fared better in the 19th century, especially under Bismarck.

Then, why did so many Germans come to hate Jews in the interwar period? Just when Germans were trying to climb out of the purgatory of history, too many Jews acted like capitalist pigs, radical nuts, or cultural psychos. The program of the Jewish Left was no consolation as it alienated the majority of Germans. Communism, while claiming to be for social justice, had already reared its ugly head in Russia. If Jewish degenerates degraded culture with filth, Jewish communists waged a different kind of culture war to create the New Man. Too many Jews robbed Germany, and too many Jews polluted the culture, dominated organized crime, and vices of all kinds. And the 'social justice' Jews on the Left seemed more obsessed with power and control than in tune with the values of most Germans.

Because Jews, in all their egotism and ethnocentrism, never seem to own up to their injustices done to goyim, repeated the same thing all over again in Russia of the 1990s, which paved the way for Vladimir Putin who thankfully is no Hitler. But Jews, with megalomaniacal neurosis to match that of the HAL-9000 computer, admit to no faults of their own and just insist Putin is New Hitler and it was entirely Russia's fault that the 'reforms' didn't pan out in the 1990's. Never mind what Russian Jews did, and not with just a little collusion from World Jewry centered in the US. Jews are so full of themselves as wiser, smarter, and superior that they're deathly afraid of admitting wrong, especially to inferior goyim.

It's like the pride of authority that adults have in relation to children. Even when the adults are clearly in the wrong, they're loathe to admit as much because it would not only expose a fault but erode their aura of respect and authority. Whether parent or teacher, his authority over children rests on the shared perception that he knows best and they must take orders from him. Greater the arrogance of authority, bigger the anxiety of authority. The more a figure of authority denies fallibility, the more he fears being proven wrong. It's no wonder HAL-9000 computer takes extreme measures to wipe out all evidence that it may have been wrong. Jewish Power is now this way. Jews believe themselves to be not only smarter and not only wiser but pretty much all-knowing.

They also believe themselves to be holier and entitled to unconditional sympathy because of 'Muh Holocaust', which is remembered less as a mass killing of a people than the mass-murder of gods, with every Jew being a little jesus; in other words, European Christians are the real christ-killers since every Jew is like a little christ and 6 million of them were killed. Combination of super-arrogance and super-anxiety has made Jews virtually incapable of admitting wrong and arriving at a sounder power arrangement with other groups. They are right even when wrong, and you better believe it. So, the very Neocons who pushed for the Iraq War are still going strong in the institutions, the very crooks who brought about the financial meltdown are still raking in billions on Wall Street, and Jonathan Pollard isn't just a free man but a HERO in Israel, America's Greatest Ally.
So, since Jews are never wrong, if the world is becoming a more dangerous place, the fault is entirely with the world of goyim than anything Jews may have done. In the case of Russia, if Jews had sense, they would be thankful that Putin is no Russian Hitler and, if anything, has been good to Jews who've supported his regime. But Jews got super-egos and must have everything their way. Because Putin isn't a total whore to Jewish Power, he must be targeted for destruction.

If it weren't for Jewish radicalism(and the Bolshevik horrors in the USSR) that horrified the capitalists & conservatives(and even some liberals), Jewish finance capitalism that robbed Germany and left so many destitute, and Jewish cultural pollution that repelled so many Germans in search of moral and spiritual guidance in hard times, it is highly unlikely that Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party would have amounted to much, let alone come to power. Even though Hitler among others over-stated the case of Jewish Evil, much of what they said had more than a kernel of truth for many Germans who'd witnessed and/or experienced various evils of the Weimar Period stemming from Jewish perfidy. Also, most Christian Churches and organizations would not have warmed up to Neo-Pagan National Socialism but for the fact that they came to associate Jews with Godless communism that butchered countless Christians in Russia and with Weimar degradation that turned culture into a cesspool.

True, Italian Fascism came to power BEFORE National Socialism, but Benito Mussolini was not particularly anti-Jewish and his movement was hardly a world-shaker. Besides, Mussolini initially expressed loathing for Hitler and formed an alliance with Germany only when it emerged as the indisputable strong horse in Europe. Though Hitler took some inspiration from Italian Fascism, it was not the main catalyst for National Socialism's eventual triumph in Germany. It was the Depression and the failed democracy. The Depression was made far worse by Jewish financial predation on the economy, and the democratic project could hardly thrive in a culture of dissipation brought upon by degeneracy. As Jews played a key role in the deprivations and degradations of Weimar Germany, they deserve much, if not all, the blame for the rise of National Socialism.

While National Socialism was the last thing the Jews wanted, Jewish behavior made its rise almost inevitable. It's like the last thing a homo wants is AIDS but if he keeps getting rammed up the ass, he's likely to get it. The last thing a criminal wants is to be arrested, but if he keeps stealing he'll end up behind bars. The Nazis proved to be the bad cops of history, indeed arch-criminals to boot, but the rise of the Nazis was in large measure a reaction to Jewish venality. Now, it may well be that the majority of middle class German Jews were decent folks, but then, power is always defined by the elites, and Jewish elites of money, culture, and politics gave a terrible account of themselves that affected goyim's perception of the Jewish community in general. Fair or not, people were apt to think, "If most Jews are good, why don't they do something about the bad ones? Because they agree with the bad Jews!" Or maybe most Jews weren't so bad but supportive of bad Jews out of pride of tribal power and influence. It's like many Germans who weren't particularly keen on Hitler nevertheless supported him as the champion of German restoration and pride. It's like most white Southerners didn't own slaves and had no role in the slave trade, but the decisions of the elites tainted all the American South, just like the decisions of the Japanese elites in WWII led to ruination of the whole populace. Elites matter. When the elites stink, all the people suffer.

Ironically, despite National Socialism's antipathy toward Jews, its success depended on insane levels of Jewish Perfidy. Likewise, Jewish evils in 90s Russia paved the way for Putin and his gang. Jewish Evil is the manure that fertilizes the growth of 'antisemitism' and SJPH, or Stuff Jewish People Hate. Had Jews acted responsibly in Russia of the 1990s, maybe a working democracy and economic system would have sprouted on Russian soil, and it would have gone a long way to build trust and confidence between Russians and Jews. But no, Jews simply couldn't resist raping the entire economy down to the last kitchen sink. Their tribal arrogance and personal egotism, plus their bottomless contempt for dumb drunken Slavs, made it nearly impossible for Jews to hold themselves back, any more than Dracula could at the sight of blood. And what are Jews trying to do today around the world? Spreading globo-homo pornographics as the new faith and the looting of entire national economies.

At any rate, Jews didn't just ruin it for themselves but for all the world. By rousing the Teutonic Dragon and provoking a far-right backlash that led to Hitler's rise to power, not only did the Jews themselves suffer from the evils of Nazism but so did many more among the goykind, especially the Slavs. Jews made it bad for everyone by provoking what should have been left alone. In that regard, it's the Jews who need to apologize to all of humanity, not vice versa. It's like someone who plays with fire may not only burn himself but burn down the whole village. Imagine a scenario where there's a hideous creature called the Dark Soul Beast that lurks beneath ground. This is a fearsome monster but generally avoids the surface. But, once above ground, it can do serious damage. So, most people in town know not to mess with the monster. Just leave it be in its own dark domain. But suppose a visitor in town keeps doing things to provoke the monster. He throws rocks into tunnels leading to where the beast resides. He pisses into the hole leading to the monster's lair. He tosses rotten food into the hole. The townsfolk warn the visitor to stop because the beast might be aroused, but the visitor tells them to just fuc* off and keeps doing stuff to provoke the Dark Soul Beast. And one day, the creature had just about enough of the provocations and crawls out and tears the visitor limb from limb. But then, the monster is so furious that it begins to attack the whole town like it's King Kong or something. So, not only did the visitor suffer terribly but the town got wrecked too. In a sense, the visitor is a victim, but he is not an entirely innocent victim. He provoked and roused something that should have been left alone. Furthermore, in infuriating the monster with his antics, he also made the whole town suffer.

And it is in this sense that Jews must bear some responsibility not only for the Shoah but also for the tens of millions of goyim who perished in World War II. If certain Jews hadn't been so radically unhinged, if certain Jews hadn't been so wantonly greedy, and if certain other Jews hadn't been so grossly perverted, there was a good chance that the dark Teutonic soul would have remained in slumber, and the Weimar Democratic experiment might have worked. And then, not only would millions of Jews not have died in the Shoah but tens of millions of goy lives that perished in WWII also would have been spared. Will Jews ever face up to this, that they played a key role in bringing about WWII by provoking the dark Teutonic soul? (Even though Germany suffered far worse in WWII than in WWI, the quick recovery and successful democratic experiment may have partially owed to there having been virtually no Jews to mess up the rebuilding project as they'd done following WWI. But ever since Jews took over the US and applied pressures on EU to embrace Diversity and Multi-Culturalism, the democratic project has gone terribly wrong in every European nation. Also in recent years, Germany invited Jews to immigrate, and these Jews are acting just like the Jews of the Weimar Period. They never seem to learn, but this time, it could be that Jews may well fully realize the total racial and cultural demise of Germany that has become castrated and deracinated, thereby incapable of offering up any resistance.) Jews learned nothing, and they will learn nothing as long as goyim submit to the obnoxious Holocaust Narrative of wholly innocent Jews mass-murdered by Evil Nazis and their goy collaborators who just went batshit crazy for no good reason or just for the hell of it.

What lies ahead for the world in the 21st century if Jews don't face up to their history & failings and if so many goyim go along with Jews out of ignorance, naivete, worship, cowardice, opportunism, or insanity? How many people realize that the US is the lone superpower that is utterly obeisant to Jewish Power gone megalomaniacal and psycho? People talk of how North Korea with nukes is run by lunatic Kim or how Iran is ruled by evil Ayatollahs. If so, just think how far more dangerous things are when the lone superpower that can blow up the whole world many times over is ruled by Jews-gone-wild and with total submission from both political parties and goy cuck elites, or the Soy Cuck Club? If what has happened to the Middle East in this century is any harbinger for events to come, we are in big big trouble unless people begin to courageously address the Jewish Question and Jews begin to make a more honest assessment of themselves and their history.

Indeed, not only did Jewish Evil, in conflict with German Evil and in conjunction with Soviet Evil, bring about the cataclysmic World War II, but Jewish Evil has been the driving force behind the many horrible events since the end of the Cold War. Jews call for War-on-Terror but more often than not work with terrorists to destabilize secular Arab nations and modernizing Muslim nations. Jews denounce the Nazis but were more than willing to recruit quasi-nazis in Ukraine to topple the government there, one that despite its corruption was democratically elected. Just about everything said about Iraq, Libya, and Syria were lies, all in furtherance of Jewish Supremacism.

Jews are not only partly responsible for WWII but for involving the West in the grievous crime of destroying the Palestinian people. As Jews couldn't steal Palestine on their own, they used the West as partners-in-crime. Those who aid and abet in a crime are also criminal, and the West is guilty of complicity in the destruction of the Palestinian people whose fate forewarned the coming of White Nakba under Jewish hegemony.
So much for "Never Again", which apparently means Never Again only for Jews but 'Never Mind' for the rest of humanity. Never Again a Holocaust for Jews, but when Jews create mini-holocausts all over the Middle East, just Never Mind. As Madeleine Albright said, it's worth it to kill hundreds of thousands of Arab children. As the Yinon Plan laid out, it's in the interest of Jewish Supremacism to provoke bloody wars all over the Middle East. So, terrorism is wonderful as long as Israel and the US can arm & supply neo-medievalist anarcho-Muslim terrorist to blow things up in nations like Syria and Libya. The Jewish-controlled US and Israel start the fires but then pretend to be the world's firemen putting out the fires. Arsonists larping as fire-fighters. Norman Podhoretz wrote of "World War IV", but it never seems to have occurred to him that Jewish Power is the new nazism. But what do Jews care?
If, at the very least, they suffered along with the rest of humanity in WWII, they've arranged things so that Jews remain untouched and enjoy life like effendi while the goyim do all the dying, getting maimed, getting displaced, and getting replaced. Middle East and North Africa get ravaged by wars, and the populations get displaced. Meanwhile, the native white peoples of Europe get replaced, and if any nation, such as Hungary, says NO to the 'refugees' of the Wars for Israel, it must be targeted for destruction by whatever means. Holocaust of goyim is amusing to Jews and perfectly fine AS LONG AS Jewish lives remain safe and secure. Never Again for Jews, Never Mind for goyim.

What is in store for humanity in a world where Jewish Power is not named and exposed? Just think. Russia and China are both nuclear-armed nations, and their interests and ambitions are regional and limited. In contrast, Jews want to use the US to rule the world. Also, tensions between US and Russia are worse now than during the Cold War solely because Jews hate Russians for taking their country back from Jewish oligarchs. How insane is that? And while Jews work with the Chinese to undermine White America, they also find the 'Chi-Com' trope useful because angry white Deplorables are likely to blame everything on China without ever waking up to Jewish Evil.
So, we have half the country, the libby-dibs, blaming Russia-Russia-Russia for everything, and we have the other half the country, the conzo-wonzos, blaming China-China-China for everything. Such tensions can be resolved IF people speak the truth and expose Jewish Power as the real machinations behind most global tensions. But ironically, so many Americans worship Jews like the German masses once revered Hitler. Blind, mindless, and crazy. If this madness goes on, 21st century could blow up worse than the 20th century. And even more than in the first half of the 20th century, Jews will have played a big role in it, indeed by far the biggest. After all, whereas Jews constituted only one of the great powers that gambled with history in the first half of the 20th century, they are by far the most dominant power in this century.

Now, suppose the worst possible scenario happens and a war worse than WWII breaks out some time in the 21st century. Things get so out-of-control that suppose 3 million Jews die and many more goyim die, anywhere from 30 million to 50 million. What will Jews say then? Will they bitch and moan about 'Muh Holocaust II' and ignore the many more dead goyim? Will they blame the goyim for yet another horrible war and their failure to save the Jews once again? Will they do that without ever facing up to the fact that Jewish Power would have played the biggest role in turning goy nations against one another and triggering a world conflict? Given the current state of Jewish character, I wouldn't be surprised.


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

We Must be on the Side of Truth because the Truth fears Freedom far less than the Lie does — Freedom & Honest Debate favor Truth over Lies, which is Why Jews as the Masters-of-Lies Now Attack Freedom — Jews fear Freedom will Expose their Power, so They protect the Lie with hysterics over 'Hate Speech'

How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler. In the last three months, tech giants have censored political speech and journalism to manipulate U.S. politics, while liberals, with virtual unanimity, have cheered. By Glenn Greenwald -

Freedom favors Truth over Lies, so those who are for freedom are on the side of Truth. Those who suppress freedom are on the side of lies.

The above article implies that truth is more on our side. After all, we aren't afraid of freedom of speech. While no side has a total lock on truth and no side is entirely false, it's generally the case that the side with more truth favors freedom(and free speech) while the side protecting the lie calls for control and restriction. The Lie fears freedom far more than the Truth does.

After all, truth can be demonstrated with facts and logic backed by honesty and integrity. Truth thrives in the light of freedom. In contrast, the lie must be shielded from scrutiny; it will shrivel and wither in the light of freedom.

If boxer A says he is the best and if boxer B says he is, the better boxer will be happy to meet the other claimant in the ring. It is the lying boxer who will duck the contest and keep claiming to be the best without ever proving it out in the open.
All the censorious scum today are ducking the fight. They might as well be called 'ducks'. Globo-ducks and conzo-cucks make up the US discourse. In the past, black boxers wanted to face white boxers in the ring because blacks knew the truth was on their side as better boxers. White boxers, fearful of this truth, often ducked black boxers. Truth is like Jack Johnson in the ring.

In an honest and fair debate, the truth can be demonstrated via free speech and open presentation. If someone says 2 + 2 = 4 and if another says 2 + 2 = 5, the former can show that he is right in the court of public opinion. He can use a pair of 2 wooden blocks to demonstrate that 2 pieces plus 2 pieces do indeed make 4 pieces.
It is the person claiming that 2 + 2= 5 who is fearful of freedom and free speech because, when forced to make his case, he cannot show that 2 wooden blocks plus 2 wooden blocks make 5 wooden blocks. So, to protect himself, he might come up with a concept like 'bogus speech' and insist that the person who says 2 + 2 = 4 is 'bogus' and needs to be shut down for spreading bogusness. That way, he can maintain 2 + 2 = 5 as the favored truth.

Now, some will say that free speech can unleash idiot holocaust deniers and people like Alex Jones, but such types can easily be exposed by the truth. Indeed, the main reason why the Holocaust Debate is restricted is not because the idiot Deniers are wrong(and they are wrong about most things) but because, in having an honest discussion about the Holocaust, it will also be proven that the Holocultists are also wrong on many accounts. While the Denier line that NO JEWS WERE KILLED is bogus, so is the myth that SIX MILLION DIED. A truly honest debate will lower the number of Jewish dead and blow up other shibboleths that have become the mainstay of the Holocaust Industry or Shoah Business. Truth will destroy the Deniers but also harm the Shoah Biz.
Also, keep in mind that people like Alex Jones thrive because the so-called MSM is so full of lies and suppress free discourse. MSM deceptions turn people cynical & suspicious and drive them to people like Alex Jones who claim to know the Secret Knowledge. If there were more freedom, free inquiry, free speech, and free debate, people like Alex Jones would lose their luster. While liars and lunatics will have their say under free speech regimen, they will be exposed and discredited sooner than later by those speaking the truth.

At any rate, Greenwald's piece has proven beyond a doubt that today's Liberals should be called LINOS or Liberals In Name Only. They are also LINOS because they LIE and say NO to freedom.

Unfortunately, Greenwald doesn't explain why 'Liberals' turned out this way. Yes, again it's Jewish Power. Jewish Liberals were never liberals first and Jews second. They were Jewish first and liberal second. For most Jews, liberalism was primarily a means to weaken and deracinate the goy majority so that Jews could gain more power and control. A typical Jewish Liberal will say to goyim, "Surrender your identity... and support OUR identity." On the occasion when Jews do support identity politics of goyim, it is as a weapon against the identity of the bigger foe, e.g. Jews supporting sham-versions of Ukrainian and Georgian nationalism against Russian nationalism or Jews supporting Kurdish nationalism against Syria.

In a nutshell, Jewish Power fears freedom because it will favor the truth that exposes the fact of Jewish Supremacist Domination. And so, Jewish Power promotes and protects the Big Lie and warns of freedom as a forum for 'hate speech'. What this really means is Jewish Power hates the freedom that allows the truth to be spoken to Jewish Power. Free inquiry will favor truth over lies. When both liars and truth-tellers have the freedom, the truth-tellers will win. Liars will win ONLY IF they are afforded freedom while truth-tellers are not. US is not a Liberal Democracy but a LINO Oligarchy where Jewish Liars have the freedom to say anything while cold facts and hard truth are suppressed as 'hate speech'. Watch the video below. This is what happens when the Lie meets the Truth in free and open forum.

Because Jews used liberalism as prop than principle, it's hardly surprising that they are for speech control now that they gained dominance. It's like the Bolsheviks spoke of freedom and justice on the path to power but were always about total control once they got the power. Still, if Bolsheviks were driven by ideology, Jewish 'liberats' have been all about identity.
But then, what about all the goy 'liberunts' who agree with Jews? That's due to the simple fact of our times: Jews lead, goyim follow. When Jewish Liberats were for free speech, goy Liberunts were for free speech. When Jewish Liberats are for shutting down free speech, goy Liberunts are for shutting down free speech. Jews lead, goyim follow. Master and dog.
It's the same among the conzos. Conzos will bitch and whine about how their free speech is violated by the 'Left' but then totally support the suppression of BDS by GOP and Democrats alike. They will rant about how the 'liberal' NYT fired Bari Weiss the free speech warrior(LOL) while totally ignoring the fact that, as student, she tried to have Arab professors critical of Israel fired.

Besides, even genuine liberals who believe in free speech have to go along with the Jews because Jews control the media. If you act like Chris Hedges or Glenn Greenwald, you will be demoted, fired, or worse. Also, Jews control the gods, true among both libby-bids and conzo-wonzos. The Tri-Supremacism of Just Jews, Holy Homos, and Noble Negroes has become such a fixture in the Western Imagination that people on both sides are more than willing to sacrifice freedom and principles to appease Jews and their gods.
But, there's something similar even in the Dissident Right, especially among the IQuters. IQuters like Jared Taylor, Derbyshire, Charles Murray, and others are so in awe of Jewish IQ that they would rather die than get real about the Jewish Problem and risk earning the opprobrium of the few Jewish friends they have. It's like many whites would rather die than be called 'racist'.

Greenwald didn't touch on the Jewish Question, maybe because he's Jewish himself or because the taboo is too powerful even for Subtrack; indeed, Matt Taibbi recently ridiculed the 'conspiracy theory' about Jews owning the media. ROTFL. I guess Joel Stein and Manny Friedman are conspiracy theorists. Friedman is an interesting case. Funny that Jews are more genuinely liberal in expression in a nationalist setting where they feel confident and secure. Maybe true nationalism is the best thing for liberalism. After all, a Jew in nationalist Jewish Israel is more likely to honestly and truthfully speak his mind than a Jew in diverse America where his priority isn't liberty, truth, and honesty but how-to-hoodwink-and-control-the-goyim-who-outnumber-us. That's why they are really just LINOS.

In a nutshell, Jewish Power fears freedom because it will favor the truth that exposes the fact of Jewish Supremacist Domination. And so, Jewish Power promotes and protects the Big Lie and warns of freedom as a forum for 'hate speech'. What this really means is Jewish Power hates the freedom that allows the truth to be spoken to Jewish Power.

Free inquiry will favor truth over lies. When both liars and truth-tellers have the freedom, the truth-tellers will win. Liars will win ONLY IF they are afforded freedom while truth-tellers are not. US is not a Liberal Democracy but a LINO Oligarchy where Jewish Liars have the freedom to say anything while cold facts and hard truth are suppressed as 'hate speech'.
Watch the video below. This is what happens when the Lie meets the Truth in free and open forum.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Great Anomaly? Just when the US was rejecting 'Racism' among white Americans, It was promoting 'Racism' among Jewish Zionists — The Main Source of Double-Standards in America is Both Parties have allowed to Jews to do as they please in the upper echelons of power

People talk of double-standards, and it's true that double-standards apply to different groups and individuals. Democrat leaders get to encourage BLM riots and face no consequences. Antifa scum go free. The Antifa and other scum who were rounded up for burning a limousine and committing other acts of vandalism in the 2017 Inauguration were all set free. The community college professor who bashed someone's skull got a slap on the wrist from the California court. Antifa can attack Proud Boys, but when Proud Boys fight back, the police only arrests the latter. Twitter and other platforms turn a blind eye to hatred expressed by blacks, Jews, and the like but force a ban those who speak up for whites and Christians.
But as the saying goes, "Fish rots from the head." So, why should it surprise us that double-standards define American Justice when they are entrenched in the highest echelons of power and with total support of both parties and their mass supporters? The biggest double-standard that defines America from top to bottom is the supremacism of Jews and the pervasive favoritism they enjoy from all quarters. Both the Democrats and Republicans have been totally complicit in this. All races and ethnic groups have been complicit as well, out of fear, cowardice, pressure, philosemitism, or money(as Jews have plenty of cash to throw around).

Do most so-called 'liberals' raise alarm when their elected politicians favor Jews uber Palestinians even though Jews stole Palestinian Land and continue to occupy West Bank and steal more of it? Do most so-called 'conservatives protest when their elected politicians favor Jews uber Palestinians? No, both the politicians and the people who vote for them are not only complicit in this grave injustice but feel hardly any guilt or pangs of conscience.

When the uppermost echelons of power act like this and not only get away with it but have the total support of both parties, why should anyone be surprised that double-standards(especially as devised by Jews) are such a prominent feature of America? All these 'conservatives' and patriots bitching about double-standards... well, where the hell were they when Donald Trump was hailing Israel and praising Jews regardless of what they do? Sadly and pathetically, most 'conservatives' and a good number of patriots were cheering the Jews/Israel First line while mocking the grievances of Palestinians.

So, if anyone wants real credibility on the issue of equal justice and rule of law, he or she must address that the US practices double-standards at the very top, with Jews in effect doing as they please with full compliance of craven goy elites, and that most certainly includes Donald Trump who, like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama before him, pardoned some of the sleaziest lowlife Jews that ever walked the Earth. So, before white conservative males spout off about how Joe Biden, as the puppet of Jews, is putting whites(and especially white males) in the back of the bus, they should have some self-awareness and ask themselves, "Why did we support Jews in their agenda to dispossess, murder, humiliate, and destroy the Palestinian people, land, and culture when Palestinians did NOTHING to us? Why was it okay to force Palestinians to the back of the bus when it came to US foreign policy and 'human rights'?
And if the destruction of an innocent people was just fine with white conservatives(indeed with them patting Jews on the back and kissing their ass), why are they now so upset that Jewish Power is now doing to them what it did to the Palestinians... with the full support of white conservatives?" Indeed, why was Palestinian Nakba a great thing but White Nakba is a bad thing? If you happily fed your next-door neighbor to an alligator, should you be complaining when the alligator comes for you next? Did you expect gratitude from the alligator? Alligators exists to devour everything, and Jewish Supremacists are determined to enslave and control goyim. You can no more bargain with Jewish Supremacists than with Nazis or the Terminator. Of course, most Jews won't admit as much, and the majority of Jews don't believe they are supremacist, but if Jews are judged by what they DO as opposed to what they SAY, they are totally supremacist and 'exceptionalist'. So, any 'conservative' or patriot who refuses to address this problem — Jews and cuck-goyim have instituted double-standards in favor of Jews at the highest stratums of power — should just shut up about double-standards at the lower levels of society. It's like complaining the river is foul without acknowledging that the source of the river itself is foul. It's like complaining about the symptoms of cancer without ever naming the cancer.

Indeed, isn't it odd that just when the US was moving toward a single-standard on one matter, it was also moving toward a double-standards on another matter? In the 1950s and 1960s, the US decided that Segregation and Racial Discrimination were wrong. There had to be a same set of rules for both whites and blacks(and measures had to be taken to enforce these standard for the latter). The idea was the American History was marred by two sets of rules, one that advantaged whites and disadvantaged everyone else, especially blacks. Given that the US was founded on principles of freedom and the proposition that 'all men are created equal', it was deemed not only wrong but shameful that America had for so long failed to enforce equality under the law for all peoples.

And yet, exactly at the same time, the US was moving toward a Jews-uber-Arabs policy, one of double-standards where Jews were free to do anything while the Palestinians/Arabs were called foul on just about everything. The American nation was loudly atoning for its past sins of racial discrimination and favoritism while, at the same time, totally prioritizing one group's ruthless dispossession, oppression, and dehumanization of another.
Worse, US support of Israel defied all foreign policy norms. It was nothing new for the US to have morally dubious allies, but it was in the name of national interest, aka realpolitik. As FDR said of a certain foreign leader, "He's a son-of-a-bitch but our son-of-a-bitch." Also, the Cold War necessitated that US form alliances with unsavory allies to form a bulwark against the Soviet Empire. But, this logic hardly applied to US support of Israel as the sensible and practical thing would have been to form alliances with the Arab/Muslim world against the Soviets. If anything, the US support of Israel was the main reason why several key Arab states allied with the USSR. Furthermore, the US had no reason to do any favors to Jews who'd been among the most radical, seditious, subversive, and hostile elements in the US. Not only were Jews prominent in organized crime but in espionage for the Soviet Union. Even the idealistic reason, or idealpolitik, didn't pass muster upon scrutiny as the Jews had taken the land from another people, one that had no role in the Holocaust. But the combination of Jewish Money & Media power, Christian sentimentalism, chutzpah, Wasp deracination, and awe of Jewish Genius led the US to favor the Jews regardless of what was being done to Palestinians.

This was the Great Contradiction or the Great Hypocrisy of the US in the second half of the 20th century. Just when it was proclaiming to be moving away from the bad old ways of favoring the white race over non-white races, it was doing everything to favor Jews & Zionists over Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims regardless of morality, ethics, and principles. Whites had to be equal with other races, BUT Jews could be superior to Palestinians(and eventually over all other goyim, which is the current state of affairs in America). Jim Crow was bad, but Jim Crowitz was okay. South African apartheid was evil, but Israeli apartheid mustn't even be mentioned. Of course, Jews could get away with it as the Civil Rights was a domestic issue whereas the Arab-Israeli Conflict was a foreign matter(though Israel today hardly counts as a foreign nation but the symbolic metropole to which America must pay tribute).

On the other hand, American opinion on the Vietnam War came to parallel developments in the nation itself, and when Muhammad Ali, perhaps the most famous black person in the 60s after MLK, chose prison instead of service, it gelled in the minds of many that the white 'racism' toward blacks and American 'imperialism' in Vietnam were two sides of the same coin: The Cowboys and Indians view of the world where whites were justified in conquering, killing, and triumphing at any cost. Indeed, not a few Jews drew parallels between US war in Vietnam and the Holocaust, as if the US had become the new nazi nation. So, if American view of foreign policy and American view of domestic issues could merge into a common thread with Vietnam, why didn't this happen with the Arab-Israeli Conflict as well? One might say it was because the Vietnam War was intense and involved 100,000s of servicemen(and 55,000 deaths), whereas the US was not militarily involved in the Middle East(except for Israel's attempt to sink the USS Liberty and pretend it was an accident, with total complicity of the US media, even then dominated by Jews). Curiously enough, MLK also took money from Jews and supported the Zionist 'genocide' of Palestinians. The irony is rich. He marched for equal rights in the US and denounced America's 'racist' war in Vietnam, BUT he was totally onboard with Jewish supremacism and imperialism against the Palestinians and Arabs. Hmm. His hypocrisy sort of betrayed what Jews were really up to.

But then, whereas the Vietnam War ended for the US by 1973, the Arab-Israeli Conflict lingered in the headlines all throughout the 80s, 90s, and beyond, though far less since the Zionists consolidated near total control in the West Bank and the Jew-run media began to look the other way. And through all those years, despite pro-Zionist bias in the media and US politics, surely any perceptive American could have noted that Palestinians had legitimate grievances and not only lost their nation but their remaining territories were being stolen by Jews. Today, Jewish Caravans freely enter West Bank and carve up more territory with virtually no opposition from US politicians. (And whenever Trump mentioned Israel, conservatives and populists cheered loudly for the double-standards favoring the Jews.)
So, whereas Vietnam just became a memory after the war, the Arab-Israeli Conflict was always in the news. Furthermore, South Africa became very big news in the 80s and 90s, especially with the sanctions/boycott movement. And because Apartheid South Africa and Israel were the closest allies, one didn't have to be a rocket scientist to see the parallels between the conditions of blacks in South Africa and of Palestinians in Israel & West Bank. And yet, Mandela was anointed whereas Arafat continued to be portrayed as a 'terrorist'. And the great majority of American Jews denounced South Africa while simultaneously demanding that US support Israel's repressive and discriminatory practices against Palestinians.

So, despite media bias, there was enough news and information out there for Americans to realize what was happening to the Palestinians and how it paralleled America's historical 'sins' of slavery of blacks and 'genocide' of the Indians. And yet, Americans never made any real effort to take notice(which goes to show that American Moralism is mostly the product of external pressure than internal conscience). They just pretended to see Jews as forever Holocaust People even though Shoah was carried out by Europeans, not by Palestinians who, however, were made to pay the price. And any attempt to bring some measure of balance was thwarted in both parties by Jewish money; it had to be Jews uber Arabs.
Black Democrats who complained were soon bought off or defamed. The 'Arabists' in the GOP were soon shunted aside by Zionist Neocons for whom the red carpet was rolled out. As the Western Right was more tainted with 'racism' and 'antisemitism', American Conservatism wooed the white Jews(as blacks were a bridge too far) over to the GOP as the more pro-Jewish Party.
Of course, the main reason for GOP's support of Jews against Palestinians was hardly different from the racially discriminatory policies of the past. Jews were seen as fellow whites whereas the Arabs were deemed the brown Other, aka 'sand niggers'. And Jews took advantage of this even while secretly loathing American Conservatives as crypto-Anti-Semites. And then, there were Evangelicals who had both racial and spiritual reasons for favoring Jews over Arabs. Jews were revered as the People of the Book(though slated to be wiped out when Jesus returns)whereas Muslims were just heretics. But what about Arab Christians? Well, they were the brown Other and less worthy than white Jews. Due to the Civil Rights Movement and canonization of MLK, it became racially taboo for whites to be anti-black, but they could transfer their racial animus toward brown Arabs via Zionism. Besides, the Holocaust Narrative made it convenient to support Zionist oppression of Palestinians in the name of defending Jews from Another Holocaust being hatched by Arabs as the 'new nazis'. It all became so disingenuous.

Yet, was the Great Contradiction really a contradiction? On the surface, it would seem so: A case of Jews denouncing white 'racism' against blacks but demanding that the US unconditionally support Zionist 'racism' against Palestinians in Israel(and even Wars for Israel that have led to deaths of innumerable lives); also, a case of White America making a big show of how it's seen the light and is on bended knees to atone for what was done to non-whites, especially blacks, while, at the same time, deliriously championing Israel's ruthless and supremacist policies of racial domination over Palestinians and Arabs.
One may ask why the Jews, who were the most vociferous white leaders of the Civil Rights Movement and the biggest critics of white 'racism', were also the most zealous proponents of US policy that must always favor Jews/Zionists over Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims regardless of whether Jews are in the right or in the wrong. Why is it that Jews, who condemn the view that white lives are more precious than black lives, push policies that clearly insist that a single hair on a Jew is more precious than a thousand Arab lives? An insane contradiction?

And yet, the contradiction isn't such a contradiction if we dig a little deeper. Beneath the surface rhetoric, both Jewish support of black civil rights and Jewish suppression of Palestinian rights are of a kind designed to favor Jewish Supremacism. There is an inner-consistency beneath the outer-contradiction. In truth, Jews pushed the Civil Rights Movement in the US not because they cared about blacks but because they regarded White Christians as their main rivals(even enemies) for power. So, Jews were less motivated by altruism and sympathy(though some were) than by Jewish Supremacism that needed to topple whites and put them in their place. As white goyim greatly outnumbered the Jews, the most effective way was to demoralize whites with 'white guilt', which could be instantly disseminated to millions of white hearts-and-minds via the electronic media controlled by Jews. Just broadcast ROOTS a bunch of times, and whites will feel real sorry.

So, to Jews, blacks were less a people than a moral cudgel to beat whites with. Of course, blacks were also useful to Jews because, being tougher and stronger, they could rob the white man of his 'iconic' status in the pantheon of American Manhood. So, blacks were essentially a weapon for Jews to use against whites, not so much to bring about racial equality for all but to pave the way for eventual Jewish Supremacism. With whites demonized & demoralized and therefore sucking up to Jews and blacks for atonement, who would stand in the way of Jews for total supremacy? And indeed, that's exactly what happened through the years. Also, with blacks as bribed and dependent allies of Jews and with whites as guilt-ridden cucks(who worship Jews as the holy holocaust people), Jews had a free hand and could do as they pleased in the Middle East. Though some blacks may see the wrongness of what is going on, they are too dependent on Jews for money and media support; besides, what blacks care most about is "what's mine!" So, Jews can pose with blacks as the two great victim groups: The Holy Holocaust People and the Sad Slavery People. And what with whites burdened with Holocaust Guilt and Slavery Guilt, they dare not expend any sympathy on the Palestinians as every last ounce of compassion must be reserved for Jews(and blacks and then homos). It's the Guilt Tax. Of course, as Jews control the Narrative, people don't know about all the evil things Jews have done throughout history, and so, Jews are exempted from any burdens.

So, just like Tom Hagen says Hyman Roth played the Pantangeli Affair beautifully, it seems the Jews played the game masterfully. By feigning sympathy for blacks in the Civil Rights Movement, Jews gained the alliance of blacks and the moral servitude of whites plagued with 'white guilt' about blacks in the US and about Jews in World War II. That made it foolproof for Jews to do as they pleased in the Middle East and North Africa, finding any excuse to topple nations, kill countless people, tyrannize the Palestinian population(like Spartans did with the Helots), and act like nasty Judeo-Nazis. Jews sure know how to play the world like a game of chess. But with truth and honesty, we can expose them for what they are. Truth is to evil what light is to vampires.

Whites keep losing to Jews because they approach one another differently. Jews look upon whites with fear, suspicion, hatred, and paranoia. Jews see whites as the rival, even enemy, that must be defeated and subjugated. Just read the anti-white rants of Tim Wise and other Jewish Supremacists posing as 'human rights' activists. And so, Jews look for the most vulnerable spots, the Achilles Heels, of whites to make them bleed and fall. Jews have 20/20 vision on whites as the people who must be conquered and enslaved. Jews play the game.
In contrast, whites approach Jews as their best friends and wisest teachers. Whites look upon Jews with reverence, admiration, and trust. Whites see Jews as the best of the best, a people so wonderful that whites must be willing to sacrifice their own lives to protect Jews(though the idea of Jews sacrificing their own lives to save goyim is hilarious to them). So, whites never look for the Achilles Heel of Jews but use all their power to shield Jews from any sling or arrow. In other words, whites shield Jews who stab them in the back. Whites have blinders on that prevent them from seeing the Jews as the rival or enemy. So, even when the Jew attacks whites, whites don't see the Jew but see the Russian, the Chinese, the Iranian, the Arab, the Palestinian, the whatever. Whites constantly seek to scapegoat others because they are incapable of seeing that it's the Jew who is behind White Demise or White Nakba. But then, even many who do see the Jews know that the current climate is such that it's career suicide to name the Jew. Furthermore, Jews are not only going after your jobs but your bank accounts. The denial is funniest among white guys who talk loud and act tough, like Alex Jones. He acts like a barbarian-he-man, but whenever Jews kick his ass, he blames the 'Chicoms'. The Jew must be named because nothing is possible without doing so.


Monday, January 11, 2021

Jews who control the gods control Big Tech and Corpocracy that attack Trump and Populism — The Need for the INNER-WARRIOR among white patriots

People talk of Big Tech censorship and 'corpocracy' and the like, but it is Jewish Power that pulls the strings. In THE GODFATHER PART 2, Michael Corleone asks Hyman Roth about who had Pantangeli killed. Roth says the Rosato Brothers. But then, Michael asks, "But who gave the go-ahead. I didn't." In the world of organized crime, you couldn't just go around killing anyone on a whim, especially IF the target happened to be of some prominence. You needed permission, the go-ahead. So, Michael knew it was highly unlikely that the Rosato brothers would have just acted on their own. They needed the approval and assurance of higher authority. Roth was behind it all. And in the THE GODFATHER, Vito Corleone realizes the Tataglia wouldn't have gone so far without the backing of a bigger crime boss, Barzini(who was forming an alliance with the Five Families to bring down the Corleones). We need to know the Hyman Roth Rule in why what happens happens.

It's true that Big Tech and the Corporations have loads of cash, and money = power. But money on its own lacks compass or direction. Money is like gunpowder. It can make lots of explosions and shoot off countless rounds. So, obviously, the side with money has lots of raw power. But then, who gets to decide how that power is used. Who gets to choose what gets blown up or in which direction the guns are pointed? In WWII, Germany had lots of tanks and planes, and Russia had lots of tanks and guns. That was only raw power. It was the personalities(Hitler and Stalin) and ideologies(National Socialism and Soviet Communism) that decided the direction of gunfire. Soldiers, tanks, and planes do not wage wars on their own.
Consider the Military-Industrial-Complex. We've been told it is the most dominant force in government. Certainly, military contractors have their lobbyists and spread lots of cash all over D.C. They are war profiteers with boundless greed. But if it were only about money, MIC would be pushing for war with ANY country. Surely, war on Israel would be just as profitable as war on Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, or whatever other nation. And given the facts of Israel's creation(via imperialism, ethnic cleansing, and what amounts to 'genocide' by UN definition of the term), occupation, apartheid policies, aid to terrorists, covert role in 9/11, espionage on the US, financial theft, and possession of nukes(made from stolen US material), a strong case can be made to sanction, bomb, invade, and occupy Israel. US could protect the Palestinians as the 'New Kurds' or 'New Kosovo Albanians'. And MIC could make tons of cash from Shock and Awe on Zion.

If indeed money is the main motivating force in D.C., then MIC would have steered US into many more wars, especially against Israel. It would have made billions from such a war. But how come such a prospect isn't even remotely conceivable. War on Israel? Why, Israel is "the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful nation I've ever known in my life." So, even though MIC is about money(and the egotism of power), it lacks inner compass. Its aggression must be turned toward certain targets by a higher power. So, MIC can be turned against Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela, Libya, and etc., but no one would dare to turn it against Israel(or any nation looked upon favorably by Jews, such as Saudi Arabia even though it is by far the #1 terrorist-sponsoring nation in the Middle East after Israel). So, those who control the gods control those who live by money and/or power egotism. MIC makes money by targeting countries hated by Jews. And military brass flexes its muscles against those hated by Jews. Jews control the gods, and money and muscle follow the gods. Why did the US military go from a right-wing institution to a crusader of globo-homo, Jew-worship, and Afromania around the world? Because having all those guns and bombs doesn't mean you got vision and direction. No, like hunting dogs, the military doesn't pick its own agendas or its own fights. It is directed by the higher powers, those who control the gods. And Jews control the gods. Military-Industrial-Complex stands down to the Jewish Tribal-Spiritual Complex that creates and controls the gods for whom people must work, pray, live for, and die for.

So, when we look at Big Tech de-platformings and Big Corporations denying service to certain groups, it isn't enough to say the problem is with corpocracy and Silicon Valley. And, money isn't the primary decider in all this. If it were, retail companies would have slammed BLM and Antifa for what the 'mostly peaceful demonstrators' did over last summer. Walmart and Target would have denied service to Democrats who encouraged the riots. They would have made announcements denouncing black thuggery. And they would have cut off services to progs and libby-dibs who fanned the flames. But, even after their stores were ransacked by black thugs fueled by BLM lunacy, the companies made announcements to the effect that they sympathized with the rage and hatred behind the violence and mayhem. They took the knee to the Negro because Jews control the gods and made Afromania one of the three gods of the new trinity. While cucking to Jewish gods will lead to loss of money, refusal to cuck will lead to total disgrace and downfall. Big Business figures it's better to lose half by cucking than lose all by not cucking.

People think Jack Dorsey is now more powerful than the US president, but that is total nonsense. If anything, Dorsey and Trump are in the same situation. They must do as the Jews say. Notice every time Jews kick Trump in the rump, he takes his frustrations out on Iran, China, or some other country. (A Jew-White Boxing match would be one where the Jew hits the white, and the white hits the Russian. Jew hits the white again, and the white hits the Chinese. Jew hits the white yet again, and white hits the Iranian. Jew hits the white once again, and the white hits the Palestinian. MAGA could not win despite its energy because it never dared to hit back the Jew.) It's like, when a master kicks the dog, the dog goes attacks the cat or rabbit or another dog.

If Dorsey is truly all that powerful, imagine the following scenario: Suppose Dorsey was so angered by BLM riots instigated by Obama in 2016 that he decided to ban POTUS from Twitter. Could he have gotten away with it? No way. The whole Hyman Roth of media complex, deep state, elite groups, and true believing prog masses would have attacked him. He would have faced legal sanctions and serious consequences.
Or suppose following last summer's riots and mayhem, big corporations decided to ban all Democrats and prominent figures who aided and abetted the riots and violence(against police and civilians alike) by encouragement, donations, lawfare, and the like. Would big business have dared to take such action? Would they have gotten away with it? No. They are just Money Power, and money has no inner compass. Money follows the gods, and Jews control the gods. Indeed, the $$$ shouldn't say "In God We Trust" but "We obey the gods controlled by Jews".
So, control of the gods is key. It's no wonder Jews used their power to erect the Holocaust Museum in Washington — given US history, the group most deserving of a prominent genocide museum is the American Indians, but leave it up to Jews to be obnoxious and occupy morality like they occupy West Bank — and then did everything to prevent the construction of Communist Horror Museum. The ghosts of countless dead goyim killed by Stalin, Mao, and etc. would compete with the gods of the Jews, especially as Jews played such a prominent role in communism as agents, killers, smugglers, propagandists, and spies.

So, who gave Jack 'Rosato' Dorsey the go-ahead to take out Trump? Who assured Dorsey that he wouldn't suffer any repercussions(and if anything, has much to gain) if he were to kick Donald Trump down the stairs? Of course, Jewish oligarchs in Big Tech don't need permission as they are among the people who control the gods. But goyim like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Tim Cook(the crook) need the go-ahead by 'Hyman Roth'. If Jewish Power didn't want Trump taken down, Dorsey wouldn't have done so. Without Jewish approval(and insistence), Amazon and Apple wouldn't have moved against Parler. Super-rich white goyim have tons of money, but they don't control the gods. As such, they are busy appeasing the gods controlled by Jews. They live in a world where Jews, blacks, and homos are holy but where whites are defamed as having demon-possessed souls. So, white money today is 'spiritually' like the money of organized crime. It is dirty and has to be 'morally' laundered and cleansed by the Holy People. Jews are like the money-changers at the gates of temple. Rich whites can be redeemed only in service to Holy Jews. It's the only way 'dirty' white money becomes 'clean' money. Those who control the gods decide which money is 'clean', which is 'dirty'. No wonder the US is always eager to send billions over to Israel. Jews are holy, so when US sends big cash to holy Zion, it's as if American Wealth is symbolically cleansed. "As president, I pledge 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc billions to Israel"... Cheers and cheers, the $$$ have been cleansed.

Now, some may argue that rich white goyim AGREE with Jews on most matters, and therefore, it isn't so much a case of them obeying Jews but agreeing and working with Jews. But why do they think and feel that way? Because they were educated in Jewish-heavy elite institutions and get most of their news from Jewish-run media. So, the images, sounds, idols, icons, narratives, and mantras that fill up their minds have been formulated by Jews. Jews have long been masters at this. After all, they wrote the Bible, the Book of Everything that combine history, philosophy, mythology, story-telling, genealogy, poetry, law, and even humor. To create and control the gods, it's not enough to specialize in any one field. Rather, you must 'bring it all back home' like Bob Dylan's album said. After all, if Karl Marx had just focused on economics, he would have been a number-cruncher, a historian-accountant. Instead, he pulled together the various threads of philosophy, economics, history, morality, neo-spirituality, science, and prophecy all into a single package. As Jews combine images, stories, icons, and etc into one package through their control of institutions and industries, they effectively own the electronic bible of 'sacronics'. Hollywood is the new vatican, Ivy League is the new seminary of Jewish Gods Learning, such as how to worship globo-homo and magic negro(and how to shut up about Jewish Power or else be labeled an 'antisemitic' heretic).

Because Jews control the gods, they have the crucial leverage. Suppose there are two banks, one run by white conservatives and one by Jews. Suppose the Jewish Bank decides to deny services to a group for its 'white supremacist' ties, and suppose the White Bank decides to deny services to a group for supporting Israel and its terrorist activities. Suppose both banks are equally big. Now, which one will emerge unscathed and which one will face ruin? As whites are the devils in the New World Order where Jews control the gods, Jews can label anything as 'white supremacist' and deny it service. But, as Jews are the forever holy holocaust people, even the denying of service to Jewish terrorism and supremacism is taboo. So, the White Bank will come under media attack, lose customers(who are brainwashed), and lose partners. Jews control the gods, and that is crucial. But what do most whites do? They don't create and control their own gods but worship the gods of the Jews. Even Trump and his Trumpeteer morons are always yapping about 'Muh Israel' and 'Record Low Unemployment for blacks' even after Jews deny whites service and blacks go around beating up whites in riots. And organizations like TPUSA worship globo-homo and promote the tranny Lady Maga.

If white folks are to control the gods, there needs to be the rise of white prophets. Some called Trump the 'Todd-Emperor', but he was just a charlatan-hustler whose gods were all controlled by Jews even as he appealed to white votes. He was essentially a 'todd-jester'. Now, the white prophet doesn't have to be anti-Christian. Muhammad wasn't. If anything, Muhammad had great respect for Jesus and the Old Prophets. He saw himself as furthering the Prophecy.
A new prophecy is necessary in the West because it's obvious that Christianity has run its course. Catholicism is just lavender mafia homo club. Mainline Protestant churches are now run by lesbian crypto-atheists. Evangelicals are just dogs-of-Zion who believe in Noah's Ark. And Orthodox Christianity is just a mausoleum religion in Russia. More churches are built but stand empty. The fire has gone out of Christianity, and I doubt it can be relit. And yet, it was a great religion worthy of remembrance and still has inspirational, if not 'salvational', value.

And whites must learn to become inner-warriors. In the end, inner-warriors survive and can win because they have resilience and persistence. They have inner life, internal source of conviction and passion. In THE GODFATHER PART 2, Michael Corleone knows well enough that the Cuban military has more guns and supplies than Castro's men. They are supported by the US and Big Money. But, a guerrilla is willing to give his own life for the cause. He has inner fire whereas the Cuban military are mere mercenaries who take orders. So, Michael later tells others that the guerrillas can win. They certainly did in Cuba and Vietnam.
The outer-warriors have no inner conviction. They just do as told. They are willing to kill but unwilling to die for anything. White mentality is that of the outer-warrior. No wonder conservatives are so into honoring military men and veterans, the outer-warriors with guns who merely follow orders and do as told. But are these soldiers inner-warriors? Do they have core conviction?
Now, consider the Jews. If the US waged war on Israel or Jewish Power, Jews wouldn't go along. Jews are inner-warriors whose core loyalty is about Jewish Soul, Pride, and Power. But if white soldiers were ordered to fight useless Wars for Israel or turn their guns on fellow white folks, they will do just that. It's like the white police, total outer-warriors. Ordered by superiors to allow Antifa to beat up Trump supporters, the white police doesn't lift a finger. Ordered by superiors to attack and arrest Proud Boys, the white police does just that. It's the outer-manhood of holding clubs & guns and just doing as told. They are like dogs with no inner compass. Dogs will attack ANYTHING as ordered by the master. Only the inner-warrior is truly free because his sense of loyalty and rightness is independent of what the Power says. He is a soul-warrior than merely a body-warrior. Outer-warriors may have big swords or big guns, but their sense of war doesn't extend beyond what they're ordered to do.

Perhaps, whites make such poor inner-warriors because they had less need to develop an inner-warriorhood. After all, most of white history was about whites in white lands being led by white rulers. So, it was just understood and taken for granted that being an outer-warrior was synonymous with the well-being of white folks. In contrast, Jews had to master their inner-warrior-ness precisely because they lived under goyim for so long. Whether it was the Egyptians, Assyrians, Romans, or Christian Europe, the rulers and the masses were goyim, sometimes hostile to Jews. So, even as Jews pretended to go along and get along outwardly, they had to keep the Jewish fire burning within their hearts. They mastered the art of keeping the fire alive in the dark cellar. It's like the final scene of Martin Scorsese's THE SILENCE where it's implied the priest didn't really relinquish his faith in God/Jesus. The fire was kept alive in some hidden corner of his heart. In a way, his place in Japan is like the Jew's place in Christian Europe. The fire had to keep burning in some secret place.

In contrast, Europe, especially Northern Europe(and historic America is an extension of Northern Europe), became so powerful, rich, expansive, and dominant around the world that whites took it for granted that the outer manifestations of Western Power were in sync with the heart and souls of white folks. But then, the institution and industries fell into Jewish hands one by one. Also, as Jews gained control of the gods, they began to switch on anti-white neon signs within white souls. Whites watched TV & movies made by Jews, and their hearts became aglow with holy homo and Magic Negro.

Because the outer-power of the West traditionally looked out for white interests and was founded on white identity, there had been no need to develop a strong inner-self among white folks. By the way, Western Individualism isn't the same as having an inner-self. Individualism means the individual's freedom to do whatever, with his main objective being 'happiness', which in our time means videogames, food, and lots of trivialities. In contrast, an inner-self is deeper than any whim of an individual.

After a forest fire, everything looks dead and extinguished on the surface, and indeed those organisms that exist only above surface will have been totally destroyed. But why do plants sprout again and grow into trees? Because the roots deep inside the soil were untouched by the fire. Those plants have the inner-warrior.
Why did Romans fade from history whereas Jews survived as a people/culture? Roman Empire was entirely formulated as an external power. It was great as long as it could win wars and dominate others. But there was precious little sense of the inner-Roman. The Jews got demolished worse by the Romans than Romans by the Germanic Barbarians, but Jews survived and took over the world because they perfected the art of the inner-warrior. And the US will eventually leave Afghanistan because the Taliban, as ragtag and backward as they are, do have an inner sense of Jihad and tribal pride. In contrast, the mostly white soldiers in Afghanistan are mere mercenaries of Jews, and America's interests are purely political than spiritual.

Whites need their own Jihad mentality as inner-warriors. This way, even when the enemy takes over outer-power and scorches the landscape of patriots, the white inner-warriors will still believe in what they are, still hate the enemy, still carry on the fight, and wait for The Day of Reckoning.